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Top 10 Best Dart Board Cabinets – In-Depth Reviews 2021

Gone are the days where you would find darts being played in bars and other similar places. Today, this game has grown in popularity and many people play it indoors at home, offices, restaurants and much more. There are so many benefits that are associated with playing darts. Not only does it boost your eye and hand coordination but also fun to play with family and friends. As you know, playing darts can end up damaging your walls when you miss your shots. Even the most skilled dart player miss their shots. To prevent wall damages as well as promote safe laying, you need to have the best dart board cabinets.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, having a dart board cabinet gives you better protection. There are many different types of dart boards on the market today. Finding the most suitable can be challenging bearing in mind that they come in different materials. Some dart cabinets are made of wood while others feature a metal construction. To help you land on the right cabinet, go through our top comparison, reviews and included buyer’s guide.

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
DIMENSIONS – Cabinet dimensions: 25.5-in H x 22-in W x 3.75-in D
Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set
Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set
18 inch premium self-healing a grade Sisal bristle dartboard with staple-free bulls-eye; Includes 6 steel tip darts with America and British flag style flights

The 10 Best Dart Board Cabinets in 2021 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Dart Board Cabinets in 2021 - Reviews

Purchasing a dart board cabinet can be a challenging task especially if you are buying your first unit. You need to have the right information so that you can get the most desired product. We have reviewed top 10 best dart board cabinets that will be a great investment this year as like as Best Magnetic Dart Board.

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet

A dart board cabinet is a great purchase if you want to improve your game and play safely. Since there are different types of cabinets, finding the right one can be a complicated task. However, we have made your work easier by giving you review of the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet. This is a quality cabinet with superb craftsmanship that enhances the look of your office or game room or any other convenient place where you play darts.

The first thing that will impress you is the solid wood construction that ensures this unit will last lifetime. Unlike other cheaply made dart board cabinets, this wood dart board cabinets model is made from solid poplar hardwood making it durable. Additionally, it has a rich and dark cherry finish that gives it the best look. This finish makes the cabinet blend perfectly with different types of interior decors. You can install it in your man cave, game room or rec room for aesthetic purposes.

When you get this cabinet, you don’t have to worry about the durability because it well catered for. It features 18-inch sisal fiber board that heals fast and reduces bounce outs. This means that you will enjoy many hour of fun playing with friends and family. On top of that, you will get other important accessories which include two sets of steel tipped darts with nylon dart flights and two dry erase scoreboards available on each side of the door.

Why buy this one?

  • Nice dark cherry finish
  • Strong poplar wood construction
  • Sisal fiber prevents bounce-outs
  • Included 2 dry erase scoreboards
  • Comes with 2 sets of steel tipped darts
Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet
DIMENSIONS – Cabinet dimensions: 25.5-in H x 22-in W x 3.75-in D

Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

Apart from buying a dart board and darts, you need to have other important accessories that will help you improve your game. One of the most important things that you should not lack is a dart board cabinet. In this case, you can get the Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet. This unit comes with important accessories like flights, marker, 6 steel-tip darts and mounting bracket. You don’t need to buy these items separately which saves you some money.

The cabinet is designed for indoor use. It is designed with an 18 inch self-healing board so you have everything that you need to get started. On top of that, it has a staple-free bullseye target that boosts board resilience as well as its durability. Installing this cabinet is pretty simple because it is a hanging model. It is designed with strong joint box to enhance its durability. Additionally, the hinges included are quality to ensure the door doesn’t slam.

Another aspect of this cabinet is its lightweight design. It comes with a hard dart board case with a large regulation size target face that is simple to install. With this cabinet, you can give your pub room, game room and man cave a nice appearance. The unit is designed with quality arcade wood doors that give you the opportunity to track your scores when you are playing for accuracy.

Why buy this one?

  • Easy to install on walls
  • Has a self-healing board
  • Has a lightweight and rustic design
  • Gives your room a nice appearance
  • Comes with important accessories
Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set
Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set
18 inch premium self-healing a grade Sisal bristle dartboard with staple-free bulls-eye; Includes 6 steel tip darts with America and British flag style flights

Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

There are several ways in which you can encourage your kids to stay active both indoors and outdoors. If they love being outdoors, you can invest in the best cheap hooverboards. Another way they can be active indoors is playing darts. For safety purposes, you should invest in a dart board cabinet so that you do not end up with damaged wall. If you are looking for a wooden cabinet, try the Viper Hudson All-in-One Dart Center.

