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Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Case – Special Reviews 2022

Whether you are a professional makeup artist, or love carrying your cosmetic items, having a rolling makeup case can be a great deal. These cases help you organize your cosmetic items so that you can carry them safe when traveling. They are suitable if you are carrying many items, so you don't have to worry about weight because they are rolling. So, if you love carrying your makeup when you are on the go, the best rolling makeup case can help you carry your best cosmetic items.

One of the main challenges that many people face is finding a quality rolling makeup case. There are so many models on the market, but this doesn't mean that they are all the same. You need to have the right information about various cases so that it can be easy to select the right one. These cases are portable, and they have ample storage where you can keep all your makeup items. Depending on the size and the features you want, you can compare our top picks to help you make the right decision.

We have sampled quality rolling makeup cases that have many compartments to help you organize your items well. These cases are durable so they can withstand scratches, among other things. They also come at reasonable prices so you can be sure to get the right one to suit your needs. Check out our reviews and buying guide, and I hope the information will help you choose wisely. We have also given you a quick comparison that you can check at a glance. 

Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1 Professional Rolling Train Cases, Pink Makeup Artist
Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1 Professional Rolling Train Cases, Pink Makeup Artist
Heavy Duty: Premium aluminum case in solid structure loads up to 30 kg / 66 lb

The 10 Best Rolling Makeup Case in 2022 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Case in 2022 - Reviews

Travelers need a convenient way of carrying hair waver iron. For those who love makeup, a rolling makeup case is the way to go. We have reviewed top 10 best products that you can consider buying. These are amazing cases that will help you carry your cosmetic items in a safe and organized way.

Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case

Do you find it difficult to carry or store your makeup or any other beauty accessories? This train case contains all that you need hence satisfying your needs due to its amazing features. Being a larger case, you will be able to store a lot of accessories. It has three divided compartments that enable you to decide where to keep what you want. So, if you are planning to carry a lot of items, this case will suit you well.

For sure, you will be excited about all that is available in this bag. Since it is made of large sections and different sections, your work is highly reduced. The wheels provided eases all the duties because you will be able to pull or push the rolling trolley makeup train case without any difficulty. Always remember to work smart every time. Also, it is made of aluminum material, making the item durable thus long-lasting.

The handle attached to it is very much strong and enables you to move with it from one place to another without any difficulty. Since the inside is well built, the accessories made are secure and well is not a guarantee that the sections and compartments must necessarily be the way they are arranged. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can as well rearrange them. This means that if you only need a large compartment with you, you can as well carry that to your work.

Key Features

  • Since it is made of aluminum, it's more durable and long-lasting
  • Contains large compartments that 3 in 1 usage hence comfortable
  • The rolling make up case has secure due to availability of key locks
  • Having wheels enhances easy movements from one place to another
  • The detachable handle enhances smooth pulling and rolling of the case

Lucrative Pros

  • It's crafted with materials of high quality and durable
  • Well designed for easy organization of your accessories
  • Sturdy due to the velvet lining used for protection purposes
  • Easy to carry on your shoulder due to the strap attached on it
  • It's affordable and has a large compartment to keep your items

Conclusion: Taking time and investing in this type of case will never let you down. Most people who are professional artists will always appreciate this case due to easy movement due to the wheels, several compartments to store your accessories and key locks to ensure security to the items you have. Make a better choice and buy this makeup case to enjoy what the other makeup artists are enjoying. You will probably enjoy your work at any cost.

Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1 Professional Rolling Train Cases, Pink Makeup Artist

Having a good time and enjoying the work you are doing makes you happy at the end of the day. What if you have a burden of carrying your accessories to work with? The worst thing ever! This professional rolling train case has wheels that it easy for you to carry around your items. It also enables you to arrange all your makeups in an organized manner since it has compartments and sections.

You can easily open your case from the upper side in order you need to pick a specific item. For the items inside to be safe and secure, this case is made up of a soft inner lining. Since it is made up of high-quality material, its capability of lasting long is assured. This rolling train case is made of combined materials that different important to the case; for example, the aluminum materials used it durable and lasts for a more extended period.

