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Top 10 Best Steam Inhaler in 2021 – Read Cool Reviews

Are you suffering from allergies, common colds, sinus congestion and flu? Are you tired of taking drugs daily to relive your breathing difficulties? You are not alone!! No more suffering. One of the most effective way of getting relief is to use the best steam inhaler. As you know, the drugs we use have a lot of side effects but guess what the steam inhalers do a recommendable job, and they are easy to use. They are suitable in relieving and opening your nasal passage, thus providing an effective instant mist.

Just like everyone feel fresh and relieved after taking a hot shower, steam inhalers provide positive miraculous feedback just by the use of water vapor. They are small handheld devices that lead to a fine humid mist effect after use. My research covers quality steam inhalers in 2021 and the things to consider while selecting them. Let's slide into each one of them and see their incredible and outstanding features.

The 10 Best Steam Inhaler in 2021 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Steam Inhaler in 2021 - Reviews

We all suffer from different conditions. If you have difficulty walking, the best gait belt will make moving from one place to the other easy. If you are suffering from respiratory problems, allergies or sinus congestion, a steam inhaler works well to give you relief. Since there are many steam inhalers, it can be tough to choose the right one. We have provided you with top reviews of quality and functional steam inhalers that will be a great purchase. Check their detailed reviews here to find out which one is suitable for you.

Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

Why suffer from colds, flu and allergies? Mabis Personal Steam Inhaler is here to solve your problem. Its operates quietly with perfect results due to availability of accessories like extension tube, soft and flexible mask, indicator light, drainage and aromatherapy chambers. With this steam inhaler, you can control the amount of steam required.

The inhaler needs about 60 seconds to produce warm steam moisture. As compared to other steam inhalers on the market, this model produces more steam. This makes it effective to deal with sinuses pretty well. The steam comes at a comfortable temperature. If you buy an additional mask, not only can you use it as a steam inhaler but also for skincare purposes.

The aromatherapy chamber enables you to add an essential oil like eucalyptus for amazing healing. Being a filter-free model, you are not forced to replace the filter during the process, hence suitable and recommended. It, therefore, protects your health without any side effect. The vibrant purple and white color make it more stylish and attractive, thus providing a sophisticated touch to any décor around.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a stylish design that makes it look adorable.
  • It's a filter-free design that accommodates the activity
  • Provides relief to both coughs, throat irritation and congestion
  • Presence of aromatherapy chamber that enables one to add essential oils
  • Contains adjustment feature that lets you control the amount of steam required


  • Lets you to breathe with ease
  • Adjustable and filter-free steam control
  • Has a soft mask that is comfortable to use
  • Does not produce noise while in operation
  • The aromatherapy chamber gives you the chance to use other essential oils


  • Need to be keen with temperature adjustments

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler V1200

With this improved devices, we no longer cover our heads with a big blanket while steaming. Although it worked, but not as much as this device. This steam inhaler diminishes all the respiratory issues that affect your body. This is so because, while the steam is generated. It provides a curing and healing effects to both the throats, nose and any sinus congestion. While using it, you can adjust it to the perfect temperature depending on your preferences and symptoms.

The unit has 85watts. Sometimes when using and find the steam not enough as expected. You can block up the air slits on the face mask with saran wrap, which will make the steam more intense and suitable for use. Let the steam water boil for 5-8 minutes for effective feedback. If you find it hard to breathe while steaming direct the nose towards the inhaler. Wonderful for the public speakers and singers as well for the betterment of their voices. The device does not restrict you to use essential oils but does not use a lot of it since it can damage the device.

It is lightweight hence easy to be carried while travelling far or anywhere. The steam produced provides a soothing and relieving effect to all the respiratory organs. Many people who have used this inhaler find themselves relieved and enjoy their peaceful sleep at night. This device contains a flexible hood that directs the steam to the nose, mouth and throat, thus leading to a natural relief to both congestion, dryness and throat irritation.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a comfortable and flexible hood
  • Its light weighted and compact for easy movement
  • It has patented adjustment steam control that suits you
  • Offers simple and faster healing treatment of between 5-10 minutes
  • Provides optional scent pads depending on your taste and preferences


  • Have no side effects
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Portable since one can carry while travelling
  • Offers a quick relief from coughing and congestion
  • Automatic shutoff feature especially while not in operation
  • The adjustment steam settings enable you control the temperature


  • When put very close to your face, it can make you uncomfortable

Mypurmist Classic Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler

This is the most advanced steam inhaler that relieves sinus congestion and allergies very fast by providing a natural medicine free relief. Since it only uses steam and does a wonderful job, it is recommended by millions of people worldwide. The instant fine mist produced penetrates deep into the nose, sinus and throat effectively.