This product comes with everything that you need to make your game fun and interesting. You will get steel tipped dart sets, out-chart and dry erase scoreboard. This dart board cabinet is made with solid pine which is one of the most durable materials out there. It is also designed with quality hinges and box joints for a superb performance. It completed with a mahogany finish that gives it a very attractive look to enhance the look of your home.

It is made with a self-healing sisal fibers that are compressed together to give you unmatched durability. Another thing that you will love about this unit is that it features 1 set of 22 gram steel darts with a black coated brass barrels that provide more balance and styling. Get this dartboard cabinet that blends perfectly with almost the look of every room and enjoy safe and enjoyable games.

Why buy this one?

  • Comes with important items
  • Has a nice mahogany finish
  • Has a solid pine construction
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Features two compact door stoppers

EastPoint Sports Belmont Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Make playing darts with friends or family fun with the EastPoint dart board cabinet. This is an incredible purchase for both competitive and casual players. This cabinet makes a great addition in your game room or living room. You can easily set it up in different places like the rec room, man cave, basement or any other convenient place where you play darts. Having this unit makes playing darts enjoyable for the whole family.

The quality of this dart board cabinet is impressive. In fact, it meets the same quality for tournaments. Again, it has a durable life because it is designed with a self-healing material when you remove the darts. Additionally, it features a staple-free bullseye to ensure that the darts do not bounce off. With this feature, you have no worries about the darts bouncing off and damaging your walls or causing injuries when playing.

I also appreciate the fact that the unit comes with all necessary accessories that you need to get started. Some of the items that are included are 2 pieces of chalk, 1 eraser, 6 steep tip darts, 2 chalk scoreboards, dart holders and 1 easy hang template. You have everything that you need to start your game. So, begin your competition and enjoy many hours of fun games with your friends.

Why buy this one?

  • Comes with all accessories
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Features a self-healing dartboard
  • Designed with durable materials
  • Heavy-duty steel spider for accuracy

American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet in Mocha

Play darts at home is interesting. However, if you have kids at home or you are a beginner, dealing with sharp objects might not be a great idea. In this case, you need to get the right dart board cabinet that will give you the chance to enjoy your game indoors without worrying about injuries or damaging your walls. Having the right cabinet provides protection to your floors and wall because it is designed to prevent rebounding of the darts.

The American Heritage is an admirable model that you can bring in your game room or living room. This is a beautiful dart board cabinet with a traditional design. It has a nice mocha finish that gives it an attractive look in your room. This unit comes with several accessories that you need to enjoy your game. They include 2 scoring boards, two sets of steel-tipped darts and quality bristle board.

When it comes to the construction of the unit, it features quality craftsmanship making it one of the most durable cabinets on the market. It features a combination of different materials which include solid wood, bristle board and MDF with veneer. This is a nice piece of furniture that you can bring in your home for atheistic purposes. It improves the look of your home and some people might not even notice it is a dartboard.

Why buy this one?

  • Has a traditional design
  • Made with nice mocha finish
  • Designed with durable materials
  • Comes with important accessories
  • Blend well with many home designs
American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet in Mocha
American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet in Mocha
Finish: Mocha; Materials: Solid wood, MDF with veneer, Bristle Board; Bristle-Board Dart Board

Dart World 47991 Bull Dog Darts Cabinet Kit

If your husband is a dart lover, you can surprise him with the Dart World 47991 cabinet kit on his birthday or as a Christmas gift.  This is a thoughtful gift that he will remember for the rest of his life. So, what is good about this dart board cabinet? Well, there are so many great features that make this board one of the best on the market. In as much as it costs more, it will surely meet your requirements.

The items that are included in the kit are a darts, scoreboard and dart storage. On top of that, you will get rules and hanging instructions. These are essential items that you need to start your game. This cabinet features a solid pine construction which makes it durable. It features a nice color that will blend well with many home decors. Whether you have a modern or traditional home design, this cabinet will be suitable for any home design.

This cabinet features tournament-quality construction. It is designed with finger joints that make it strong and durable. Additionally, the cabinet features top quality hinges that make the door easy to adjust. Everything about this whole unit is as advertised. You can get this incredible unit and take your darting game to a whole new level.

