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Top 10 Best Golf Hitting Mats of 2024 – Ultimate Reviews

Are you a golf lover? Getting the best golf hitting mat might be a good idea. Golf hitting mats are of different kinds with different features. They are modeled to enhance the state of a real golf course. These mats are artificial, but their make is excellent, giving long-lasting results. Their slip resistance characteristic makes them ideal for golf playing. For trainees, golf hitting mats are the best starter pack before getting to the real course.

Why use golf hitting mats when there are actual golf courses? Golf players in winter climates may find it hard to get to the golf course. This is the reason that persuades them to get golf hitting mats. What do you think about missing a golf session? Is it terrible right? Do not let the heat or whether inconvenience you from playing golf. A golf hitting mat will sort you and your buddy out a great deal.

Golf hitting mats has a ton of advantages. They are lightweight for easy movability. When not using them, you can easily store them in a small space. If you plan to use them outdoors or indoors, nothing can stop you from doing so. There has been an emergence of many companies producing these mats of different designs. Selecting the best from a variety is confusing. We are going to review ten of the best to make it easier for you.

Check at a Glance 3 Cool & Prime Best Golf Hitting Mats

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The 10 Best Golf Hitting Mats in 2024 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Golf Hitting Mats in 2024 - Reviews

Whether you are buying the best cheap hoverboards or golf mats, you need to go through various reviews so that you can get the right product. Here are top review golf mats that you can consider buying. They are incredible products that are designed to give you the best experience.

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Not everyone is a golf pro, and there are still others who are at their practice level. Practicing golf on a rukket tri-turf hitting mat will make you become a pro. Its base is an extra thick rubber. Do you know what that implies? A thick base provides a non-slip mat condition. This golf hitting mat is also a high-quality material make. This characteristic makes it reliable for an extended period. This mat’s durability is at its best.

The size of a golf hitting mat also shows its worthiness. This design’s measurements are 25*16 inches. Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, it’s just a matter of carrying this portable mat to your most convenient place. Setting up this golf hitting mat is straightforward, just for a few seconds, and you are set to play. Its package comes with 12 various heights tees and nine rukket balls. What an excellent package!

Rukket tri-turf hitting mat offers you everything that you require to learn golf game entirely. For the budget cautious guys, rukket offers this golf hitting the mat in two different sizes. The sizes are essential in catering to different user needs. Its artificial grass gives a real feel making the game more realistic. It is versatile, offering different surfaces to deal with your short game. This golf hitting mat also ensures that you are stable when playing the game.

Key Features

  • It contains artificial grass with a real-feel to make the game realistic.
  • The Rukket tri-turf golf hitting mat has the dimension of 25*16 inches
  • Rukket mat feature 35 mm rough and fair tough with a dividing section
  • This golf hitting mat Comes with 12 different heights tees and nine rukket balls
  • This mat features an extra-thick rubber base for stable placement and non-slip state

Lucrative Pros

  • You can fold it into a pack, its long-lasting, and portable
  • It is a well-built golf hitting mat with high quality and standards 
  • Rukket golf mat is available in two sizes to cater for all users’ needs.
  • This hitting mat is ideal for the most thorough golf practice sessions
  • Setting up of this golf hitting mat is straightforward even for first-time users

Conclusion: Three, unlike mat textures, will be ideal for you to practice any game techniques. Perfect your shorts by practicing using a rukket tri-turf hitting the mat. Do you feel like setting the mat in the office or home? You can carry this mat easily to the place of your choice. The stability it offers to the player is impeccable. Additional golf game equipment makes it even better. Grab yourself a rukket tri-turf hitting mat, and let’s start gaming in style.

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Callaway golf ft launch zone hitting mat is among the smallest golf mats. Do not judge it by its size; its value will amaze you. You can easily carry this golf hitting mat from one place to another. The weight of the golf hitting mat is crucial. Too light mats can slide, making the player lack stability when giving shots. Relatively heavy golf hitting mats features non-slide characteristics, which makes them stable and promotes better shots.