It washes away all the irritations in the nose and allergies hence providing a superb feedback. No efforts or force exerted while using Mypurmist because you only have to press the ON button, thus getting instant steam. It is most effective since it contains patented instant steam device, medical-grade HEPA filter and ultrapure sterile water.

You can conveniently use it anywhere and anytime you want since it needs no preparation or any cleanup. Always readily available. Nevertheless, you can get instant germ-free steam when using this device due to its incredible features. You can get relief from various conditions without necessarily using drugs.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for travelling since it's portable
  • Handled devices thus less maintenance required
  • It contains patented hospital technology hence utilizes it
  • Relieves different conditions because of its multi-purpose steam inhaler
  • It is a provides a germ-free, pollutant-free and allergen-free therapy techniques


  • Helps you breathe and sleep well
  • No cleaning nor maintenance required
    Offers excellent and drug-free relief
  • Easy to use by only pressing the ON button
  • Can be used by everyone in the family including kids
  • It is portable thus easily carried from one place to another


  • Does not last for a very long period
Mypurmist Classic Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler
Mypurmist Classic Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler
Fast Natural Relief from Sinus Congestion, Colds, and Allergies; Use MyPurMist Classic with MyPurMist ultrapure sterile water OR distilled water

Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler Face Steamer

Do you have any respiratory problems? If yes, Vicks personal sinus steam inhaler is suitable for you. Those individuals with nasal congestion, sinus, and other conditions try this steam machine. The steam inhaler has no side effects for inhalation ends up perfect for asthma people. Vicks sinus steam provides warm and comfortable steam to relieve any discomfort. Our steam inhalers work well with tap water and produce free-germ steam.

The steam inhaler is designed to effectively work with Vapo-pads to ensure plenty of smooth vapors to reduce discomfort. The steam inhalation helps in draining the mucus to provide all the time the nasal passage is clean and bright. Vicks personal steam inhaler is suitable for 5 to 15 minutes of treatment. The machine is always designed with adjustable steam control; therefore, you easily adjust the intensity of the steam. The inhaler is lightweight for portability.

While dealing with any inhalers, your safety has the priority. But with these types of steam inhaler, you healthy is well-taken care. In most of the conventional steam inhalers, it's not easy to determine the remaining water in the tank. However, our machine is designed with an automatic shutoff button when no more water is available in the tank. If you are looking for the best steam inhaler, then this is the right one.

Highlighted Features

  • Can work with Vicks Vapo-pad
  • Made of a soft and comfortable mask
  • The steam inhaler has 99.99% germ-free
  • Presence of automatic shut-off when no water
  • ICapable of relieving cough, congestion and breathing problem


  • Can relieve facial pressure
  • It helps to promote drainage of mucus
  • Designed with adjustable steam control
  • Works perfectly with tap and distilled water
  • Easy to use


  • It has a medium-size mask

Veridian 11-525 Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

Viridian 11-525 steam inhaler is now available in the market at a very affordable price. When we talk about classic and high-quality steam inhaler, we refer to a viridian 11-525. The unique feature with the machine has two stylish masks. The small one is suitable for nose and mouths while the other one for the face. The steam inhaler is capable of proving safe, natural, and effective therapy to reduce colds, flu, etc.

The variable steam adjustment control allows you to adjust to their perfect steam. They usually deriver for a period of 6 to 9 minutes, unlike other regular machines. When it comes to its operations, it's very easy to use and clean. The machine can be sued to relieve symptoms such as rhinitis, bronchitis, allergies, sinusitis, cold, etc.  For consistent results, you can use either distilled water or tap water, and you will like it.

Lastly, if you need a steam inhaler that will not occupy much of your space, then viridian is the best one. The machine has an elegant and stylish design with a stable non-slip base; therefore, you can use it comfortably as you receive treatment. People with asthma and other breathing system problems are allowed to use the steam inhaler. To use this machine is very easy as it comes with a detailed user guide.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with an adjustable steam control setting
  • The steam inhaler includes small and large mask
  • Most medicines are delivered for 6 to 9 minutes
  • Viridian steam inhaler is suitable for facial therapy and inhalation
  • Designed with an elegant base thus useful when getting treatment 


  • Less expensive
  •  Very easy to use and clean
  • It has adjustable steam settings
  • More durable and less energy consumption
  •  Comes a well detailed Spanish and English guide


  • Due to its medium size, it's only capable of producing little steam.