Why buy this one?

  • Adjustable door hinges
  • Has strong finger joints
  • Designed with quality pine
  • Features an attractive design
  • Comes with rules and hanging instructions
Dart World 47991 Bull Dog Darts Cabinet Kit
Dart World 47991 Bull Dog Darts Cabinet Kit
Solid Pine Cabinet; The Shot Saver: a tournament quality professional dartboard; 2 Sets of English brass darts

Trademark Gameroom Darts and Dartboard Sets

No matter how skilled you are in playing darts, you might not always make your shots correctly. Sometimes you might end up missing your throws and if you don’t have any protection for your walls, you will have to suffer some damages. Again, if you have kids in the house it might not be a good idea to use sharp objects which can cause injuries. Solve all these problems by purchasing the Trademark Gameroom cabinet.

This unit comes with everything that you need to get started. You will get 6 steel tip darts which are durable and work well. The unit also comes with eraser, and chalk. You get all these items at an affordable price and you will no longer have to worry about wall damages. Another thing that you will love about this cabinet is its good-looking design. It has a walnut finish that gives your home an appealing look. The cabinet is suitable for different types of indoor rooms.

This dartboard cabinet provides you with easy installation. In fact, it is the best option for people who are getting started playing darts. You do not need any tool or mounting equipment to install this dart board cabinet on your wall. Additionally, it is designed with quality magnetic doors that you can close when you are not playing. If you want to enjoy great quality without spending too much money, this is the right unit to buy.

Why buy this one?

  • Has a nice walnut finish
  • Cabinet is easy to install
  • Its comes at an affordable price
  • Comes with steel tipped darts
  • Features a strong and durable construction

Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise: Dart Cabinet Set

If you are thinking of buying a dart board cabinet, not only should you be concerned about the looks but also the quality. After all, there is no need of investing your hard earned money on a cabinet that will not serve you well. One of the best cabinets that I would recommend to any avid dart player is the Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise cabinet. This is a high-quality unit that is designed to make your games fun and enjoyable.

The cabinet features solid pine wood construction that not only gives it a nice look but also a durable performance. On top of that, its strong construction makes this cabinet very stable which improves your game. You can install this cabinet in different places like your living room, man cave, game room fan cave, TV room among others. It blends well with many interior decors giving a very appealing look.

This good-looking dart board cabinet or wooden dart board cabinets features team log on the door that is perfectly centered. Not only does this logo improve the look but also motivates your team when you are playing. The interior of the cabinet and the dartboard also feature the logo and team name. When you buy this unit, you will get other accessories which include chalk, eraser, 2 chalkboard scorers and steel tipped darts. All these accessories make your game fun.

Why buy this one?

  • Offers an easy installation
  • Has team logo and names
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • Comes with important accessories
  • Cabinet is durable and good-looking

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet

Do you love playing darts with friends? If so, you might be interested in buying the WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet. This is a set that includes a cabinet and dartboard which is easy to use. It features a quality and clear LED display that shows you all the information that you need clearly. This means that you don’t have to do manual scorekeeping when you have this electronic unit.

Enjoy playing up to 27 games while enjoying up to 195 scoring options. This unit that is this best dartboard cabinet set can accommodate a maximum of 8 players for more hour of fun. It features a concave segment hole with an ultra-thin spider that prevent any bounce out from taking place. Additionally, it features a large catch ring that prevent wall damages.

Other important accessories that you will get include 40 soft tip dart points, game manual, 12 soft tip starter darts and AC power adapter. Get this reasonably priced set that features a sturdy construction to enhance its longevity. The doors are designed with built-in slots that can hold up to four sets of darts among other important accessories giving you easy reach when you need them.

Why buy this one?

  • Sturdy and durable unit
  • Comes with game accessories
  • Built-in door slots to hold darts
  • Has adjustable sound volume
  • Bright LED display for clear viewing

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard, Built In Cabinet

Want to take your darting experience to higher level? Are you tired of playing darts indoors and end up damaging your walls? If yes, then it can be a prudent to invest in a quality dart board cabinet. One of the best models that comes with an electronic dart board is the Fat Cat Electronx. This unit is easy to use and makes your game interesting. You can enjoy many hour of fun when you are competing or simply playing for fun.