This golf mat is one of the heavyweights in the market. This weight is enough to make sure that the mat is always in place. You’ve never seen a golf practice so productive. Use this golf hitting mat and enjoy a productive practice session. Its design features a real turf surface. The material used to make its base is a durable rubber. This rubber base is useful in enhancing wear resistance, club protection, and shock absorption.

This golf hitting mat contains a tee holder that if fully patented. The tee holder is capable of working with different brands and supports any height. The tee is also removable to give you the chance to fix any other fixed height tee which you purchase separately. This golf hitting mat is accessible in two different sizes, 1*2 inches, and 8*16 inches. Callaway golf hitting mat has high-quality assurance and last for a very long time.

Key Features

  • It features tee holders that are capable of holding any tee height
  • It is available in two sizes; Dimensions 1*2 inches and 8*16 inches
  • Callaway golf ft launch zone hitting mat features a real turf surface
  • Its base is a durable rubber material make to enhance shock absorption
  • This golf hitting mat is a heavyweight to reduce sliding and increase stability

Lucrative Pros

  • Callaway golf hitting mat has real turf that makes the game realistic
  • This golf hitting mat has quality and durability assurance to the users
  • It has a tee holder that can work with various brands and support different height
  • This golf hitting mat is accessible in two different sizes, 1*2inches and 8*16inches
  • Its rubber base promotes excellent shock absorption and players stability during the practice session 

Conclusion: Callaway is a well-known brand in the golf world for producing the best golf products. Golf hitting mats are one of the products that this brand have input more value in. This Callaway golf hitting mat is portable and durable design. It gives you a very long time of utilizing it. I think such a quality product is worth your investments. Carry this golf hitting mat wherever you want and enjoy a productive game.

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Are you a golf beginner? Do you want a golf hitting mat that will not cost you a lot? Truedays brand is always there for people with such needs. If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash, truedays golf mat is the real deal. It is an ideal model for all golf beginners. This golf hitting mat is small in size. It only provides a hitting area necessary for you to train your striking.

The ideal size of the truedays golf mat is 12*24 inches. Isn’t this more than enough for beginners? This will help golf beginners to have the perfect practicing area. One main drawback of this golf hitting mat is that it is lightweight. Lightweight golf mats are poor in rolling resistance. This may affect the players striking. If you want it to stay in place, you have to find a way to fix its edges. That’s an additional task.

The best thing about this golf hitting mat is that there is no need for purchasing other attachments separately. Very minimal golf mats models provide rubber tee. Some dictates that you have to buy it separately. Truedays golf mat has an attachment of a rubber tee. There is no need to spend additional cash. It also features synthetic grass that gives a real turf surface. This golf hitting mat thickness if considerable to ensure excellent shock absorption.

Key Features

  • It is delivered with at a rubber teen with no extra cost
  • This golf hitting mat is a makes of woven nylon turf material.
  • It’s a small size golf hitting mat with the dimension 12*24 inches
  • This golf hitting mat features synthetic grass that gives it a real surface
  • truedays golf mat contains a thick rubber base to prevent it from slipping

Lucrative Pros

  • This is ideal golf hitting mat for all golf game beginners
  • This golf hitting mat is made accessible to users at a friendly price
  • Its size and lightweight makes it possible for you to carry it around
  • It comes with a rubber tee, saves you the hassle of spending extra cash
  • This golf mat’s self-stick rubber base enhances shock absorption and slips resistance 

Conclusion: Spending too much on golf hitting mat as a starter is not necessary. Truedays golf mat is a unique design for all beginners. It ensures that they train striking in the cheapest way possible. The types of grass that the golf hitting mat features make the game lively and real. It is high-quality golf hitting mat that will serve you for a long time without fading or destroying your clubs. Truedays is the best.

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This golf hitting mat model is a product from all turf mats brand. Finding sleek golf hitting mat is very hard. All turf mats make sure that a sleek platform mat is available to you. Think about what you can do with sleek golf hitting the mat. Excellent golf striking, right? This golf hitting sleek mat design is ideal for you to use it indoors and still have perfect golf and even have a fantastic golf practice session.