Besides, the plastic outer case makes it easy to open, and lastly, the velvet lining protects all the items in the case from damage. This makeup case is very safe, so you don't have to worry about the security of your items. It has four lockable clamps on the top and the sides and comes with four keys. This means that no one can access your items because they are well locked up.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty aluminum makeup case with many compartments 
  • Has storage spaces to keep a variety of things including the brushes
  • The velvet lining protects the accessories stored against any damage
  • A well-organized case that contains various sections that you can arrange your accessories
  • It has different lockable clamps provided at the top and each section thus providing security

Lucrative Pros

  • It's large thus one can keep a variety of things in the makeup case
  • The case contains enough security because of the key locks available
  • The case is easy to use due to availability of wheels for transportation
  • Convenient for both professional makeup artists and other beauticians
  • You can easily access your items without any difficulty by opening the top

Conclusion: Many ladies love pink, being their favorite color, they will be amazed to have an item that suits them. But the best thing to consider while selecting any case is its spaces, compatibility, durability, and safety. This case has all the features that you would wish to have as your makeup kit. It also keeps your cosmetic items safe when you are traveling.

Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1 Professional Rolling Train Cases, Pink Makeup Artist
Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1 Professional Rolling Train Cases, Pink Makeup Artist
Heavy Duty: Premium aluminum case in solid structure loads up to 30 kg / 66 lb

Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases Trolley

An attractive item from outside makes you desire to see what it us inside. This also goes hand in hand with the type of makeup you would want to be done. You will probably run for the attractive thing. It can be seen as a small case but is contains smaller trolley and other small cases available. This enables you to keep several items without any difficulty. Because of its nature, you can as well advertise your work by sticking pictures to attract more customers.

Since its capacity is large, of five layers, you can store your cosmetics depending on the size. At times, the weather might be too hot, but guess what; the heat resistant exterior natures a cooling effect on the case hence protecting all the makeup and brushes kept in the case. Security is always an important aspect to consider while going at any place.

The outstanding thing is that; this case has a total of eight key locks provided to ensure the security of the highest order. This gives you assured that everything you are carrying is safe. This durable case features a heat resistant exterior that ensures the items in the case remain cool. It also has a stylish design that gives you a fashionable look on the go.

Key Features

  • The case is durable since is made of high-quality silver and aluminum frame
  • It has a handle that makes it easy to move with the case from one to another
  • High standard security due to enough key locks provided to protect your items
  • Large capacity of about four layers that you can comfortably keep your makeup
  • Has heat resistance exterior that protects the cosmetics and keeps the case cool

Lucrative Pros

  • It's a very friendly design due to its stylish nature and appearance
  • The case is easy to handle and use especially due to different pouches
  • Easy to adjust the compartments and different sections depending on the need
  • Beautiful and stylish to attract your customers and gives you a fashionable look
  • Portable and long-lasting for easy movement and cutting costs for repair and purchasing another case

Conclusion: Have all that makes you enjoy while doing your job. This will always depend on you the buyer. Having this case will make your work easier and satisfying. Being attractive, stylish, and all that with different compartments enables you to keep all that you need for your makeup in one case. The key locks also provided you enough security of the accessories.

Kemier Portable Cosmetic Organizer,Soft-Sided Nylon Rolling Makeup Case with...

Owning an item or a portable machine gives you an upper hand to easily move with it from one place to another. That's one of the biggest advantages that a makeup artist would have. This makeup case has several pouches that you decide to protect what you want in a specific pouch. It is quite amazing and interesting to have such a lovely case. Being made of nylon material keeps it safe and secure. Also, it prevents it from being damaged.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to carry on an item on the back, but the fantastic thing is that it has wheels that it easy for movement. Being organized is one of the best things one could like. The case is well organized with six different clear bags, including large bags. This means, if you many things you want to store, you can skip and store them in a larger colorless bag provided.

