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How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners? – Tips

How well are you conversant on makeup application? Or How to Apply Makeup Step by Step for Beginners? Well, makeup can transform your look and give you incredible results. However, this can only come to pass if you apply the makeup correctly. Ever seen a person with makeup and you just wish never to apply such makeup? You should consider getting the right steps to come up with a beautiful finish.

Working to achieve a basic natural look is not complicated. You only need a few tips to get it right and rock your look. Additionally, if you are making your hair use hair waver iron. On top of that, you need to have an electric nail drill for nice nails. It may seem confusing since you are a beginner, but with time it will become easy.

Step To Consider When Applying Your Makeup

Whether you are doing the makeup at home or professionally, having a hot towel cabinet is important. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Do a facial cleanse of the face

The first thing to always do is to ensure that your look is clean. Washing your face should be done correctly to ensure that you get rid of impurities from the skin. You can opt to use a cleanser or tone.

It should be like a daily routine on your face. Ensure that you use a cleanser that best suits your face to avoid irritations. Squeeze a small portion of the cleanser into your hands, and then add some water to make it a little bit mousse. Then apply it on your face by gently massaging it into the skin. Finally, rinse it thoroughly and use a clean towel to pat it dry.

When washing your face, you should consider the best routines to keep it fresh and healthy. When it is done daily, it gives a boost to the face and prevents the skin from drying. Whether you have good or bad skin, you should know how to wash it in the right way. Besides, below are some of the essential steps to watch out for when washing and cleansing your face:

Use warm water to wet your face

Begin with wetting your face with warm water. Note that you should not use hot or cold water as it may damage your skin. On the other hand, warm water reacts perfectly with the skin.

  • Splash water on to your face or consider dipping a towel in the water to make it moist. Then make circular movements while patting it on your face.
  • When you wet the skin before applying the cleanser, it helps the cleaner move swiftly across your face. It enables you to save on the cleaner as you will less of it. Consider having a hot towel cabinet.

After washing the face well, go on to apply your cleanser. There is no perfect cleanser for any look, but you can consider your preferences. Go for something that works well with your skin. If you have difficulties finding the right cleaner, then visit a beauty pharmacy for assistance.

  • Use one that suits your skin and apply it in circular motions. Keep rubbing it for about a minute and ensure that every spot is covered with a cleanser.
  • You should not use your bathing soap as a cleanser. The skin on the face is more delicate and sensitive as compared to other parts of the body. Using a harsher soap to clean the face might cause irritations.
  • Additionally, if you are cleaning your face after a long day of makeup, consider using an excellent makeup remover that is natural.

Then move on to rinsing it. After you finish cleansing the face, rinse it thoroughly and dry it completely. Always ensure that you wash all the traces of cleanser on your face. Do not dry your while rubbing it, instead just pat with a towel. It enhances the prevention of wrinkles and irritations. If you are into having a smooth appearance, then apply some toner to the face.

It helps to reduce the way the spots appear on your face. However, this step optional. You can choose to apply a toner or not. When applying it, consider the places where the spot looks enormous. Use cotton and an alcohol-free tone. You can also consider going natural. For instance, lemon works well as toners.

Step 2: Consider applying moisturizer and primer to the face

Since you are going out to the sun, consider using a moisturizer that is not too oily for your face. It helps to moist that skin ready to absorb makeup. Furthermore, it makes the dry parts wet. However, if your skin is oily, try and find out something that makes your skin dry enough.

Give the moisturizer 5 minutes before you move to the next item. It helps to keep your skin bright and young. Some tips to consider when using moisture include:

  • If you decide to clean your face overnight after a long day of it correctly so that your skin renews itself.
  • When going to stay outside, use a moisturizer that has sunscreen so that it protects your face from sun rays. 

When you are applying the primer, always make sure that you are using the right one best for your skin type. There are some of the steps one should consider when priming.

Mix some primer with the foundation

First, apply a little amount of foundation on the back of your palm. Then add some primer to the foundation to make some mixture. It also helps to blend the primer well on your face. At times when you use a lot of primers, it can cause your foundation to look like its peeling.

Apply using circular motions

Start by applying it in a dot-like motion. Then go on to massaging it into the skin. Ensure that you apply it to the centre of the face. You should do this in circular motions to ensure that it blends perfectly.

Try blending it outwards so that it blends well. It ensures that you achieve a smooth, flawless coverage on the face. Always keep in mind that you should mix the neck and the hairline part so that it looks similar to the front.

  • It is useful to prime the eyelids. It gets the area ready for eye shadow application. Primers ensure that the makeup stays popping beautiful for long hours.
  • When applying the primer, you should use the ring and the middle finger to spread it equally across the face. Makeup tools such as brushes can also be handy if you got them.
  • You should primer the lip area to keep the lipstick look surprising and bold.

Additionally, you should understand your skin well. You should be able to know what type of primer you need before you apply makeup. If your face has dark spots or discolourations, then always go for a primer that will correct such blemishes.

  • However, you don't always need to use a colour corrector. You can also go for a primer that cleans the face effectively.
  • The primers come in different colours and serve different purposes.

Leave the primer for some minutes to dry

After you apply the primer, you should give it some time for it to dry off thoroughly. This helps the primer to blend perfectly on your face and provides a perfect blemish. It also builds a deep layer where the foundation will settle. In most cases, if you prime your face, you will end up using less foundation trying to cover the dark spots.

Step 3: Shape your eyebrows

If you want to look good, ensure that you shape your eyebrows perfectly. The stage is optional but a vital part to consider. Developing the eyebrow area needs a little patience and accuracy.