Once you place this golf hitting the mat on a smooth flat surface, you can be assured that it will stay intact for as long as you want it. You can easily stand on the golf mat while making golf ball strikes without worrying about it sliding off. Do you know what that implies? Stability is at its best. One thing that brings out emerald par poly golf hitting mat’s sleekness is its perfect tee box format.

PGM3660 3' x 5' emerald par poly golf mat feature 1/2 inch turf has durable woven nylon material. It also contains one authentic rubber tee and a foam backing. The foam backing is 5mm, and it makes it possible for the golf hitting the mat to stay intact on the surface without making a slight move. You will enjoy the most incredible golf practice sessions with PGM3660 3' x 5' emerald par poly golf mat.

Key Features

  • The base thickness of emerald par poly golf mat is 1/2 inch
  • The golf hitting sleek mat design also features an excellent tee box format
  • Emerald par poly golf mat has a turf which is a woven nylon material make
  • This golf hitting mat comes with one rubber tee which is included in its price
  • This golf hitting mat contains a 5mm foam backing for firm grip on the surface

Lucrative Pros

  • It is a lightweight mat; you can carry it easily from place to place
  • Emerald par poly golf mat is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • This mat enhances the golf player stability with the 5mm foam backing
  • This golf hitting mat model is straightforward to clean even with extreme dirt
  • This golf hitting mat model is exceptionally long-lasting and withstand rough utilization

Conclusion: Golf game lovers will do anything to get such sleek golf hitting the mat. That is why everyone wants to use PGM3660 3' x 5' emerald par poly golf mat. The most amazing thing that makes it likable is that it enhances intact placement. The golf player knows how annoying a slipping golf mat is. With this golf mat model, you can experience more significant things than amusement and entertainment. Promises to the most productive golf practice sessions.

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Dura-pro commercial golf mat design performs a variety of purposes. It suits both indoor and outdoor golf game practice sessions. This golf hitting mat model gives the player a fine surface required to hit with clubs. This mat also soaks the effect from the club by absorbing its head’s shock. You will be sure of the most amazing swings as you make the golf ball strikes in your golf practice session and from a real turf surface.

The most promising thing about this golf hitting mat is that it undergoes a production testing process. This consists of thermal welding and special bonding to enhance maximum resilience and increase the golf hitting mat's durability. With such quality assurance, you will not have a second thought when purchasing this golf hitting mat. It will serve you for many years without getting wear or tear. Enjoy each golf hitting mat session with this mat.

Dura-pro commercial golf mat features 3D nylon turf. This turf helps in absorbing shock. The turf is not glued, which prevents delamination and enhances slip resistance. This mat is available in three sizes; 3*5 feet, 4*5 feet, and 5*5 feet. All these mat sizes come with pre-punch holes for holding the rubber tees. The mat also comes with one 3 inches tee, two ¼ inches tee, and one adjustable wood tee. This is the best deal.

Key Features

  • The golf mat is available in 3 sizes; 3*5 feet, 4*5 feet, and 5*5 feet
  • Dura-pro commercial golf hitting mat comes to the user with DVD
  • This golf hitting mat comes with three rubber tee for different purposes
  • Dura-pro commercial golf mat comes with free foam balls and their tray
  • Dura-pro commercial golf hitting mat has a 3D nylon turf to enhance shock absorption

Lucrative Pros

  • You can access this golf hitting mat model in three different sizes
  • Its package comes with other additional golf products at no added fee
  • Dura-pro commercial golf hitting mat model high quality is worth it price
  • This model is relatively heavy thus it easily resists slipping during the golf practice session
  • This mat is put together through a series of procedures during production to promote durability

Conclusion: The truth is that most golf hitting mats designs accessible in the markets are just fixed together with glue making they get damaged very easily after minimal golf game practice sessions. The Dura-pro commercial golf hitting mat is one non-glued mat that will serve you for long. It doesn’t matter whether you are a golf beginner, intermediate or advanced, this mat is ideal for all golf players. From a reputable brand to its loyal golfers.