There are also zippered compartments on the sides where you can keep anything else that you would wish to carry and also the attachments to keep your brushes at a safer place. Using this rolling case is easy, whether you are short or tall. It has a retractable telescopic handle that can extend up to 45 inches when you extend it fully. This gives you comfort when you are carrying the case.

Key Features

  • Contains a lot of compartments to keep several things safe and organized
  • The rolling case has six clear bags for storage of your brushes and makeups
  • Has a retractable handle that is more durable and gives you carrying comfort
  • The nylon is made of high quality and well-organized case and enhances its longevity
  • This rolling makeup case ids made for makeup artist professionals since it is spacious and sturdy

Lucrative Pros

  • A sturdy handle that is long-lasting and with wheels for easy movement
  • The handles attached is sturdy and does heavy-duty making it comfortable
  • Light-weighted and portable thus making it easy to carry from place to place
  • Suitable for professionals like makeup artists, beauticians, and hairdressers
  • Availability of different compartments to enable you to store your accessories as you wish

Conclusion: This case is large enough to store everything that you need for your makeup profession work, and more space can be left for additional. This is so because of the bags available of different sizes. And the extra pockets available both inside and outside. All you need to it, make sure you arrange your accessories properly. Carrying is not a big deal since the wheels available can roll easily, or you can carry the bag on your shoulder due to the strap available. Why wait? Make your choice.

SHANY Cosmetics 2 Compartment Soft Black Rolling Trolley Makeup Case with

Most of the people love to be organized, especially ladies. It feels so nice when all your cosmetics are arranged attractively and appealingly. This soft rolling trolley bag has all that you would need. Being made of waterproof nylon and soft enables you to store it easily. This bag is made of two main sections with several and spacious compartments. The case provides you with a sturdy place to carry all your makeup items and accessories.

With the upper section, you can keep all your brushes in an arranged manner without any struggle. The lower section contains three sections contains three mesh organized bags that have different sizes. This allows you to keep any cosmetics or makeup that you might have. It is also designed with a nice material that is soft and durable to protect your makeup items.

This rolling trolley makeup case contains a zipper mesh compartment that is located on both sides, ensuring its sturdy shoulder straps. This makes it durable, thus reducing the costs of repairing or buying another item. Having this bag makes you enjoying each bit while carrying your makeup and cosmetics. The drawers of the unit also extend, so it will be easy for you to see your items.

Key Features

  • Provides enough security due to the availability of the key locks
  • Easy to store makeup due to organized removable and sliding drawers
  • The materials used for construction which is aluminum makes it more durable
  • Contains a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry from one place to another
  • Has several compartments that you an upper hand to keep your cosmetics in any

Lucrative Pros

  • The compartments are spacious hence making your things look organized
  • Has multiple removable drawers to keep many things that you want to carry
  • Durable and long-lasting rolling make up case due to quality materials used
  • The strap provided makes it easy to carry the case from one place to another
  • It is safe and secure due to the key locks available, and this keeps your items safe

Conclusion: This makeup case will always give you what you require. Since it is big enough, all your cosmetic makeup will fit comfortably in this case. The unit can last for years because of the outstanding features and materials used to construct it. Therefore, you have all you wish or want to try using this type of case. Have it and make your artist's profession at large.

SHANY Cosmetics 2 Compartment Soft Black Rolling Trolley Makeup Case with
SHANY Cosmetics 2 Compartment Soft Black Rolling Trolley Makeup Case with
Soft wheeled rolling trolley cosmetics case equipped with L-shaped handle.; Weather proof makeup case makes it great for travel and wet weather conditions.

AW 2in1 Black Oxford Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Cosmetic Stroage Trolley

The case is 2 in one, and this indicates that it has two functions. It has two trays that are extended, and they hold makeup tools in position. This tray ensures enough space for storage. With the outer tray you can put 13 brushes and inner storage can hold hair blower, body, and hair spray bottles. Made of heavy-duty aluminum material which does not corrode and is waterproof; hence one can quickly move around with it even in the rain without worry.

