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How to Keep Kitchen Clean and Organized? – Brilliant Tips

How frequently do you use your kitchen? Or How to Keep Kitchen Clean and Organized? Well, it is one of the areas that should always keep clean. It does not matter if you use it daily or once a day. The most amazing thing is to keep your kitchen clean and organized. Always clean up the kitchen regularly as it minimizes the rate at which items pile up. You can achieve perfect cleaning with the use of backpack vacuum cleaners. Keeping the clean kitchen consists of a lot of things. For instance, it involves practising safe and hygienic food handling and cooking using kitchen tools. In this guide, it includes ways in which you can practice to help keep your kitchen clean and organized.

1: Ensure that you wash the dishes after every meal

You should always consider cleaning the kitchen when you are done cooking a meal. It may sound awkward but trust me that it is the best thing to do. If you prepare meals frequently, you might be in a position to ignore this as it may look tiresome. However, you should know that meal preparation can mess up the entire area.

To achieve this, wash all the dishes after every meal. It clears all the messes, and with this, you have a clean kitchen. Besides, washing the kitchen involves cleaning all the dirty dishes in the sink. Dishes are effortless to clean. You can choose to remove using your hands or use a dishwasher if you have one. Just take some of the time, and you will have your kitchen sparkling clean. 

If you chose to wash the dishes using your hands, below are some simple steps to consider achieving a well-organized kitchen. Utensils are the most common items you will find in a kitchen. So if you don't clean them thoroughly, then you might end up having a messy place.

Steps to put in mind when cleaning dishes using your hands

Remove all the leftovers from the plates

It is the first thing to consider before washing dishes. Use a spoon or palm of your hand to push the leftovers from the plate to the dustbin. Make sure that the dishes look clear ready for washing.

Prepare warm water and fill the sink with it

Make sure that the sink is clear and clean before filling it with water. You can choose to use cold water to wash the dishes. However, it will not get rid of oily stuff and odour. Using hot or warm water is a perfect choice. Choose to use hot water that you can manage.

Additionally, use mild dish wash soap. It works to prevent the utensils from getting scratches, and it's user-friendly to the arms. It won't chip off the skin of your hands.

Start with the light dishes

Begin cleaning the lighter utensils such as glass coffee mugs. After you are done; move on to washing the plates and bowls. Lastly, finish with the pans, pots or any cookware you have used. It is because the more cumbersome utensils make the water dirty.

When washing your dishes, ensure that they are underneath the water. Then use a sponge or dishwasher cloth. When they are in the water, scrub them in circular water then remove them in water.

While washing the dishes, place them on the utensil rack. Ensure that you arrange them neatly so that they won’t look like a pile of items.

Rinse and dry the dishes

When you wash the dishes in hot water, they dry up quickly as compared to when you use cold water. At times you will require using a dish towel to wipe off water from the dishes. If so, ensure that you use a clean cloth. Wipe the utensils and if it becomes dump before you are done, change it. 

When you are done wiping the dishes, put the utensils away. Consider placing them in their usual storage to clear the sink. It helps the kitchen look neat.

Additionally, when you are done with washing utensils, wipe the sink area. It helps keep the kitchen well arranged.

Tips to consider when washing dishes

  • Never put oily stuff in the sink as it may enhance clogging of the pipes.

  • If you burn the food while cooking, ensure that you soak the cookware before washing, soak it for about 10-15 minutes.

  • If the water becomes dirty, change it, then proceed with the remaining dishes.

  • Be very careful with the knives when washing them. Never put them in the sink when washing other dishes.

  • Ensure that you soak dishes that have dry food

Cleaning using dishwasher

Just like when using your hands, you should start by removing all the leftovers from the dishes. It helps prevent the dirt from clogging the machine. After removing the dirt, rinse the dishes in the sink to make sure that all the small particles of dirt are cleaned.

However, if you intend to wash the dishes immediately after the meal, you don’t have to rinse them. You should place the plastic utensils, cups and bowls on the top shelf of the washer.

Always ensure that the settings are in the right mode to avoid damaging the dishes. Place the plates and the cookware at the bottom of the dishwasher. For the places, ensure that you place them in a standing position while the pots and cookware should face downwards.

Nevertheless, following the right procedure for the dishes helps you maintain a clean and organized kitchen. It is one of the determinants on how to organize your cooking space.

2: Wipe and arrange the countertops of the kitchen

When you bright and organize the kitchen, countertops make it look neat and organized. It also creates more space for other work. Here are some of the ways that will help you declutter the kitchen counters:

Clear and clean the area thoroughly

You should first remove all the items on the countertop and clean it thoroughly. You should remove even the decorations so that you clean it thoroughly. 

Place the items on a surface where you can see them easily. Never pile up the things on a surface, ensure that you understand them separately. Wipe using an anti-bacterial detergent so that the place shines and looks fresh.

Sort out the items and select what to store on the counter

The things that you use daily can be kept on the counter. If you need them daily, then they should be in a place where you can easily access them.

Items such as dish racks, roasters, microwaves and fruit baskets should be left on the counters. Be careful with what you leave on this surface. If you don't use the item frequently, then it will just fill up space, and your kitchen might look untidy.

For the items you are removing from the counters, find a perfect place to store them. You can consider keeping them in the cabinets. Organizing your kitchen ensures that items do not spread over your kitchen area.

Tips on how to organize your kitchen countertops

Keeping most of the items away from the kitchen counters is the best way to start in organizing your kitchen. To keep your kitchen looking clean, you should make some rules for your family members. It will help you keep the surface clear. The rules include:

  • Never keep dirty dishes on the counters

  • Clean and wipe the surface every night

  • The kitchen cabinets and closets should be clear

  • Consider wall mounting some of the tiny stuff

  • Find perfect storage for dishes such as pots, pans and cookware

Additionally, the most convenient way to organize your kitchen is to ensure that you make more storage options. It will minimize the space on the countertops. It also gives you ample time when you try to find items in the kitchen.