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The idea behind purchasing golf hitting mat is to make it feel like a real golf course. The original real feel golf mat is one model that helps you achieve these dreams. You have never experienced a realistic golf session like that using the original real feel golf mat. It is average size golf hitting mat of dimensions 4*5 inches. You can entirely stand on the mat as you continue with the golf practice.

The original real feel golf mat is also useful for in and outdoors golf practice. When you purchase this golf hitting mat, be ready to use it for a very long time. Its durability is on point. What do you think makes this mat outstanding? It has a long fiber system that does not oppose the hit of the club; it absorbs it instead. Golfers hate bounces. This feature eliminates such bounces making the golfer happy every time.

This golf hitting mat also features holes that hold the tees. The tees can also be fixed anywhere ideal around the mat. The tees are wooden in this model. The original real feel golf mat has a thickness of 1.75 inches. That is ideal for enhancing shock absorption and ensuring your club is not damaged. This golf hitting mat is not cheap, but what it offers is worth your pennies. It's the best choice of mat. 

Key Features

  • The size of the original real feel golf mat is 4*5 inches
  • The golf hitting mat is 1 ½ inch thick to enhance safety
  • This golf hitting mat comes with one free lock and turn tee
  • This golf hitting mat contains a real turf to simulate a real golf course
  • The most known mat that possesses easy on elbows and wrist characteristics

Lucrative Pros

  • It is high quality golf hitting mat which is worth its price
  • This golf hitting mat helps you feel like you are in a real golf course
  • This golf mat has a larger thickness that is necessary for shock absorption 
  • The original real feel golf mat enhances golf swing in or outside your house
  • Thanks to its material, this mat can withstand many practice session without wearing out

Conclusion: This golf hitting mat allows you to practice your golf swing with any kind of golf club. The original real feel golf mat makes with a material that gives you a feeling that you are in a real golf course when striking the golf ball. What’s more interesting is that the mat’s thickness can hold the height of its tee. You don’t want to miss the chance of having golf sessions on this mat. Life-changing!

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Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced golfer? We have good news for you. GoSports brand is bringing you the best golf hitting mat that you require to make excellent swings. Have you heard of Go Sports tri-turf XL golf hitting mat? This mat is a 24*24 inches size one; it among the biggest size golf hitting mats. You can use different turf styles to practice your golf ball striking with this Gosport golf hitting the mat.

GoSports tri-turf XL golf hitting mat is useful for both indoor and outdoor golf game practice sessions. The good thing is that you can roll this golf hitting mat easily and carry it to your place of interest. This golf hitting mat is ideal for any level golfers. Using this mat helps golfers sharpen their golf techniques and advance them anytime and anywhere. Use it, and you will become a pro who can deal with the toughest golf game.

Yet you have not heard about its quality. This golf hitting mat is a high-quality mat with artificial grass. This makes golf practice more realistic. Golfers at all levels can practice their strike on either rough, driving, or fairway turf surface depending on their needs. Its base is made of quality rubber that the mat stays in place with no slight movement throughout the golf practice session. This mat also works with all tees. 

Key Features

  • Go Sports tri-turf XL golf hitting mat works with all kinds of tees
  • This golf hitting mat is a huge size mat of dimensions 24*24 inches
  • It features artificial grass on the turf surface to promote a realistic game
  • Thick and strong rubber base grips to make the mat stay in place always
  • It consists of three different types of turf surfaces; rough, driving, and fairway

Lucrative Pros

  • You can easily carry around this mat to a place of your choice
  • You can practice in any of the turf surfaces for better golf ball shots
  • It doesn't matter which level you are in. This mat is suitable for everyone
  • The mat ensures that there are no movements with the help of the thick base
  • It is high-quality golf hitting mat with artificial grass to promote a realistic game

Conclusion: GoSports brand produces the most magical golf hitting the mat. Everyone who knows it can’t resist using it. You don’t have to miss golf game practice sessions due to the weather changes anymore. GoSports tri-turf XL golf hitting mat is ready for use during any weather state without worrying about damaging it. This golf hitting mat possesses strong weather resistance characteristics. Advance your golf skills using this magical golf hitting the mat. For amazing results at all times.