It has 4 detachable wheels that enable easy and fast-rolling and movement, hence one cannot suffer by carrying it over the shoulder or hand. Inside the package are a bigger and hollow compartment made of 8 drawers and 4 larger zippers sided pockets, this partition enables one to arrange the cosmetics for ease when using. It also has a separate section to put brushes and is covered. This set is perfect as it protects the brushes from being stained by the makeup powder.

The case is made of a retractable telescoping height of 22'- 42' when extended fully. This telescoping handle is essential for mobile hairdressers and makeup artists or even when you are traveling. The plastic trays are removable; hence, easy cleaning and arrangement are enhanced. The trays can also be extendable. This case is so flexible and easy to maintain. It's also highly durable due to material it's made of hence highly recommended.

Key Features

  • Removable plastic trays can facilitate easy cleaning if need be.
  • Sided 2 trays ensure enough storage space for the makeup tools.
  • Heavy-duty wheels also fitted with handles for easy movement around.
  • Detachable shoulder straps ensure easy pulling up and down of the case.
  • The material used to make its 1680D oxford and nylon fabric doesn't wear off is waterproof

Lucrative Pros

  • Ample space due to separate brush holder side and bottle spray side.
  • The case has heavy-duty wheels can enable easy movement and last long.
  • The aluminum and nylon material made of it ensures no corrosion and water leakages.
  • Sectioned 2 in 1, this enables brushes to be put in one section and spray bottles the other.
  • Telescoping handles is very essential for mobile users like makeup artists and hairdressers.

Conclusion: This case is perfect and looks very professional to walk around with it. It is spacious to accommodate all your cosmetic staff. It has nice telescoping handles for easy pulling around and a heavy-duty material, and this can enable it to last long without tearing off easily. With the feature discussed above and pros as well, one can never hesitate considering it as a perfect case.

Ovonni LED Makeup Train Case, Lighted Rolling Travel Portable Cosmetic

The Ovonni led makeup train case has a large spacious layout. It's made with 4 storage trays and the bottom is of the deep compartment and this can accommodate small and large-sized cosmetics, styling tools, beauty accessories, and all the other beauty tools. The form insert stand can store a maximum of 48 lipsticks all being converged in one place. This ensures neatness and good organization of the accessories to avoid losses.

This case is of premium quality and good looking. Made of a strong and sturdy aluminum frame, PU interior, exterior MDF, and reinforced corners, they are durable; hence the case can be used for long without getting destroyed easily. The mirror and dimmable lights installed on the case with six bulbs give a non-dazzling and soft glow to enhancing viewing in the day and dark light. Light can be adjusted to provide the brightness needed by the artist.

Two outlets on the top cover, where the one on lest is plugged in to cord power light and the one on the right are for styling accessories. This ensures security as you need to plug-in tools that are needed before being exposed to them. The lock and key system ensure the cosmetics are well secured and protected. It has a free working station for the artist, 4 detachable wheels, and a telescoping handle.

Key Features

  • Has a mirror installed to enable the user to view herself when doing the makeup?
  • Has detachable wheels and telescoping handle for moving around with it conveniently.
  • 4 led dimmable bulbs installed to give non-dazzling and soft light in case of darkness or daylight.
  • 4 storage trays that are spacious to accommodate cosmetics, styling tools, and accessories as well.
  • High-quality premium looks with a strong aluminum frame, PU interior, MDF exterior, and reinforced corner are hence durable.

Lucrative Pros

  • Enables a free-standing working station to the makeup artist and salon use.
  • The case has a large mirror on the top cover for a user to view themselves.
  • Extra compartments 4 trays and 2. This ensures a good layout for beauty products.
  • Telescoping handles and the wheels that you move freely anywhere you feel like with the case.
  • Made by a strong aluminum frame, reinforced corners MDF exterior and PU interior hence can serve for long.