Nano steamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Are you stressed up on what to use to remove and unclog pores from your face? Blackheads make all of us; especially ladies uncomfortable thus tend to look for different ways to use to make our face look smooth. No more worries friends. All you need is to have your own Nano Ionic Facial Steamer. It will never let you down.

This device which is 3-in1 unit has 5-piece stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit that enables you to remove blackheads and blemishes your skin after use. The availability of ionic channeling boosts the absorption of your favorite beauty creams, serums and masks, thus enabling you to achieve maximum and perfect results after steaming.

When using this device, first steam your face for about 5-10 minutes, this will enable the pores to open. You will be able to extract and clean the dirt using the tools provided in the kit. Later mask your face that will leave it more moisturized. Leave it for about 5-7 minutes then massage the face gently and later wash your face. Wow! Wow! Your face feels very smooth and soft.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains convenient cup for pouring water
  • Ionic channeling for boosting the absorption of your creams
  • A 5piece stainless steel skin kit used to remove skin impurities
  •  Longer runtime of 30 minutes of steaming with 200ml water tank
  • Is a multifunctional 3-in-1 device that can humidify a room as well as warming the towels


  • Improves blood circulation
  • No noise produced while operating
  • Affordable since it is less expensive
  • Improves absorption of your beauty cream
  • Promotes the drainage of sinuses and airways
  • Makes your skin particularly face looks younger with a fine complexion


  • Contains a lot of attachments and accessories

Mabis Steam Inhaler

If you suffer from conditions like flu, allergies, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, and much more, using a steam inhaler can provide you relief. It provides you with a natural remedy as compared to using medications. The Mabis Steam Inhaler is a safe product that works well to give you relief from such conditions. It provides you with a soothing and steady vapor giving you a useful 6-9 minutes therapy.

The steam inhaler features a variable steam adjustment, so you are free to adjust the steam to suit your needs. It is designed with a soft, flexible mask that is comfortable to use. It also features an extension tube and a drain tank, which makes it convenient to use. Another significant aspect of this steam inhaler is that it is suitable for aromatherapy. It comes with an aromatherapy tank.

When it comes to materials, the steam inhaler features quality latex-free material. This makes it safe to use. It is also designed with a convenient 5-inch power cord that offers smooth operation. You will also love the convenient indicator light that helps you see clearly hence eliminating guesswork. So, if you are suffering from congestion, sinuses, and other related issues, using this steam inhaler will provide you with a natural remedy.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a soft and flexible mask and an internal water chamber
  • The steam inhaler features a variable steam adjustment system
  • The inhaler is designed with an indicator light making it easy to use
  • Suitable for aromatherapy and comes with a convenient aromatherapy tank
  • The unit comes with accessories like a measuring cup, extension tube and a drain tank


  • Offers a safe and natural relief
  • It is suitable for aromatherapy
  • Comes with a convenient power cord
  • You can easily adjust the variable steam
  • Works well for sinuses and congestion
  • It has a nice indicator light


  • May be gets too hot after long time use 
Mabis Steam Inhaler
Mabis Steam Inhaler
Soothing, steady vapor with variable steam adjustment; Ideal for aromatherapy; Fast 6-9 minute therapy

Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer Sauna Pores

Why is steam inhaler essential? They are several reasons behind that thus no reason you can afford to have one.  Steam inhaler ensures your skin remains moist and soft throughout the day. The machine can also assist in promoting regeneration of collagen to ensure a smooth, tender, healthy as well as a delicate face. With this fantastic steam inhaler, you can easily remove makeup as it's capable of opening pores for quick facial cleansing.

In addition to its functions, the machine has an adjustable steam level. The classic and high-quality aluminum vaporizer pot ensures your body is secure. Unlike other ordinary steam inhalers, our inhaler has an auto-off function. The steam inhaler is easy to use and more convenient to use for home purpose. Our machine is equipped with two different power switch.  The first one provides low power during the second one essential for high strength.

This steam inhaler helps in promoting blood circulation in the face and renewing old faces. When it comes to the design, it has comfort and elegant design with adjustable hoods for directing the steam to the nose, forehead, throat, and mouth. The machine makes you breathe more comfortable and more effective, thus suitable for people with a problem in the respiratory system. Lastly, it helps in dealing with cold and coughing during the cold seasons.