Do you experience difficulties trying to locate items in your kitchen? Well, you should figure out and plan to organize the kitchen systematically. It helps you get rid of the junk items in your kitchen. It creates more accessibility for things that you frequently need.

3: Dispose and clean the kitchen dustbin regularly

Your dustbin can store very dangerous bacterial or odour. However, regular cleaning prevents this. While in the kitchen, you dispose of a lot of dirt; thus, you need regular cleaning. 

The number of times that you need to clean the dustbin depends on what levels of hygiene you want to achieve. Besides, I would recommend you do it daily. Cleaning the can is probably not on top of your list.

On the other hand, it is a simple process that takes less time. If you want to keep your kitchen clean regularly, then emptying the bin should be your priority. There are several steps you should consider that you keep the kitchen bin clean.

  • Empty the dustbin before you go to sleep or every morning when you wake up.

  • Wipe the outside and inside of the in. You should use a microfiber cloth and soapy water. Start with the exterior then move to the interior. It is because the inside part is always dirtier than the outside.

  • After cleaning, you should dry the bin thoroughly to ensure that it is scorched. Always ensure that the container is dry before you put in another paper.

The dustbin is essential items to consider when organizing and cleaning your kitchen. Note that the more times you wash your trash, the less stingy the place becomes.

4: Insert and clean the shelf liners

If your drawers and cupboards do not have shelves, consider installing some. It is a great method to help you improve on the arrangement of your kitchen stuff. They will help you store your foodstuff and utensils thoroughly. 

You can arrange items such as reusable coffee mugs on the shelves. It is excellent to use these shelves because you can clean them and replace them whenever you feel like. 

To clean them, you only need to use a damp cloth. Wipe the area using the dump cloth and let it dry before you return the items ultimately.

5: Clean your kitchen electric appliances

You should always clean your electronic devices. Things like fridge cooking gas among others should always look clean. It is one of the ways to ensure that your skin is clean and sparkling fresh. A fridge is where you store most of the food. So you should ensure that it is as clean as possible.

At times you may get spills in the fridge. You should consider cleaning such places once a week. Always remove all the food from the refrigerator before cleaning it. Wipe the surfaces clean before you return the food to the fridge. 

Consider using an all-purpose cleaner. Use a bowl of baking powder to help you get rid of bad smell from the fridge. You should always clean these appliances to enhance how well the kitchen will look.

​6: Sweep and wash the kitchen floor

You should ensure that you sweep and clean the kitchen floor daily. Kitchen floors tend to get messy and dirtier quickly. It is because a lot of cooking and food preparation takes place there. So you will find crumps, food spills, among other things on the floor.

To maintain the cleanliness of the floor of the kitchen, always vacuum it after every meal. You should also clean the floor after washing the dishes. The best vacuum to use is the water filter vacuum cleaner as it produces water during cleaning.

When you sweep the floor regularly, it helps you get rid of allergens and dust particles. On the other hand, if you mop the floor, .it gets rid of messy, sticky substances. Just fill the bucket with water and use a clean mop to clean the kitchen. Below are some of the ways to consider when cleaning a kitchen floor:

Begin with sweeping the floor to remove dirt from the floor. Ensure you sweep the floor fluffing off the dust from appliances and corners of the kitchen.

Always use warm water and a clean mop to clean. Warm water removes even the sticky residue on the floor. Additionally, consider using a mild detergent. It helps prevent the cleaning detergent from scratching the floor.

If the dirt persists, use a detergent that will quickly remove the residue on the floor. Note that you should not over apply soap when cleaning the floor. A lot of soap might lead to injuries as it is slippery.

Use a mop or rag, scrub floor carefully in circular motions to remove the stubborn spots. You can also try using a brush that has bristles to clean spots on the floor.

Always dry the excess moisture on the floor and after the floor dries, arrange the kitchen appliances back to their position. Cleaning and organizing your kitchen is quite a procedure you should be ready to handle. 

However, note that you can do a regular wash on the floor or consider thorough cleaning. For thorough cleaning, you can wash the kitchen once every month or after two weeks. Besides, it depends on your cleaning schedules.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q: Why is it important to organize my kitchen?

Answer: Organizing your kitchen is quite a simple task to do. It only takes some little time to organize and arrange everything in your kitchen to look neat. If you want a bright kitchen area, ensure that you get rid of most of the items on the countertop of the kitchen. Consider keeping them in the cupboards and on the shelves. Cabinets can also serve a great deal.

Additionally, if you neatly arrange the kitchen, you quickly access the utensils. It is always good to never leave appliances scattered on the kitchen counters.

Q: Is it right to leave dishes in the sink?

Answer: We all become lazy at times and leave utensils in the sink. It might look harmless but note that it can spread bacteria across the kitchen area. At times if you don't get rid of the leftovers from the plates, it can lead to clogging of the sink.

Q: How often should I empty the kitchen bin?

Answer: Kitchen bin should be emptied daily. It helps to enhance the cleanliness of the place. It also helps to get rid of the bad smell that will come from the leftovers you dispose of in the bin.

Final Verdict

Organizing and cleaning your kitchen is quite a simple task to take up. When you consider the above steps and ways, be sure that your kitchen area will look superb. Additionally, if you have a clean kitchen, then you will maintain high levels of hygiene.
Besides, if you have a large family, keeping clean and well organized kitchen can be a walk in the park. You will have to set rules and ensure that your family members adhere to them. Your kitchen is your hub and most of the activities that take place there always leave it in a mess. Besides, the above simple trials will help you maintain it effortlessly.

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