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Top 10 Best Portable Massage Chair – Rich Reviews 2024

Are you looking for information on the best portable massage chair? Of course, you are, that is why you are reading this. Whether it's for pleasure, mini spa, or therapy Centre, you may find it challenging to choose the best.

We know how overwhelming it is to select just one out of the many portable massage chairs. You will be dealing with various choices available on the market. Coming up with the right information for your investment shouldn't be that hard anymore. The right portable massage chair has to give you comfort and be the best value for your money.

Different massage chairs come with essential features that you should try to pay attention to. Below we have compiled a comprehensive guide to enable you to find the right portable massage chair that will suit all your needs. From top reviews, what you need to consider before purchasing one to frequently asked questions by other users, you will get all that you need to know from here.

Check at a Glance 3 Cool & Best Portable Massage Chair

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The 10 Best Portable Massage Chairs in 2024 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Portable Massage Chair in 2024 - Reviews

If you are a massage professional, not only do you need to invest in the best eye massagers but also a quality massage chair. We have provided you with an extensive guide on quality portable massage chairs that will meet your needs this year.

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When it comes to the best massage chair, EARTHLITE is the excellent choice you can ever make. The chair is fully portable, thus suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.  The massage is straightforward to use as compared to similar types in the current market. This EARTHLITRE massage chair features multiple faces, sear, and arm adjustment. The adjustable components enable comfort and optical client positioning.  This massage chair is easy to set up with premium and straightforward face cradle, seat, and armrest adjustment.

The adjustments features make the seat comfortable and suitable to accommodate different client sizes. Also, the massage chair is easy to carry from one place to another. The compatible design makes it easy to fold the massage chair, completely, making it easy to store. The chair includes a sturdy and quality nylon carry case for easy transportation. The case features shoulder straps; therefore, you can carry in your back or shoulder effortlessly.

When it comes to its design, we can't afford to negotiate on that. The massage chair features an elegant and sophisticated design that is eye-catching. The chair is extremely lightweight as it weighs only 15lbs, thus portable. Also, this fantastic massage chair features a sturdy and light aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The aluminum frame is essential in ensuring that the chair lost long and weather friendly.

Features and Specification

  • EARTHLITE massage chairs feature a light and durable aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • This fantastic massage chair comes with a rugged and sturdy nylon case for easy travel
  • Designed as a lightweight massage chair weighing only 15lbs thus fully portable
  • Equipped with adjustable seat, arm and face components t meet the client positioning
  • EARTHLITE massage chairs feature sturdy and soft designed seats, armrest and face cradle
  • Soft components provide the client with a superior and premium comfort experience
  • The medium size of the massage chair makes it easy t transport and store when not in use.
  • This massage chair is upholstered with sturdy, dual-density pro-Lite and a soft natural upholstery
  • EARTLITE portable massage chair features padded and robust shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • The massage's seat features a high-quality PU leather for durability and easy cleaning

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Are you looking for the best massage a chair, if yes? Then here comes one of the best types that you can get. The massage chair is extremely affordable by everyone with all that you need in a massage chair. One of the best significant advantages of this massage chair is that it is easy to use. This is a product of the EARTHLITE Company; therefore, you should purchase it with confidence. EARTHLITE manufacturer has been in the market for a long time, thus known for making quality massage chairs.

This massage chair features a full face down support system, which is not the case with most of the massage chairs. The travel mate features a full face down desk as well as a tablet seated massage.  The system also includes a cushiony upholstered deluxe and chest pad for comfort. The system has an adjustable face platform, thus suitable for all clients' sizes. Besides, the chair allows for an angle, height, and depth adjustment.

The adjustable component makes the machine perfect for client fit. This machine features an adjustable face cradle that can be set in several angles, and the chair can go up and down. Also, the edge of the chest platform can be easily configured to fit different clients. This EARTHLITE is suitable to use by VITRECTOMY patient while still going recovery. The foldable capability makes the chair easy to carry and store with the nylon case.

