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Top 10 Best Reusable Coffee Cups – Unique Reviews in 2022

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks for many people all over the world. As coffee lovers, it is essential to take care of the environment by adopting the best reusable coffee cups. These are eco-friendly cups that reduce pollution by a high percentage. Single-use cups are designed with a paper that has a polyethylene lining which makes it hard to recycle. Also, there are few processing plants specialized for that task. If you want to enjoy taking your coffee without affecting the environment negatively, invest in reusable coffee cups.

But how do you pick the right one? Just like when you are buying the best glass coffee mugs, you need to check through various reviews so that you can find the right reusable coffee cups. We have reviewed some of the high-quality reusable coffee cups that will be a great investment. These coffee cups retain heat for a long time as compared to the disposable model. This allows you to enjoy taking your coffee when it is still hot. Let us get into detailed reviews of our top picks.

KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Non-Slip Silicone
KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Non-Slip Silicone
Tough; durable; fully-tempered soda-lime glass; recyclable; Bpa free; non toxic; lid manufactured from polypropylene
KeepCup 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Lightweight BPA BPS-Free Plastic & Non
KeepCup 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Lightweight BPA BPS-Free Plastic & Non
The world’s first barista standard reusable cup; Lightweight, light-hearted; Available in a range of bright colors.

The 10 Best Reusable Coffee Cups 2022 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Reusable Coffee Cups in 2022 - Reviews

There are so many benefits that you will get from buying a reusable coffee cup. Not only can you take to the office, but you also help coffee cafes reduce the usage of disposable cups. Reusable coffee cups come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. If you are having a hard time picking the right one, check out these honest and unbiased reviews.

KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Natural Cork

Do you want to be a partaker in conserving the environment by buying a reusable mug for cold and hot drinks? Are you searching for a travel cup? Wondered which material to buy? You are in the best place. Go for keep cup reusable cup. You will automatically land at your solution.

This cup has a glass with a cork halo within the center. This ring provides further grip and increases holding ability without necessarily scalding your hands. Although the bowl is not insulated, its glass offers a dynamic thermal and warm air properties. The container is durable, so you can easily travel with it within your car. You can easily pop up the mug on your dishwasher shelf for quick clean up.

Additionally, the 454 milliliters cup features a BPS and BPA-free with a colorful lightweight and durable clear plastic. Consequently, this is meant to replace the non-reusable cups. When it comes to warming your coffee, this coffee cup is microwave safe, so you don't have to worry about damages.

Highlighted Features

  • Environment-friendly as it reusable materials.
  • Has durable glass hard to break when cleaning.
  • Has a firm grip from the circular ring at the middle.
  • Designed to attract your visitors with colorful decorations.
  • Portable and lightweight cup to offer you convenience when driving.


  • Easy to clean glass and does not get stain quickly.
  • Environment-friendly cup designed to be reused.
  • BPA-free lid made of plastic built from polypropylene.
  • Made to last long as the glass cannot survive a simple knock.
  • The best for travelling. It easily fits inside the car's cup holder.


  • This glass doesn't keep drinks hot compared to stainless steel and plastic made glasses.

KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Non-Slip Silicone

If you want to drink hot coffee during the winter season while in your office, inside your car, or at the hotel, you've got the best solution. Hot coffee tastes sweet compared to cold coffee. A keepcup 12Oz reusable mug offers fantastic features. It has a durable and sturdy and fully-tempered glass made from soda-lime. The result of this is to provide heat retention ability.

This amazing coffee mug allows you to enjoy a great beverage experience wherever you are. This coffee mug features a BPA-free plastic lid made from polypropylene materials. The material is non-toxic, making it healthy to use. The mug features a strong construction, so you can use it for many years. Also, it is made with a fully-tempered soda-lime glass, and it is recyclable.

This keepcup glass is made of a microwave-safe glass to allow radiation from the microwave heat the food, not the glass. When the glass is continuously heated, it can end up breaking. You will also love the lid that features a larger drinking hole and an inner seal to ensure no leaks take place. Additionally, it is lightweight, making it easy to carry.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of Durable and sturdy glass to last long
  • It has a microwave-safe mechanism to prevent toxics
  • It is lightweight and made of hard-wearing materials.
  • Environment-friendly made to reduce soil and air pollution.
  • Built with a large drinking hole to improve your health standards


  • Storage is easy
  • Not hard to wash
  • Made with a durable material
  • Features a BPA-free material
  • Easy to carry since it is lightweight


  • Very polished glass can slide and break
KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Non-Slip Silicone
KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Toughened Glass Cup & Non-Slip Silicone
Tough; durable; fully-tempered soda-lime glass; recyclable; Bpa free; non toxic; lid manufactured from polypropylene

KeepCup Reusable cup, 8 oz Small, Multicolored

KeepCup is an amazing brand when it comes to reusable coffee cups. This cup holds a lifespan of approximately eight years. The keepcup 8oz has BPA and BPS free materials making it safe to use. These materials are toxic-free and good for your health. You can also get the cup in a wide range of colors to suit your needs. It is portable and lightweight so you can carry it to the office, among other places.