Whether you have thin or thick eyebrows, shaping them to a perfect shape is like a walk in the park. It can be more demanding on beginners since making an ideal shape might be a challenge. Below are steps you help you shape your eyebrows.

  • Brush the hair well using an eyebrow hairbrush. It helps you to align the hair well for easy drawing.

  • Draw perfect lines on both of the eyebrows. Ensure that you make a good shape. Then fill in the eyebrows using an eye-pencil. You can choose to use an eye pencil or gel.

Besides, some people opt to go to a beautician to have their eyebrows done. It is an excellent way to have the best eyebrow shape if you have never shaved your brows. After you are done with shaping your eyebrows, use a pro-concealer to fill the bottom and upper line of the shape. It makes the shape pop out well. Here are some of the professional makeup brushes you can consider.

Step 4: Apply the foundation

When adding the foundation to your face, you should be more careful so that you don't overdo or underdo. It is what will determine how well or bad your makeup will look like.

Start by applying a small amount of foundation on the face. Remember that you don't have to do heavy makeup. You should be careful with the amount of foundation you are putting on your face. Put a little amount of it on the face and dap as you add more and more until when you feel it's enough and has spread well across the face.

As you apply, consider dabbing it into the face. A makeup sponge works well on this. Ensure that you are using a wet sponge so that it blends the foundation perfectly. Remember to apply and mix it well on the nose, under the eyes, chin, neck area and forehead.

Additionally, if you are using a sponge, make sure that you tap it into the skin. Do not rub or wipe it across your face. You can also use a brush or fingers to blend the foundation well.

After you are done with blending, check your face to ensure that all there are no lines of foundation left on the skin. It should blend smoothly on the face. It enhances confidence. No one will notice that you have applied foundation as your face will look so smooth and flawless.

Step 5: Apply a minimal amount of concealer and setting powder

This should always be done after you through with applying foundation. Apply a minimum amount of concealer to the face. It helps blend the foundation well on the face.

In most cases, it is a critical item to always have on your makeup list. It does a good blemish. Use a blemish brush to brush off the excess concealer. Do this in a pressing movement on the face.

After you are done with concealing your face, use a powder brush and add some powder to the face. Setting powder works to ensure that the face remains as dry as possible. Brush off the excess powder so that it remains as clean as possible. When you are using this powder brush, always remember to tap off the excess powder before you apply it. It gives you a fine layer of a well-done makeup

 for simple day to day makeup that you can consider. However, it is not a full tutorial makeup. Below are some of the parts to consider including in your make up routine to have a full face makeup:

Step 6: Consider the eye area

You need to apply some eye shadow and mascara on your eyelids and lashes. You can start by considering eye massagers. For beginners use an eye shadow that has a neutral colour. Use an eye shadow brush and make swipes across the lid to the eye bone. Ensure that you fill-up the area entirely. Then tap the brush slowly to remove the excess eye shadow. If you travel regularly, consider rolling makeup case.

Ensure that the eye shadow does not go beyond the eyelid area. Before you apply the eye shadow, set the eyelid with a translucent powder or a pro-concealer. 

While on the eyes, you can also choose to apply eyeliner. It comes in black and brown. Apply on the rim of the upper eye the do the same to the bottom too. It is among one of the areas that are difficult to apply deal with. However, as a beginner, it is good to experiment as it will help you grow confidence.

Brush your lashes and apply mascara. If you have a lash curler, place it on your lashes and press to curl the lashes. Alternatively, if you have a brush, brush them thoroughly, and then apply mascara.

Step 7: Consider the lip area

For your lips, choose what suits you well. You can apply lip gloss or a lipstick. Ensure that you puck your lips and then dab the lip colour to spread equally on the upper and lower part of the lip.

Before you apply anything to the lip, ensure that you prep them. In most cases, Vaseline works well with lips. It helps keep the lips in a healthy condition preventing cracks and chaffs.

If you intend to apply lipstick, then start by using a lip balm. Give it time to soak thoroughly then move on to applying a lipstick of your choice. For beginners putting on a lipstick is a great way to start your makeup routine

Step 8: For the cheek area

You can choose to apply a highlighter or a blush in these areas. While doing this, ensure that you smile, so that is coming out well. Always blend whatever product you are using towards the temples of your cheeks.

You can choose to work with cream or translucent powder so that it blends well with the makeup on your face. It is vital to know the kind of shade that works well on you.

Step 9: Apply a setting spray

Finally, after you are done with applying the makeup, use a setting spray so that it enhances the stay of the makeup on your face. Additionally, it gives an elegant look.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q: Is it a must to use a foundation with a concealer?

Answer: It depends on what you would want to achieve. Foundation and concealer work hand in hand to give you a smooth, flawless finish. If you have fewer spots, then you can skip the concealing section of the makeup review. However, note that a concealer can cover lots of imperfections on your skin.

Q: How long does a makeup last when it is applied?

Answer: It applies to the quality of the makeup you are using. How oily your skin can be is also a determinant. However, the right makeup can last up to 16 hours.


Applying to make up for the first time can be a bit hectic, especially if you got no idea from where to begin from. The guide helps you understand the necessary steps to consider applying a great makeup. Makeup can look pretty ugly if you use the wrong procedures. 

Additionally, some of the makeup products need to be mixed with others to give you a seamless matte finish. Besides, you have to buy the right shade of makeup that suits your skin colour. It helps to improve the blending capabilities with your skin. If you are not sure about your tone, please get more information before you purchase any product. Always ensure you get it right!

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