Features and Specification

  • This massage chair features adjustable chest, face cradle and arm for comfort
  • The travel mate massage chair features a compact design for easy folding
  • Travel mate massage seat features a complete face down support system
  • For easy monitoring, the system has a face down desk as well as a chair for comfort
  • Equipped with cushiony upholstered chest pillows and adjustable face pillow platform
  • Designed to ensure the height, depth, and angle can be adjusted for perfect client fit.
  • Includes a carrying case made of nylon for durability thus easy to carry anywhere
  • The massage chair also features a foldable design making it easy to handle
  • Designed with a sturdy and heavy-duty stainless steel frame for long life
  • Equipped with soft and comfortable natural face pillow and upholstery cushioning

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A STRONGLITE massage chair is one of the best portable chairs that are incredibly cheap. The machine is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals. This STRONGLITE portable massage chair features sturdy wheels; thus, transportation is not a problem anymore. Also, a carry case made of heavy-duty nylon is present; therefore, you can easily store your chair. The massage chair is suitable for people weighing up to 600lbs; this suits most clients.

This massage chair is lightweight yet strong and of high-quality when we compare it with similar models. The chair features a strong heat treated and light strong T6 aluminum construction for durability. Besides that, the frame is weather friendly thus suitable for all-weather conditions, including rainy. The massage chairs feature a high gloss powder-coating surface, which is not the case with ordinary massage chairs. Also, patented dual tube design ensures extra stability is present to withstand high weights.

Telescoping legs are available that can be adjusted to fit the required height for therapist and comfort. The massage chair has a step adjustment for people with versatility, thus convenience. The machine features foldable capability and lightweight to ensure the massage chairs can suit outdoor activities. The case features a zipper for easy organizing and picking. This fantastic chair has padded shoulder straps on the pouch for comfort carrying.

Features and Specification

  • Designed with adjustable arm, seat, chest and face cradle for comfort
  • This is a classic and premium massage chair with removable and adjustable Velcro
  • Equipped with a sturdy and heavy-duty upholstery of 100% Pu in several colors
  • The massage chairs are capable of withstanding up to a weight of 600lbs thus strong
  • Lightweight massage chairs weights only 26lbs therefore portable and easy to carry
  • The carry pouch features padded shoulder straps making it easy to comfort to carry
  • Designed with reliable and high-quality T6 aluminum alloy for durability
  • The massage features a high gloss powder-coating surface, therefore, corrosion-free
  • Equipped with adjustable telescoping legs to fit the client's height and comfort
  • Designed with removable wheels for easy and perfect movement of the chairs

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Here comes another fantastic and high-quality massage chair that is lightweight yet strong. The portable massage chairs feature a sturdy aluminum frame for durability. Besides being durable, the chair a durable and powder coating aluminum finish, thus rust-proof. The excellent coated finish makes the massage suitable for indoor and outdoor as its weather friendly. The GIANTEX massage chair is extremely lightweight, therefore, portable.

GIANTEX portable massage chair has a simple and compact design that makes it suit most of the room interior. The machine is excellent for home and business use due to the sturdy construction.  This GIANTEX chair is available in a different color, thus suiting most of the interior decors. The different seats feature a PU leather material that is oil and water-resistant making. The PU construction makes the massage chair easy to clean as compared to other materials.

This is the best travel massage chair that you can aim for forgetting. The machine has a compact and foldable flat design that makes the massage chair the best choice. The carrying bag makes the massage chair easy t carry and space saver. GIANTEX chair features have adjustable seats, chest pads, head support, armrest, and face pillow. This massage chair has super versatile for perfect interchanging of sitting position to fit different client's body sizes.

Features and Specification

  • Equipped with telescoping legs that have adjustable ability to fit different heights
  • Designed with one step adjustments that ensure convenience and versatility massaging
  • Lightweight massage chair yet strong and durable for easy travel carrying
  • The massage chair has T6 aluminum construction that promotes durability
  • GIANTEX massage chair features a corrosion-resistant and waterproof coating aluminum
  • Designed with sturdy and durable PU leather seats that are waterproof and oil resistant
  • The massage chair features a modern and straightforward style thus suitable for home and business use
  • Ergonomically adjustable face cradle, armrest, chest pads, seats, and head supports
  • Super-versatile for quick and different massaging seating positions thus ensuring comfort
  • The GIANTEX massage chair can withstand up to a weight of 350 lbs

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If you are looking for the best massage chair for your home or business use, the master chair is the perfect choice. The massage chair is large enough to accommodate both all clients; thus, no need to purchase an extra chair. Mater professional massage chair is extremely lightweight as like as professional nail dryers; therefore, you can carry it anywhere. Also, the chair features small cell foam located on the cushioned surface. This foam is of higher density than the ordinary foams in the market.