Highlighted Features

  • The steam inhaler is lightweight and more durable.
  • The machine is designed with adjustable steam levels.
  • Built-in auto-off function for effective performance
  • High quality, durable and secure aluminum vaporizer pot
  •  Flexible and comfort hoods made of a high-quality material


  • It's easy to control the steam
  • Suitable for people with asthma
  •  Capable of increasing skin elasticity
  • Promotes skin renew, and face blood flow
  • Efficiency for purification, deep hydration of the face


  • The device is not too good for kids.
Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer Sauna Pores
Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer Sauna Pores
Adjustable steam levels, high quality secure aluminium vaporiser pot, auto off function.; Use as direct face care, or simply let steamer run as Interior humidifier in any weather.

Personal Steam Inhaler - Personal Steam Inhaler Set

This is another popular steam inhaler that comes at an affordable price. It is a great alternative for people who want to have a manual steam inhaler. This steam inhaler has some excellent features, and it is easy to use. The best thing I like about this steam inhaler is that it is lightweight, so you will not feel fatigued using it. It features a white plastic cup, and the face mask is flexible enough, which makes it very easy to use.

Unlike other steam inhalers, you don't need electricity to use it. You just need to boil water and then pour it in the cup and close the lid. Once you do that, you are free to start your steaming session to get the required relief. This steam inhaler is perfect for people who are looking for a portable and compact inhaler that doesn't need electricity to work. If you also love traveling, this inhaler will suit your needs well.

You can spice up your steaming process by adding some eucalyptus oil. This oil is great because it has anti-viral properties and anti-bacterial properties. This is important is relieving conditions like sinus congestion, colds, asthma, and sore throats, among others. Therefore, no need to take drugs to relive these symptoms while you can get a natural relief.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of a white plastic cup which is lightweight and safe to use
  • The steam inhaler is designed with a flexible face mask for comfort
  • Compact and easy to use steam inhaler and it is suitable for travelers
  • One of the most affordable manual steam inhaler that works well
  • The steam inhaler doesn't need electricity to work so you can use it anywhere


  • Comes with free essential oil
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The inhaler comes at a reasonable price
  • It doesn't need electricity to work
  • The steam inhaler has a nice design which is easy to use


  • You need to boil the water first before filling the unit

Vicks V1300 Portable Steam Therapy

Suffering from sinus and nasal congestion can be uncomfortable. There are different ways in which you can use to get relief from these conditions. If you want a more natural remedy, using a steam inhaler like the Vicks V1300 Portable Steam Therapy can be a good investment. This steam inhaler works well with Vicks VapoPads and Vaposteam to get soothing relief. You can enjoy temporary relief from sinus and nasal congestion without spending a lot of money.

The steam inhaler features a lightweight and portable design, so you do not expect any issues when using it. And if you would like to carry it when on the go, this model provides you with convenient transportation so you can enjoy a soothing relief wherever you are. You should also note that the steam inhaler is not electric, meaning that you can use anywhere without the need for electricity.

Unlike other steam inhalers, this steam inhaler is 100 percent reusable. It also comes with five scented pads. The device's unique design makes mixing the warm vapor and the soothing scent to give you comfort from cough and cold and other conditions. When it comes to maintaining the unit clean, it is easy to do that because it is dishwasher safe. This provides you with an easy time to clean it, especially if you don't like doing it manually.

Highlighted Features

  • The Vicks steam inhaler is portable making it easy use and transport
  •  It is not electric meaning that you can use it anywhere to get relief
  • The inhaler comes with five scented pads included in the package
  • It is 100 percent reusable, and the inhaler comes at an affordable price
  • This steam inhaler s dishwasher safe and comes with a one year warranty


  • It is portable
  • It comes with five scented pads
  • Great steam inhaler that works well
  • Works well for people with bronchitis
  • It is suitable for home use and travel


  • Would be great if it used boiling water
Vicks V1300 Portable Steam Therapy
Vicks V1300 Portable Steam Therapy
Completely portable; Not electric; Includes 5 scented pads; 100% Reusable; Dishwasher safe

Things To Consider On a Best Steam Inhaler in 2021

There are a lot of things that we need to improve our daily lives. Things like the best eye massagers are good for your beauty. When it comes to dealing with cold, steam inhalers come in handy. The following are some important things that you should consider when buying a steam inhaler.

Steam generation

This entails the capacity of the inhaler to hold water vapor. Ensure that the size is suitable and does not drop the boiling water carelessly on your face while using. Since steam is the one used for the quick relief, let it be a priority.