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TrueBirdie golf hitting mat is fitted with three unique surfaces, the TrueBirdie Golf Practice Mat gives you a tee box, fairway, and harsh surface which copy the mainstream green grass cuts that are at a real golf course. The tee box helps you to strike the ball straightforwardly or put in a genuine tee like you are driving off. That is more than enough to help you enjoy all your golf session and advance your golf game skills.

This mat overlaps down into a little rectangular unit for simple convenience when carrying it to the place of conducting the golf practice sessions. This efficiency in folding also enables the user to store the mat in the perfect way when not using it. This golf hitting mat is perfect for indoor and open-air use. It accompanies foam golf balls, which are six in number, making it the ideal golf mat for rehearsing at any time.

The foam balls are delicate, so they imitate a genuine golf ball turn. This makes the balls excellent for backyards that are not too big. The golf hitting mat has a non-slip base to remain set up for superior golf swinging and golf ball striking. It has great development for quality and durable execution. Get ready to use this golf hitting mat for years. TrueBirdie golf hitting mat will serve you in the best way possible. 

Key Features

  • Its base is very Strong to ensure that the mat makes no movements
  • This golf hitting mat comes with accompaniments of six quality foam balls
  • The golf hitting mat from TrueBirdie is Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • TrueBirdie golf hitting mat has three distinct surfaces for multi-purpose golf playing 
  • This golf hitting mat is a Little rectangular shape model for simple stockpiling and transportation 

Lucrative Pros

  • It is straightforward to roll and fold this mat for easy storage
  • With six foam balls, you can practice the golf game and become the best
  • Suitable for all level golfers and can be used either indoors or in the open air
  • You can easily carry this golf hitting the mat to any place of your convenience
  • The strong base prevents wear and tear and can absorb the pressure from the club

Conclusion: For a definitive golfing the fairway involvement at home, the TrueBirdie golf mat is the ideal swap for a playing golf course. By rehearsing on the mat, you can accomplish aptitudes that you couldn't have envisioned previously. You don't need to battle whenever you are confronted with a test. You can rehearse at home and turn into an ace in golf by rehearsing consistently on it. The mat surely prevents harm on the floor or in the backyard.

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Running raccoon golf mat is a versatile golf mat for golf players that needed to practice and up their game without being hindered by any limitations. This golf home preparing mat can be useful during the time to prepare both inside and outside while the foldable structure enables you to effortlessly utilize it in your office, carport, storm cellar, grass, and anyplace else you need. Whether you're a prepared star attempting to perfect his swings before a significant match.

You can depend on this huge golf training mat to take care of business. The foam layer between the grass and rubber helps give the grass a progressively common look and feel while expanding its toughness to recreate the genuine article much more correctly. It's optimal for all ages and all aptitude levels while enabling you to rehearse on an untruth you need — request for this golf hitting mat today to perfect your golf game techniques.

With three turf surfaces, this golf swing preparing mats enables you to rehearse your swings on Fairway, Rough, and Tight Lie Separations so you can prepare for Driving, Chipping, and Putting to keep up reliable execution regardless of the sort of grass you're playing on. The thick rubber sponsorship keeps this huge golf hitting mat well set up while being sufficiently tough to withstand even the most thorough instructional meetings and still give long haul use.

Key Features

  • The golf hitting mat is foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • This golf hitting mat features artificial grass imitate the real golf course
  • It features weather resistance characteristic, uses it any time you want to
  • The thick rubber base is available to help prevent sliding off and other movements
  • The golf hitting mat contains three different types of turf surfaces; rough, tight, and fairway

Lucrative Pros

  • It is quality golf hitting mat that lasts for a long period
  • Once you put the mat on a smooth flat surface, it stays intact
  • With the three turf surfaces, you can practice any golf swings kinds
  • You can use this golf hitting the mat at any time regardless of the weather conditions
  • Folding the golf hitting mat is straightforward and enhances storage and transportation

Conclusion: Are you worried about the weather condition? Is there downpour or dampness? Try not to be worried! Running raccoon golf mat is climate safe and can be set up in short order while the rubber treated back keeps it securely placed so you can crush in a touch of practice whenever you need without getting disappointed about the climate. If you are a dedicated golf lover, you will be in the market looking for this golf hitting the mat.