This massage chair is unique from the regular chairs as it has six adjustable face cradles. The moving space provided by the face cradle allows the cradle to adopt the client's face shape. Also, the face cradle allows the cushion to minimize the cheekbone and forehead pressure for maximum comfort. With this massage chair, no worries about the strength of the chair. The professional master chair can boast up to 1000 pounds, whopping static weight support.  This massage chair can support up to a weight of 650lb of the client.

The massage chair features a sturdy and heavy-duty aluminum construction. The aircraft aluminum stainless steel frame ensures the chair can withstand heavyweight. This classic machine has an electro-statically powder finish coating to prevent nicks, scratches, and corrosion. The luggage stylish wheeled carry pouch is different from the rest of the typical case. The thickest and large cushions maximally satisfy all the clients and suitable for abundant people.

Features and Specification

  • The master professional massage chair is lightweight and weight up to 15.2lb
  • The massage chair is capable of supporting up to a mass of 1000lbs
  • Designed with an exclusive small cell foam of high density than the standard foams
  • This master has a height of 43” and of medium size thus easy to carry and store
  • Includes a convenient and stylish case for practical carrying and storing
  • The case features modern and high-quality sturdy wheels for smooth movement
  • Equipped with thick and large cushions to suit all types of client’s body sizes
  • The massage chair features a heavy-duty and sturdy aircraft aluminum frame construction
  • This fantastic has six unique adjustable face cradle to create maximum comfort
  • Features an electro-statically powder coat finish frame is thus free from nicks and rust.

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This is another high-quality and stylish massage chair. The massage chair is suitable for both home and business use due to its unique features. This portable massage chair features large and thick high-density foam. The thick foam is essential in ensuring comfort as well as durability. The machine is capable of withstanding a heavyweight of up to 300lbs. This therapy chair has a static capacity of 700lbs, which is not the case with ordinary chairs.

The portable massage chair features a heavy-duty metal frame.  The chair features a sturdy and high-density stainless steel body construction enabling to withstand high weights. Besides, the structure has a powder coat finish, therefore, rust, nick proof. The massage chairs have water and oil PU leather resistant material.  The PU leather makes it easy to clean the tattoo chair without much struggle. Also, the compatible and foldable ability ensures the massage chair easy to carry.

This tattoo massage chair provides a luxuriously comfort massage and therapeutic experience for your client. The sturdy nylon case makes the chair space saver as compared to other models. This portable premium massage chair weighs the only 23lbs; therefore, you can carry the chair anywhere. The massage chair does not require any extra tool to assemble. All the required equipment is present in the package. The massage chair also features an adjustable neck and head cradle for comfort therapy.

Features and Specification

  • Equipped with padding and high dense seats to support the entire body
  • The massage features 2.5”thick high duty and density sponge to enhance the massaging
  • Designed with a flexible and adjustable headrest to customize the comfort and convenient
  • The massage chair features stainless steel construction to improve the overall durability
  • Padded legs made of high-quality material to enable them to support high weight
  • The professional massage chair features a foldable and compatible flat design
  • Lightweight constructions massage chair weight only 23lbs thus fully portable
  • Designed with oil and water-resistant PU leather seats for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable and heavy-duty ultra-soft chest pads, armrest, face cradle and seats
  • The massage chair features versatile for quick changing to suit any body size.

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A master massage chair is lightweight, thus portable, and therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor massaging. The massage itself weighs up to 24lbs with a working capacity of 600lbs. This professional master machine is ideal for both experts and beginners. Unlike other regular massage chairs, this master chair features a fiberglass reinforce parts made of nylon. The reinforced parts make the massage chair rust and nick friendly. Also, the massage is fully compatible with effective handling when not in use.