Do not buy an inhaler that will waste both your time and money. The materials used should be strong to prevent you from replacing it every time. In addition, when the materials used are of high quality, small accidents like being burnt by water, especially using plastic materials, will be avoided.

Easy to use

Complex things will never give you peace of mind. What does that mean? Don't buy a specific steam inhaler because you saw someone having it. Buy something that you are comfortable with and easily handled. Consider the weight of the inhaler, cleaning procedure and storage.

Additional features

Remember, not all steam inhalers have additional features like chambers for essential oils, so be careful while selecting one. The most important feature is steam adjustment that enables you control the temperatures. With this in mind, you will be able to know the amount of steam required for a kid, an elderly person and yourself.

Portability of the inhaler

When you are fond of travelling, you should buy an inhaler of medium size hence easy to carry with you. Therefore, consider an inhaler that is easily stored, carried and maintained.


This is using some plant extracts for treatment and healing process of the body; both physically and emotionally. A steam inhaler that has dual chambers works best. This is because; one chamber will hold the water while the other is able to hold essential oils


Your budget decides on the type of the steam inhaler to buy. This does not mean that you go for cheaper products that will keep you replacing it each time. Above the best steam inhaler that will be discussed, will enable you to choose the best that you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Nano Facial Steamer help in removal of wrinkles?

Steam inhalers provide a wide range of benefits. The steam hydrates the skin by helping in an increment of oil production by naturally moisturizing the face. It also increases skin permeability hence enabling it to absorb topical. With great faith, it decreases wrinkles over time.

Q. Can you use eucalyptus oils while using Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler?

Yes, you can. This is because the inhaler has a couple of pads that are saturated with oils. Once the oil is used up, you can add eucalyptus oil but don't add directly to the inhaler. Take a makeup remover pad and cut a hole in the Centre and keep a few drops of the oil. It works so perfectly for me.

Q. Can I use regular water tap with Mabis Personal Steam machine?

Yes, you can use regular water tap since it has no negative effect. But for me, I prefer distilled water or boiled water that was cooled. This water works well with the equipment without easily damaging it. Distilled water is pure, and it will provide healthy steam that will work well in relieving your conditions.

Q. Does Mypurmist steam inhaler come with one mask, or I have to buy separately?

It comes with one mask, one 9.5-ounce bottle of demineralized water, a little material bag to store it when not in use, the plug and pamphlet on steamer. I have been using this steam inhaler for quite some time now, and I'm impressed with its performance. It works well to with respiratory problems so you can breathe without difficulty.

Q. Is there a temperature control to regulate how hot the steam is?

Absolutely yes. You can adjust the temperatures between 100-115F degrees by simply pressing the on and off button on the device. Steam inhalers have temperature control feature so you can determine the temperature that you want. This makes it easier to use without burning yourself.

Q. Can steam inhaler improve the quality of your voice?

Yes, it can improve your voice quality. This helps mostly if you have flu, sinus congestion and also if you are coughing. More so when you feel like your throat is dry, best steam inhalers work perfectly by moistening your throat passage to your lungs, thus preventing irritation when speaking.

Final Thoughts

We all give a thumbs up to the improved technology for simplifying everything for us. The above steam inhalers are very simple to use. You only need boiling water in some of the inhalers because others have inbuilt heating thus no stress of boiling water and pouring it in the inhaler. In addition, some of the steam inhalers have an additional chamber that you can add your essential oils, herbs like eucalyptus among others.

If everything is in place, that is; boiling or hot water and other essential oils if need be, place the inhaler over your nose or mouth. Some have masks that you can put on your face while inhaling vapor slowly. You need to do this repeatedly for some time until you achieve the relief you have been yearning to have. The best and wonderful thing about steam inhalers is that they provide natural remedies for several ailments. You do not have to take drugs every time that will lead to a lot of side effects, or rather pain while using them!!


To sum up, the steam inhalers have a lot of benefits not only to those people with respiratory problems but also to those who feel are healthy. For you to keep your throat and lung at their perfect working conditions, I recommend you try one among the best steam inhalers discussed above. With any of these steam inhalers, you will deal with allergies, flu, cold, congestion and other respiratory conditions effectively. On top of that, they also work well in relieving headaches and migraines. Compare the features of the above steam inhalers and choose the one with the aspects that you want. Moreover, if you need always perfect health then you can also check the chi machine comparison forever no doubt.

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