Conclusion: This makeup case is just amazing considering the above features; a top mirror, smooth aluminum surface, telescoping handle, detachable wheels, and 4 trays and 2. They are great features to consider is you need a strong and extra spacious case for yours. If you love that professional look, then you are good to go with the Ovanni makeup case.

SciencePurchase 2-in-1 Rolling MUA Cosmetic Makeup Artist Train Case with

MUA cosmetic makeup train case is very nice for beauty professionals that need more storage space for their items. This is because it has large and small compartments to enable you to store heavy supplies on lower and the less weighted supplies on the small compartment. Also has a detachable top base compartment. You can choose to use the two cases separately or combine them as one, depending on your preference.

This case is so safe if you want the safety of your supplies. It has 2 keys and four locks so that you can lock off your supplies after use. The case itself black, aluminum framed, wheeled with plastic handles that are strong to help it stay long in use. Everyone loves a durable and strong case. And if you would like to use the case for outdoor activities, it comes with a shoulder strap for convenience of carrying.

The shoulder straps on the case can enable the user to carry out when traveling, as it makes it highly portable. This case is so nice with removable top tray and adjusted dividers for small and large organizations. This feature makes you arrange your items well in nice order and neatly. This case is durable because it features a quality aluminum frame with reinforced corners.

Key Features

  • Has 4 locks and 2 keys for enhancing the security of the case and holdings.
  • The dimension of 9.5 inches *15.5*38.5 inches with 78COSTROLLB model.
  • High-quality aluminum frame reinforced corner columns for extra durability.
  • Plastic handles with wheels and a nice black interior to hold the supplies one has.
  • Removable top tray and adjustable dividers too, lower for larger items and vice versa.

Lucrative Pros

  • Easy for and outdoor services due to shoulder straps on it.
  • The inside is soft and well lined for protection of stored items.
  • Good for professionals and the need for storage. Fits well and easy to roll.
  • The rolling makeup case gives good security due to 2 keys and 4 locks on it.
  • Made of high-quality aluminum and reinforced corners to ensure it durable.

Conclusion: Talking of beauty professional and need for enough storage? Ann MUA makeup train 2 in 1 rolling case is the best. Inside the package is soft and well lined to give protection to your cosmetics and other beauty accessories. Large base compartments and detachable compartments to enhance the good organization of items. The materials used to make it is strong and sturdy aluminum to ensure high durability.

SciencePurchase 2-in-1 Rolling MUA Cosmetic Makeup Artist Train Case with
SciencePurchase 2-in-1 Rolling MUA Cosmetic Makeup Artist Train Case with
2-in-1 rolling lockable makeup train case (2 keys included); Features a large base compartment and detachable top case compartment

Voilamart 2 in 1 Makeup Trolley Case Professional Rolling Beauty Train Case

Voilamart makeup trolley case is a nice cosmetic travel bag. It can accommodate all your manicure supplies, lipsticks, jewelry, nail polishes, eye shadow, tattoo makeup accessories, hair stuff, airbrush sets and other beauty items. It is a 2 in 1 beauty cosmetic organizer that is soft and light in weight for easy movement. This case features a lightweight and soft nylon fabric that doesn't lose its shape.

The heavy-duty adjustable handle ensures comfort and eases mobility when traveling. Good top portion with 2 extendable trays to put supplies and a removable section for holding 13 brushes, a spacious interior to hold things like bottle sprays and hair driers. A bottom portion holds small and portable supplies like nail polish. The bottom of the unit has 8 removable storage trays where you can keep more makeup accessories.

Detachable shoulder strap enables one to carry easily when traveling or for outdoor use. Has inclined skate and universal wheels to enable easy and faster rolling during movement when in use at traveling and outdoor uses. The case also features inline skate wheels that provide easy rolling. Therefore, if you want to roll it on pavements or other places, you can do that with ease.

Key Features

  • Inline skate wheels, which ensures easy rolling during movement.
  • Quieter universal wheels for smooth rolling in any desirable direction.
  • Soft and light in weight in weight for easy portability when carrying around.
  • Separated into two sections, the top has huge storage and both the bottom is 8 removable trays.
  • The case overall dimension is 16*14''* 11.81'' *27.56'' and weight approximate of 26lbs for effortless travel.