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For advantageous use on all surfaces, choose Perfshot tri-turf golf hitting the mat. It has three different kinds of turfs. This golf hitting mat is useful in both indoor and outdoor golf practice sessions. It is also important to discover a hitting mat that is non-slip. This is an excellent choice that has a non-slip base, making it fantastic for use on all surface kinds. This golf hitting mat does not move even for a slight inch.

Perfshot tri-turf golf hitting mat is a strong mat that its make integrates high-quality artificial grass. This makes the golf game practice session feel more realistic. This golf hitting mat model will also serve you for a long period without wearing and tearing out. This is definitely the kind of golf mat that you need. No one wants to keep rushing to the market to purchase new mats after making just a few shots on another.

The mat can withstand a huge number of swings. With the three grass textures, it is a helpful unit that will serve you in an efficient way. The golf hitting mat has a size of 16 inches x 25-inches. This size is enough for you to make perfect ball strikes. It comes with four hollow balls and four foam balls. This is the best package you have ever had and will give you the most memorable golf experience.

Key Features

  • The mat makes of quality artificial grasses that feel more real
  • Non-slip hard rubber base makes the mat long-lasting than others
  • The mat can be collapsed in a little size, and effectively used anywhere 
  • The packages come with four foam balls, four hollow balls, and six tees
  • Three unique turfs in a single mat enhancing the Fairway Rough even Tee box, 

Lucrative Pros

  • You can use this golf hitting mat for a long time as you please
  • This golf hitting mat is easy to carry and also friendly to users
  • You can utilize it without stressing the climate. It is weather-resistant
  • This mat gives your increasingly exhaustive practice on your terrace or indoor. 
  • There is guarantees stability while using this mat through the thick rubber base.

Conclusion: Perfshot tri-turf golf hitting mat is foldable and compact. This implies that you can utilize it inside and outside. Change of golf session places will break the monotony, and this will make you enjoy the game more. When looking for a golf hitting mat, you probably wanted one that you can use even when raining. Perfshot tri-turf golf hitting mat is well-built to resist any kind of weather condition. It will not also get damaged after that.

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Buying Guide : When Choosing The Best Golf Hitting Mats

Before you rush to any golf hitting mat market, remember you want the best, you need to put the following factors into consideration. Taking these tips into consideration will help you get a quality product that will serve you for many years.


It is disappointing purchasing golf hitting mat, and within no time, the grass starts wearing out. What kind of a mat is that? The golf hit mat is something that you intend to use for a long time. Its durability is very crucial. Most high-quality golf hitting mats are durable. You should check the quality of the material used to make the mat. This technique will help you determine how long the mat can last. You don't want to fail your buddies after inviting than to a golf match.


The best golf hitting mat should be available in various sizes. Most hitting mats adhere to this characteristic. What are the dimensions of the mat? You already know you can use different sizes from each brand. What makes a particular design to stand out is the dimensions. Mats with dimension 1*1 inches and below only have a hitting area. A larger one 3*5 inches and above are also available. The choice of the size of the mat depends on your needs. Identify the need and get the perfect size golf hitting mat. 


Imagine how annoying it can be carrying bulky golf hitting the mat. Choosing an excellent weight mat will save you from such tedious and unnecessary tasks. The golf game is fun when you play it at any place of your interest. Even in the office if the hype is at its maximum. Select a lightweight to save you from carrying hassle. Heavyweight golf hitting mats ensure that the mat does not slide easily. Try to moderate the weight to ensure that you have the two benefits. Not too heavy, not too light.