When it comes to the overall construction, the massage chair features aluminum material. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction ensures the chair can withstand high weights. The chair has a small foam cushioning system, which is not the case with the traditional chairs. The foam Cushioning system provides luxuriously and superior comfort. The wheeled case offers encouragement and practical carrying of the massage chair.

The infinitely adjustable are armrest, chest pad, face cradle, and seat pad. The removable and adjustable kneeling pads ensure optimal client positioning. This machine is capable of accommodating all types of people due to the plastic parts. The massage chair can withstand a weight of 600lbs.   Besides all that, the massage chair is very cheap when we compare it with similar models in the market.

Features and Specification

  • The master massage chair is lightweight thus weighing up to 24 lbs
  • This massage chair features a medium construction that makes it easy to fold
  • Designed with an adjustable angle of the armrest to enhance comfort and convenience.
  • The machine features removable as well as adjustable face cradle and chest pillows.
  • Designed with a folded and retracted high-density support stand to suit heavyweights
  • The machine is foldable thus super portable therefore high for a travel massage chair
  • Master chair ideal for working at a weight of 600lbs due to the sturdy construction
  • Designed with aircraft-grade and heavy-duty aluminum construction for durability
  • The master massage chair has fiberglass-reinforced parts made of nylon for safety
  • Equipped with small-cell foam system to provide luxurious and superior comfort

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If you intend to get a quality and safe massage chair, then this Apollo is the ideal choice. Unlike other types of massage chairs, this Apollo is excellent for beginners and professionals. Besides that, the machine is perfect for home and business purposes due to the medium size.  The compact design makes the massage chair suitable for small and large compartments.  This is a sturdy master portable massage chair that weighs only 18lbs.

Apollo massage chair features high-quality and robust aluminum construction.  The aircraft-grade material makes the machine durable and sturdy to accommodate high weights. This master Apollo massage chair can support a weight of about 650lbs. the tremendously dense stands feature a powder coat finish to prevent nicks, scratches, and rust. Also, the pads feature oil and water PU leather construction. Therefore easy to clean the seats, unlike other chairs made of shoddy material.

This master massage chair has thick and large cushions to provide superior comfort. The large cushion system ensures the machine satisfies the entire client, including the large body clients. Once you purchase this chair not need to get extra tools to assemble the massage chair. The set comes with all that is essential to make assembling easy and effective. The machine has six adjustable face cradle, session pouch, memory foam face pillow, and jewelry.

Features and Specification

  • The master Apollo massage chair can support a weight of 650lbs
  • This is a lightweight and portable massage Apollo chair weight only 18lbs
  • Designed with a heavy-duty and sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum construction for durability
  • Designed with a powder-coated surface to prevent scratches, rust as well as nicks
  • Includes memory foam face pad, six unique way adjustable cradle and session pouch
  • Equipped with an exclusive and stylish small cell foam to suit all clients
  • Features a large and luggage-style carry case with durable wheel for natural movement
  • The master Apollo massage chair features a cell foam cushioning system for comfort
  • Designed with water and oil CFC free and abrasion wear-resistant upholstery
  • The machine is foldable thus super portable therefore high for a travel massage chair

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This is one of the most excellent portable massage chairs that you can get. The portable massage chair has a compact and portable, stylish design that makes it the best choice for outdoor. Besides that, the massage chair features a sturdy high quality carry case meant of nylon. The nylon case makes it easy to transport and store, therefore suitable for travel massage. This is a light massage chair weighing up to 23 lbs.

The portable massage chair features a sturdy and heavy-duty aluminum construction. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame is essential in ensuring the chair withstands high weights. This sturdy and durable massage chair can withstand a weight of 660 lbs. in addition to that, the frame features a powder-coated finish frame to prevent rust, nicks as well as scratches. The stylish and simple design of the high chair perfectly suits different settings of the house or shop.

The massage chair is ideal for gym, office as well as home. This massage chair is available in different colors that will suit any room décor. The PU leather is water and oil proof; therefore, it's easy to clean. The dual high-density foam layer provides a luxurious therapeutic massage and comfort. The chairs include adjustments such as chest pad, face cradle, seat pillows, and lower and tilts.