Lucrative Pros

  • Heavy-duty retractable handles to give comfort and easy mobility.
  • 2 sections bottom and top to enable easy and good storing of supplies.
  • Universal and inclined skate wheels for easy rolling in outdoor and traveling use.
  • Large space, bottom, and top compartment. Zipper meshed net to give extra storage.
  • Extra storage rooms ensure brushes are well kept and not destroyed by powder and cause dirt.

Conclusion: Voilarmat makeup case is an essential tool for carrying makeup accessories, it's spacious and ensure holding of all cosmetic and beauty items. This case has inclined skate wheel and quieter universal wheels to enhance movement. The case also features nice wheels that enhance easy mobility on different surfaces. The above features and pros can help when you want to buy one for yourself and gift others.

go2buy Pro Makeup Rolling Artist Cosmetic Train Case Aluminum Beauty Lock

Go2buy pro makeup is an amazing case for family use, gifting a friend, and for professional use as well as makeup artists, beauticians, manicures, hairstylists, or those who have many cosmetics. The quality aluminum case with locks to protect the valuable items in the closet. This is an all-weather travel makeup case that is designed to protect your items and offer you durable performance.

A removable top to give a lager and wide view of the items in the case. The case gives a professional look, and this can make you be organized, concentrate highly on your work rather than being destructed. A well-designed mirror that is added to the case ensures your beauty is enhanced. It is designed with two elastic bands that hold the mirror in place, and this ensures that it is safe and secure.

This versatile makeup case also features a plastic and aluminum construction that makes it durable. For easy mobility, the case is designed with two quality wheels that roll perfectly on various surfaces. It also features a stylish design that will blend well with many dressing room decors. Get this makeup trolley, and you will enjoy carrying your essentials safely.

Key Features

  • Removable lid at the top gives a larger space to access the items in the case 
  • Mirror is firmly held by elastic bands on the back of the case to hold the mirror.
  • Made of 2 heavy-duty wheels for easy movement anywhere you may want to go.
  • Has a pull out wheeler handle for easy travel if you have a heavy luggage when traveling.
  • 7 locks and a key security system for elegance and professional look also convenience enhanced.

Lucrative Pros

  • Lockable due to 7 locks and key security on the case.
  • It's easy to store as its small in size hence convenient.
  • The case has great size, which enables ease movement and travel.
  • The inner lining is velvet and elegant to protect your supplies from damage.
  • Has 3 extendable trays for neat storage and a top magic tape to give security.

Conclusion: This case is good for family use, for gifting a friend and for professional use as it's large and spacious to accommodate all the accessories they have. As discussed above, this case is more secure, has nice wheels for easy movement. Who doesn't like gifts?! Someone comes with a free gift mirror well inclined at the back. So amazing. With all other features discussed, choose well to avoid disappointments.

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Rolling Makeup Case

Rolling makeup cases help one to put a variety of makeup products for transportation or storage. A rolling makeup case is a suitcase-like structure with handles and wheels that facilitates its control and easy movement. They are spacious and have wide storage hence convenient for a makeup artist traveling from one point to another. Some types of makeup include lipstick, mascara, eye pencil, lip balm, foundation, among others. Here are the things you should consider.

Look for a bag with dividers

Multiple compartments will enable you as a makeup artist to organize your products well. For instance, separate the face products with other products. Compartments will help you prevent messes like powder or cream spilling on the cotton swabs or tissue. This will make your bag neatly arranged and easy to locate your products. It is also easy to identify messes and clean them up. Make sure the compartments have waterproof liners so as to protect both the case and the products. Keep all the liquids, cream, and powdered well covered to lengthen their use.

Choose a size to match

Purchase a bag that is slightly larger than your needs. This will create room for other new items you might come across and buy. If you purchase a small bag, your products will be so much squeezed and disorderly. It becomes hard to locate an item when you require it. If your trips are long, you need a larger case to carry more make up with you. 


