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How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally? – Tips

Summer periods can be quite frustrating. In high temperatures, most of us tend to look for ways on how we can cool our houses. No one would wish to stay in a tropical environment. Additionally, it is even not safe for our health. What is surprising is that we are draining our pockets to keep the house fresh when you can do it naturally that is How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally? You will waste time and money trying to buy cooling appliances.

Besides, when climatic conditions go high, you probably feel like taking cold water to remain calm. In these instances, you will find that people tend not to use hot showers. You can consider fixing dual shower heads and enjoy the adequate flow of cold water. However, don’t worry as this guide got you! Here are simple ways in which you can keep your house fresh during the summer season. 

Consider Using Windows

Windows are so high in getting rid of heat in the house. Furthermore, when opening the windows, there are a couple of ways you should consider so that it effectively cools the house. Here are some of the ways to practice so that it works well:

Leave the windows open at night

You will probably be asking yourself why and how it works. Well, most of the times at night, the outside is cooler than the inside. Nature enhances the cooling environment. When the sun sets, the temperatures change. You will find that the climate becomes somehow chilly.

Grab this opportunity and nature helps you cool your house during the hot seasons. Monitor the temperature change in the evening and choose to open your windows throughout the night. It will bring you a freezing environment, and you will sleep soundly.

Make good use of the curtains

Be ready to spend some few coins on purchasing quality curtains. Make a good investment on curtains as they are so essential to help lower the temperatures in your house.Curtains are so vital in preventing sunlight from getting into the house. They provide a defensive mechanism that keeps the sunlight from penetrating the house.

They can effectively absorb the heat that tends to come inside the house.With this, it can be a great tool to help keep the heat away from your environment. However, if you want to achieve this, then be sure to install the curtains correctly. For maximum functionality, you should install them close to the windows.When purchasing them, ensure that you consider its quality. 

It is an essential factor as you should buy ones with high absorbency of light. In most cases, the ones with more shade have a high absorbing ability than the lighter ones.Your house can always be cold in summer when you use potent curtains. While making the house cooler, the good thing about it is that it adds some beauty to the room.

Always close the blinds

It is another excellent way to keep the room cool. In summer, we tend to experience so much heat that becomes uncomfortable for us. The best way to stay cooler is to close the blinds of your windows.
Blinds with high reflection can reduce the heat by up to 45%. If you have blinds, then it gives you a more effortless way to maintain coolness. They come in varieties, so choose what satisfies your needs.

They can be adjusted; thus you get the opportunity to let in as much light as you need. Blinds work more similarly to the curtains, but one outweighs the other. However, both serve a great purpose in cooling your environment.

Fix shades to your windows

When it comes to simplicity and effectiveness, then you should consider using shades. Besides, if you install them properly, then you will get the best results. Fix the shade as close as possible to the window and the sides of the wall.It helps create a space for airflow that is sealed.

 Besides, if you want to low the temperatures of your house, then consider using a dual shade. Use the ones that have white and dark colours. The white part will enhance reflection as the dark component absorbs heat.It will be much essential in getting a high absorbency shade. It means that your house will be much cooler during heat seasons. Additionally, having a dual shade means that it is vital in every season.

However, during the summer period, you should position the reflective side to face the window. That way, it works to keep the heat out of your house. Shades come with a different option. Another great way of using the shade is to consider the honeycomb option. In this, it has a layer that effectively traps the air.

According to science, the air is poor conduct of high temperatures. So a shade effectively works to maintain the low temperatures between the window and the interior section. In this way, you can enjoy a serene environment far away from heat.

Tips on how to install shades correctly top gain best results

  • Do a window overview so that it fits well
  • Make the desired holes on the window
  • Pin it to the bracelets and then set your shade
  • Crack the level and then fix a thin wood material
  • Attach the bracelets that you are going to use for mounting
  • Mark the positions of installation so that you don’t make mistakes

Seal all the leaks on your window

At times you may ignore cracks and leaks surrounding the window. However, do you have an idea of how much heat it allows into your house? Well, if you notice any holes or cracks, seal them as soon as possible.
They might be the most significant reason why your home is not cool. Besides, with such in summer seasons, then you probably are going to experience some difficult time. If you seal them, then you will maintain cold temperatures.

It helps to keep the cold air in the house from escaping to the outside. Sealing them is one of the low-cost strategies you can use to maintain a cool environment. It is a small cost project that will enhance your stay in the house during the summer.
Having a naturally serene environment in summer is one of the most significant things everyone would need to achieve. It saves some and is effortless to practice these tips.

Use Awnings

These are fixtures that you install outside your window to help you fight against high temperatures. In most cases, they shade the window area and in return, reduce the overall heat around the area. You should always go for the one that is of quality to maximize its functionality.

Use window with a low emissivity film

Another great way to maintain low temperatures easily is by using such windows. Its thin metal can be fixed to your windows easily. It comes with a low e-coating substance that works efficiently.With such, you can enjoy the darkness and allow the light in whenever you feel like. It features coatings that prevent heat while allowing light to come in. You can freely enjoy the coolness of your house at an affordable price. It also takes less time to install.

Keep an Eye on Your Kitchen Activities

The activities that go on in your kitchen can affect the temperatures of the house. Also, you should be careful about what you use in your kitchen. You should be strategic on when you use your kitchen. Besides, when you cook especially during the night, heat accumulates in the house.