Features and Specification

  • This massage chair is lightweight, thus portable; it weighs 23 lbs.
  • It is designed with oil and water resistance, PU leather seats, thus easy to clean.
  • The machine features are high quality and sturdy aluminum construction for durability.
  • This fantastic massage chair can support a weight of 660 lbs, thus suits all clients.
  • They are equipped with a high density and quality dual small cell foam cushioning.
  • The machine features a portable and compact design for easy transportation and storage.
  • This massage chair has a case with sturdy padded straps as well as handles.
  • The machine features a gloss coated finish frame to prevent rust, scratches, and nicks.
  • The machine adjustable chest pads, armrest, and face cradles for comfort.
  • Includes memory foam face pad, six unique way adjustable cradle and session pouch

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Here comes another significant and fantastic type of massage chair. The massage is ideal for both professionals and beginners due to its unique features. This massage chair includes all the tools required for assembly, thus easy to assemble. Ataraxia Deluxe is a foldable and lightweight massage chair, therefore portable. The machine features a durable carrying pouch with shoulder straps for practical carrying. This machine features versatile that is suitable for interchanging different massaging positions.

This massage chair feature has robust and high-quality stainless steel frame construction. The sturdy construction makes the machine capable of supporting high weights. Deluxe premium ataraxia chair features an adjustable face cradle armrest seat pad as well as a chest pad. Also, the machine includes an extensive foam system to promote the overall convenience and comfort. The massage chair weighs only 17 pounds, therefore easy to carry. 

The massage chair features waterproof as well as oil-resistant synthetic leather. The sturdy PU leather makes it easy to clean as well as wear and tear resistance. The machine has a versatile that makes it change seating positions to suit any body type. Besides that, the device features soft and sturdy leather seats for comfort. This machine can withstand a weight of up to 650 lbs; this suits most of the clients.

Features and Specification

  • Designed with waterproof and oil resistance, synthetic leather for easy cleaning.
  • Foldable and lightweight yet strong and durable: weighs up to 17 pounds.
  • The massage chair features a versatile for a quick change in positions as well as body type.
  • Equipped with rubber legs to promote stability strength and prevent slipping.
  • Designed with heavy-duty stainless steel construction for durability.
  • This deluxe premium massage chair can support up to a weight of 650 lbs.
  • The machine features an advanced high-density foam system with soft and classic leather.
  • Equipped adjustable and removable face cradle, chest pads, and armrest.
  • The machine includes a premium carrying pouch with padded shoulder straps.
  • This machine has a height of 43” and of medium size thus easy to carry 

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Portable Massage Chair

Whether you are buying the shoes for hip pain or any other product on the market, you need to consider a few aspects.  You also need to do the same when buying a portable massage chair. This is essential and necessary if you want to get the best chair for your needs. Below are some of them.

Holding capacity

Some portable massage chairs can hold up to 1000lbs, while others can only manage 500lbs. Those that can hold more pounds are going to cost more than those that can hold less. The holding capacity depends on you and also your clients if you are a therapist. If you are buying some chairs for your Spa, consider getting both with higher power and lower power so that they fit all of your clients. If it's for your personal use, then you need to know how much you weigh and choose one accordingly.

Adjustable features

If you are a therapist and don't plan on using that chair on one person, then go for one with adjustable features. An adjustable massage chair can enable you to use it on a wide range of clients. No matter how tall or short they are, they will be able to enjoy a comfortable fit. Your clients will not only enjoy your services, but it will also boost your business.


Portable massage chairs are used for relaxing massage. Consider buying a massage chair that is powerful and stable. This will ensure a safer body massaging. To get the best value for your money, follow the safety of your preferred chair. Safety is the overall concern before a product can be purchased.


We always say that for a product to be among the best, it has to be durable. You wouldn't want to buy one that will break after a few days of service. Likewise, when purchasing a portable massage chair, consider a durable one. Different portable massage chairs come with varying designs of construction.

Some are made of factory Steel while others are made of metal. Steel frames would be the better option because they are sturdy and durable more than the metal. Although the most durable construction frames will come at a higher price, they will be able to serve you for a very long time without having to spend more money on having them repaired regularly.