Your rolling makeup case should be made from durable material so that it serves you a long time. The material should also be waterproof so that it protects the makeup in it in case the bag is rained on. The bag should be strong enough to prevent containers carrying your makeup from breaking in case the bag is jostled on the car, plane, or train in the travel period. Some waterproof fabric includes nylon, vinyl, and polyester, among others.

Choose a lockable makeup case

You need to protect your makeup from unauthorized people. For instance, if children are around, they might get access to the case and play with your makeup and waste it. You will suffer the loss, and it cannot be replaced. When traveling ensure your case is locked to keep your makeup safe. Locking the case also prevents the loss of your makeup. There will be minimal cases of lost lipsticks, eye pencils, or any other. Make sure you return the products in their rightful place after use to prevent misplacing them.

Buy an affordable rolling makeup case

The price is one of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing a rolling makeup case. It will vary depending on the size of the case and the material too. Buy what you can afford. This will make you choose the best and thus get value for your money.

Personal preferences

We all have different tastes of different things. As a makeup artist, make sure you buy what you feel comfortable with. This will be in terms of color, design, material, etc. Consider your likes, tastes, and preferences. This is because you are the one who will spend more time with the makeup case and you don't have to use something you don't like. Using something you like makes you value your job as an artist and thus offer good quality services to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the best professional rolling make up case?

Answer: There are several professional rolling makeup cases that you can get from our top list. These include the Yaheetech 3 in 1, Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1, and the Voilamart 2 in 1. These are amazing rolling makeup case for a professional makeup artist. The cases have not only great features but also large compartments to hold a wide range of makeup items. So, if you are a professional and need a quality makeup case for travel, the above will be great.

Question: Are rolling makeup cases durable?

Answer: It depends on the construction of the case. The material used to make the case determines whether it is durable or not. Look for a durable case that has minimal wear and tear. Many cases are designed with strong materials so they can withstand travel abuse. From our top picks, you can be sure that these cases will serve you for many years.

Question: Can I get rolling makeup cases with lockable drawers? 

Answer: Yes, you can. When traveling, the surety of your items is one of the most important considerations you should have in mind. Some travel makeup cases have lockable drawers, while others do not. I would recommend models that have lockable drawers and keys so that you can have peace of mind when traveling. You don't have to worry about losing your items or unauthorized persons accessing them.

Question: Which is the best train makeup case?

Answer: Choosing the right train makeup case is not a hard task. From our top picks, I would recommend you to try the SciencePurchase 2-in-1 that has an aluminum body. Another model that I would suggest is the Ovonni LED Makeup Train Case and the Yaheetech 4 wheels 3 in 1 Professional Rolling Train Cases. All these help you organize your makeup items well.

Final Thoughts 

Travelers carry a lot of things like eye massagers, among other essential items. For many people who are into makeup, they shy away from carrying their makeup because they worry about damages or even losing their items. However, with the best travel makeup case, you don't have to worry about any of these. These cases are designed to provide you with a convenient place to carry your makeup accessories and items when you are traveling. The cases have ample compartments where you can keep your items safe and well-organized.

Travel makeup cases are ideal for professional makeup artists who move from one place to the other. They are also suitable for people who are fond of makeup, and they want to carry them during travel. The cases feature a strong construction to offer many years of use and handle travel conditions. They are also portable and lightweight, making them easy to carry. On top of that, these cases are designed with convenient wheels that makes transportation easy.


So, if you were wondering how you can carry your essential makeup items when traveling, I believe you have the right answer now. We have given you a detailed guide on quality rolling makeup cases that you can consider. The above cases we have reviewed are amazing, and you will love them. Compare their features and other important aspects so that you can find the most suitable case. We have covered important aspects of each model and also given you a buying guide to help you make the right choice. I believe you will find the above information resourceful when you are selecting the right travel makeup case to suit your needs.

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