Cleaning the kitchen area using a water filter vacuum cleaner after meal preparation can help reduce the heat.It is because the vacuum can absorb the heat particles and bring about a cooling effect. It is one of the ways to keep the place low in temperature after cooking. 

Additionally, stay away from some of the electrical appliances in your kitchen. You are already fighting to get rid of heat in your house, so products such as under sink water heater will just increase the temperature in the room.
You should also clean the cords connecting the appliances. If they are clean, they run with less effort, thus emit less heat. Nevertheless, here are some of the ways to ensure that activities in your kitchen lead to a cold environment:

Reduce the use of stoves and oven in cooking

We don't mean that food should stop in summer periods. However, you should just minimize the use of these items as it tends to increase the heat temperatures. It is because they heat the house so fast.
Besides, in summer, the heat is already too much, and you wouldn't want to add more to that. So to naturally cool the environment, just consider reducing the use of these appliances. It makes the place cool enough to accommodate you.

Consider practising cooking outside

When you cook inside during summer, it increases the temperature rate in the house. So why can’t we try out new things that will naturally reduce the heat in the home? Cooking outdoor is one of the ways you can consider.
Most of the heat will not go inside the house; thus it will remain cool. Since cooking heats up the place, outside cooking will help keep the home safe from the heat. Besides, it works well, and you can enjoy the coolness of your room.

Consider Making Some Improvements in Your House.

How to Keep House Cool in Summer Naturally? There are couples of improvements you can make to your home to help keep a cool environment during summer. If you are committed to doing it naturally, then check out the following ways that will enhance absorption of heat quickly.

Make sure that the plumbing systems are in good condition.

One of the ideal things to do is ensure that your house is cool and ensure that the plumbing system is in good condition. Most of the people tend to use a lot of water during this period. Thus you won’t have to waste the water through a poorly made system. 

However, note that using a lot of water and flushing regularly can increase the chances of plumbing issues. Besides, for toilet flushing, you can consider using tankless toilets. It is because it will save water since it uses only a single flush to drain the waste. Having water in your systems will help you achieve a cool environment.

Plant trees near your window

Do you have an understanding of how important it is to plant trees in summer? We are talking about deciduous trees! Be sure that this we pay off massively. Additionally, note that we are talking about deciduous trees and not just any other tree.

With such kind of trees, they will be able to protect direct sunlight from coming through the windows. Remember that sunlight has a high chance of increasing the temperatures in the room.
To keep them low in a natural way and bring about a cooling effect lets plant trees. Furthermore, do not plant them near nursery beds or flowers. It is because these plants will need sunlight to grow and planting trees near them will redirect sunlight.

Install a Cooler Colouration Roof

The rule applies to what you know about light and dark colours. In most of the cases, lighter colours will reflect light as the darker ones absorb light. The similar theory will apply when you want to install the roof.

Use a lighter colour as it will reflect sunray leading to less absorption of heat. Besides, if you use a roof that absorbs heat, it means that it will accumulate and eventually raise the temperatures in the house.

In some research, it shows that painting the roof and walls white will significantly minimize the high temperatures in the house. It is one of the ways of curbing energy consumption.

Reduce the rate at which you open and close doors

One thing I love about science is impressive. Did you know that opening and closing of doors can heat your house? Surprisingly, you let too much heat come into the house when you open and close the doors throughout the day.

However, it can be challenging to maintain this if you have kids around. Try and install upper locks where they cannot reach. It will help to keep the cool air inside the house rather than letting it go. It is an easy way to consider, but you will be amazed at how it works well in summer.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q: What is the best window blind for summer?

A: There are five significant categories of window blinds that work well in summer. They both work to bring about a natural cooling effect in a room where heat tends to accumulate. If you use blinds, they keep the heat from coming into the room. It includes rollers, vertical blinds, prefect, Venetian and vision. Both work to keep your home cool and beautiful but do it indifferently. Consider what works well for you!

Q: How well can a one-piece toilet serve in summer?

A: Well, since it is summertime, you need to have the right amount of water in your house. In some parts, they tend to experience scarcity of water during this period. However, if you use economical methods of flushing the toilets such as this toilet, then you might just save so much water as it drains waste on a single flash. Additionally, it is made out of a sleek material. It is a material that does not heat up. It can remain cool even in a hot environment; thus, in return, it gives a cooling effect to its environ.

Q: What are the benefits of cooling your house naturally in summer?

A: There are so many benefits that come with cooling the house naturally. For instance, it does not cost you a lot of money as they are simple to do things. The ways are cost-effective, and you don't have to spend time and money buying products that will maintain the coolness of the house. Besides, some of these ways will help improve the air around you. You will enjoy the benefits as they are long term and effective. Moreover, they are easy to practice and don't need professional assistance.

Final Verdict

Even in high temperatures, it is possible to stay indoors with minimum use of air conditioning. Probably some of you had no idea of how natural ways can keep the place cool. Besides, the above simple ways are so easy to follow and enjoy your stay during summer. Additionally, these ways will not only help you save money, but they are crucial in maintaining the environment. 

They add significant value to the environment. It is good to implement these methods as they are long term. Additionally, with reports on future global warming, you will be prepared to handle high climatic conditions. You should know that keeping your home cool does not mean that you need to purchase appliances to help you maintain that. Such simple natural ways will relief you from the heat in less effort.

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