Ease of cleaning

Would you instead purchase a chair that is hard to clean? No right? A massager that comes with hard to clean material will leave dirt and marks on the chair. This will be a great turn off to a number of your clients. Consider a massage chair that comes with easy to clean material regardless of the different creams and lotions you use.


Before you go out for a portable massage chair, think of how much you are willing to spend. The various massage chair models come at varying prices. Price affects a lot of things from durability, strength, and power, among others. It's essential to set your budget limit to invest in the right one.

For example, some chairs come with different additional features. These other features can be handy, and chairs with them arrive at a higher price. Those that don't include them will come at a lower price. Some chairs are advanced and will suit any professional work while others are simple. Consider a chair that will have what you need depending on where and what you will use it for. The massage chair should also fit perfectly in your budget.

Weight and size

Consider a chair that is made of a high-quality frame and is of Light Weight. The best Portable massage chair should also be stable and durable. Aside from that should be of the right size, meaning that you or your clients can fit perfectly. A chair that can offer enough space and at the same time, be of lightweight, is a perfect choice. It will not only be comfortable for you or your clients, but it will also be easy to transport.


Portable massage chairs come with a folding feature. This makes it easy to set up anywhere. Some have got additional assembly instructions. Make sure that you consider a massage chair that will not be too hard to assemble.


The best portable massage chair should come with the best warranty. You can get some chairs with a 3-year warranty, and some can come with a one-year warranty. Warranty will provide you with extra security for your chair. You won't have to worry about quality issues for that time from the purchase date.

Carrying case

If you're always on the go, you need the right way to carry on the massage chair. Consider buying a model that comes with a carrying case. This will enable you to transport and carry it easily. You'll also be able to store it well when it's not in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are massage chair airbags?

A: Massage chair airbags are bladder, which is embedded in massage chairs. At the touch of a button, they can fill with air and then deflate in pulses. They offer a secondary means by which massage can be rendered. This means that a person sitting on the chair can adjust the intensity massage performed by the airbags.

Q: What are massage chair rollers?

A: Massage chair rollers at the primary means of massage in a massage chair. Massage rollers are usually in pairs on a chair. One is placed on the left side of your back while the other on the right. These rollers come in four configurations. These are the dual rollers, quad rollers, tri rollers, and some massage chair models that offer up to 6 rollers.

Q: How does heating Work in a massage chair?

A: Heat therapy in a massage chair works like that of a heating pad. The difference is that in a massage chair heating is combined with a massage program. This improves the overall massage experience. In a massage chair, the temperature is raised to a sorer, painful part of your body. This increases blood flow as well as oxygen to that area.

Q: How does chromotherapy work in a massage chair?

A: First of all, chromotherapy is also known as color therapy. It is believed that different colors impact the human body in several ways by interacting with your energy. In massage chairs, chromotherapy is possible with the soft colored LED lights which are found on the frame of the chair in different places. Once you activate a massage program when in a dark room, the LED lights will also be activated, bathing the darkroom with a soft luminous glow.

Final Verdict 

A full body massage can be achieved in several ways. One of the best ways is with a massage chair. The best portable massage chair can focus on your body parts, for example, the neck, back, hands, shoulders, and arms. It will also enable you to carry it to different places for clients who cannot access your therapy location. The right chair will allow you to meet all your needs and those of your clients if you are a therapist.

Aside from that, you'll be able to boost your business, and you will maintain clients and also get more recommendations from them. Also, if you want to enjoy a massage at the comfort of your home, these chairs can help you with that. You can get one that will suit all your needs, and you will save a lot of time.

Portable massage chairs are more stable and safe compared to massage tables. A massage chair is more appropriate and approachable than a treatment table. They are versatile and easy to move. Chair massages are also less intimidating and intimate. You won't have to strip naked to get a massage. If you are someone dealing with body issues or personal trauma, a massage chair would be the best choice.


Many factors can help you choose the best massage chair for all your needs. We advise you to compare the features of different portable massage chairs. This will make it easy for you to choose the right one. The right one will meet all the things that you must consider that we have explained above. By now, you are ready to venture into the market and pick the right chair for you. It will surely help you out, and you can go with Confidence and choose the best portable massage chair.

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