You can enjoy up to 38 games and 167 scoring options. This unit allows cyber play with 5 skill levels and a maximum of 8 players. It is designed with an LCD front display that is easy to read. As compared to other dart boards, you don’t have to take the scores manually with this unit. In fact, this is one of the top dartboard cabinets that give you tournament quality and functionality.

Another feature that you will love about the cabinet is the concave segment holes that are included and the ultra-thin spider that ensures you don’t experience bounce outs. With this, you can enjoy your games without destroying your wall. Other items that you will get are AC power adapter, 6 spare tips, 6 darts, mounting hardware and game manual.

Why buy this one?

  • It has Clear LCD front display
  • Cabinet is easy to install
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Built-in door slots to keep darts
  • Nice design that prevents bounce outs

Factors - When Choosing The Best Dart Board Cabinets

The type of cabinet you choose has an effect on the performance of your game. Before you invest your money, make sure you check the following important tips.

Cabinet Material

Like I mentioned earlier, dart board cabinets are made of different materials. The material has an effect on the overall look as well as the durability of the cabinet. It is important to consider buying a cabinet that features a top quality construction so that you can enjoy and extended use. The most common material that you will find in dart boards is wood. Manufacturers use different types of wood which include yellow poplar hardwood, cherry wood and mocha solid wood among others.

These are durable types of wood that you can consider. Additionally, other types of materials that you can find is steel that features a black polish. Many dart players do not find these cabinets attractive as compared to the wooden models. Choosing the right material will depend on your individual needed as well your taste and preference. Moreover, you can try viper electronic dartboard with metal tip darts for your test no doubt.

Size of the Cabinet

Dart board cabinets are also available in different sizes. The size you choose depends on the amount of space that you have in your game room or wherever you want to install the cabinet. Make sure you take the measurements of the wall before you buy so that you can get the right sized of cabinet that will fit well.

Ease of Installation

Another important thing that you should consider is ease of set up. Basically, you can find dart board cabinets as hanging cabinets or those that require fixed installation. I would recommend you to choose fixed installation cabinets because they are safer as compared to the hanging models.


Purchasing a dart board cabinet is a great investment so you need to be concerned about the quality. Different types of cabinets vary in terms of quality from one brand to the other. You need to understand the different aspects of various cabinets so that you can choose the one with quality make and features. Quality is also relative because who you might find quality might not be quality to another person. It will go down to what you want and your individual preference.

Cabinet Design

There are so many reasons why people invest in dart board cabinets or making a dart board cabinet. Not only do they use them to protect the wall but also for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, you need to consider the type of design that you want because this ranges from one person to the other. Some cabinets are designed with two doors. When you open the doors, there is an area at the center where your darts go. The backside of every door can be used as scoreboards or dart holders. Make sure you choose the right cabinet with the design that you love or love for make a dart board cabinet

Other Included Items

Are there other extra items that you will receive with your dart board cabinet? It is important to consider this too because these cabinets are not always the same. You can find some models that feature dart bolder but this is not common in all cabinets. Other important features that you can check include the presence of a digital scoreboard, chalk sticks, scoring chalkboard, bristle electronic dartboard, target darts flights and eraser among others. So, choose and build your own dart board cabinet perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Do you really need a dart board cabinet? This is a question that you can ask yourself severally, especially if you are a beginner. The truth is, any serious dart player will tell you the importance of having a dart board cabinet. These units provide a wide range of benefits apart from adding style and value to your dart board. One of the main reasons why you need a dart board cabinet is protection. Not only does it increase the longevity of your dart board but also protects your walls. On top of that, having a dart board cabinet adds a stylish look because they come in different designs and styles that match with many decors.

By now, I believe you have an idea about the best dart board cabinet on the market. We did an extensive research to provide you with these top quality models. The above reviewed cabinets are designed with quality materials and have amazing features that help you improve your game. So, if you are professional or a novice, you can compare the different features and pick the right cabinet that will suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for a cabinet that you can use indoors or outdoors, I’m sure you can get the right product from our top reviewed cabinets.


Moreover, we have given you some important buying tips that will help you end up with the right cabinet. If you consider all the above information, making the right decision will not be hard anymore. You can be sure you invest your money on stylish and durable dart board cabinets that will help you take your game to a higher level. The most important thing that you should remember is that buying the right cabinet depends on your individual preference. Make sure the cabinet you choose meets your requirements so that you can enjoy using it.

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