Base thickness

Base thickness plays a crucial role in the shots a golf player makes. Thick golf hitting mats stay intact without making movements during the golf practice sessions. A thicker base of a mat appears like a mat is attached to the ground. This enhances slipping resistance. The player will always be stable when making the shots. Rubber mat base is what is required in golf hitting the mat. Rubber base enhances shock absorption leading to the best experience in golf practicing sessions. This will be the best for you and your buddies.


Most people like purchasing items with a budget. If you are willing to dig deep in your pockets, you might get the best, but if you still want to work with a budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly golf hitting mats. Most expensive golf mats in the market are from materials of high quality. The expensive ones have a guarantee of durability. You can still get cheap and relatively high-quality mats. It’s better to focus on the feature and price at the same time. It will lead to the best choice

Surface type

Different golf hitting mats have a different surface type. What does this imply? Each design has a specific texture. The surface type has a significant impact on the later performance of the golf player. Soft, rough, and fair, all these textures should be provided in a golf mat to cater to all user's needs. Most golf hitting mats in these reviews are polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene materials make. Each material has its own advantage and bad. The one with a higher number of advantages saves the day. It should be gentle and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it okay if I leave my golf mat outside?

Answer: The truth is that not all mat models can be left outside. Most golf mats are capable of resisting the weather. This is the high-quality mats that you can use in practicing even when it’s rainy. On the other hand, using them outside is not advisable. Regular exposure to harsh weather conditions leads to a reduction of quality through wearing out. It's the best idea to create a tendency to store them inside your house.

Q: What surface am I supposed to place my golf mat?

Answer: You can put your golf hitting the mat on a variety of surfaces. The perfect surface for placing it should be smooth and flat. Most surfaces of placing golf hitting mats are concrete. If you decide to put your mat on concrete, it is recommendable to ensure that your mat’s base is thick enough to prevent wrists and hand injuries. A carpet is another possible surface of placing your golf mat. Putting it on the grass is a bad idea.

Q: What materials are wise to consider when purchasing a golf mat?

Answer: High-quality nylon is one of the materials making the best golf hitting mats available in the market. Nylon makes the turf feel the closest to ideal grass. Its durability that is capable of standing over 1000’s of hits is impeccable. The best golf hitting mat’s base should entirely be a rubber make. Rubber mat bases are incredible in absorbing shock and resisting slip. This characteristic increases stability, leading to the player having the best golf strikes.

Q: What is the weight of golf hitting mat?

Answer: Different golf hitting mat models have different weights. The weight of the golf hitting mat depends on its size, thickness of the base, and the material that makes the entire golf mat. Average golf hitting mat with ordinary material, size, and base thickness should weigh 2 pounds for each square feet. Heavyweight golf hitting mats are always the best. They don't slip easily, which ensures the player's stability throughout the practice session is enhanced.

Final Thoughts

For outdoors and indoor golf players, using the best golf hitting mat is always the best idea that the golf player has ever made. Their make is of high quality to give the player the most productive golf practice sessions, just like those of a real golf course. Imagine playing golf in the rain. This is only a small miracle that golf hitting mats can perform for you. Most high-quality mats are weather resistance. It doesn’t matter whether you are using it in the rain or too hot weather condition, it will always ensure that you have the best strikes.

Remember, durability, size, weight, price, surface type, and thickness are the most crucial things that you should look into before purchasing a golf mat. You want a golf hitting mat that will give you thousands of shots. The mats should be durable to help you achieve such shots. You also want a mat that you can easily carry to your place on interest; backyard, school, office, indoors, any area of your convenience. Miss one aspect and you will regret why you bought the golf mat


Keep calm, don’t rush, and take it one step at a time. You will get to the market and find hundreds of golf mats waiting for you at the market door. They will totally confuse you; you will have no idea what model you wanted in the first place. That is why we made efforts to make reviews of our ten best golf hitting mats. This will help you to narrow down the hundreds of models and be left with minimal options to choose from. By now, you know which golf is hitting mat best suits your needs. What are you waiting for then? Get to the market and purchase that life-changing golf hitting mat.

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