If you want style and comfort, a keepcup 8oz will offer. It is an excellent cup to use when traveling. It can easily fit in the car cup holders to provide convenience when driving. This coffee cup has an outer plastic layer that does not quickly get to the top. That means, if you are not using the lid, you will always drink from the glass.

Furthermore, it is built to last. The glass survives minor knocks encountered when cleaning. Also, the glass does not stain easily, and thus, it is easy to wash. You cannot experience difficulty if you love well-brewed beverages. Also, the sealable and splash-proof lid on the cup allows you to arrive at occupational health standards and safety.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to carry and has replaceable parts.
  • Keepcup 8oz features dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Made of silicone band for maximum microwave heating.
  • Nontoxic built materials to ensure your health standards are right.
  • It has Sealable and splashes resistant cover for maximum health standards.


  • Easy to store
  • It is easy to carry
  • The cup has an attractive outlook style
  • Washing the cup does not require protocols


  • Needs thorough scrubbing to remain clean
KeepCup 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Lightweight BPA BPS-Free Plastic & Non
KeepCup 8oz Reusable Coffee Cup. Lightweight BPA BPS-Free Plastic & Non
The world’s first barista standard reusable cup; Lightweight, light-hearted; Available in a range of bright colors.

PMI Aladdin 20oz Reusable Cups (Marina & Cream) - 8 Pack

These 20oz reusable cups are long-lasting and are also perfect for house guests and parties. You will get a total of 8 reusable coffee cups and two blusher neoprene cup sleeves. The cups are made with a quality material that is BPA-free, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe. However, you can also personalize the cups look as they have several colours that make the living room look attractive.

Aladdin reusable glass mug helps in reducing preventable waste products and looks excellent. It is a forward-thinking cup that maintains Mother Nature happy. They have a hot tea retention ability as they feature a double-walled glass. You will enjoy using these  aladdin reusable cups or aladin mugs or cups during the winter seasons. Nevertheless, they are portable car cup holders or portable to increase convenience in your office, car, or when supervising your employees.

These good-looking cups are reusable, and each can hold up to 20 oz. They are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. Unlike other coffee cups, you will not risk holding hot coffee, which can burn your hands. The included sleeves stretch well to give you a comfortable grip.

Highlighted Features

  • Venti-sized cups to carry a maximum of 20oz of your beverage.
  • They have heat retention ability as a result of double-sided glass.
  • Portable and lightweight to add convenience within your office.
  • BPA free enabled plastic materials to prevent you from toxic substances.
  • Microwave and dish wash safe to protect your beverage from harmful radiant.


  • They are Portable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to wash
  • Feature an overall attractive design.
  • Feature attractive colors to your visitors.


  • If not careful when washing, can easily break.
Aladdin Blushers 20oz Reusable Cups (Cream & Marina) - 8 Pack
Aladdin Blushers 20oz Reusable Cups (Cream & Marina) - 8 Pack
Includes 4x 20oz Cream Resuable Cups and 4x 20oz Marina Reusable Cups (includes lids); Single Wall With Pressed Fit Lids

JOCO 12oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cup (Red)

Joco Glass 12oz has a borosilicate glass that is non-porous with structural integrity as a result of reduced thermal expansion. Borosilicate glass does not readily expand as compared to other ordinary glass. They offer a smooth transitioning between temperature and the ability to sustain a wide variety of heat at the same time. In addition to that, the coffee cup is microwave-safe glass, and you can also wash it in a dishwasher.

These reusable cups have anti-splash silicon made lid with an ergonomic thermal silicone sleeve to give you a comfortable grip. The lid helps to minimize splashing of coffee either when driving or walking around with your cup. The cup is made from BPA, and food-grade material so you can be sure of enjoying healthy coffee all the time.

Many people love this reusable cup as it features a standard barista sizing. You can comfortably walk around with the cup from one place to another without getting fatigued. You will also love the unique nose dome that eliminates the nose to lid collision when you are taking your coffee. The cup is available in a wide range of colors so you can choose depending on your preference. Moreover, this joco cup reviews help to pick the perfect one soon no doubt.

Highlighted Features

  • It is Portable and lightweight to offer maneuverability.
  • Have a standard barista sizing to provide easy convenience.
  • Microwave safe to reduce the chances of toxic substances.
  • An anti-splash lid made of silicon with an ergonomic sleeve.
  • Borosilicate glass made to prevent unnecessary expansion when in use.


  • The lid clips in a perfect manner.
  • High quality and great.
  • Affordable cup.
  • Easy to use
  • Not hard to store.


  • Extremely polished glass.

JOCO 16oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cup (Lime)

If you are thinking of purchasing reusable coffee cups for your kitchen, JOCO glass is suitable.  While buying coffee mugs, you need to keep in mind that we have different forms of coffee cups in the market. This 16oz is the best reusable coffee glass that you can get for your family. It has a standard sizing and volume. The mug is lightweight; thus, handling it is easy and more comfortable than others.

The glass coffee cup is suitable for outdoor actives due to its weight and other features.  The lid and the glass come in different colors; therefore, you can choose your favorite one. This lid is constructed of silicone for your health security.  The well-designed lid fits perfectly to prevent any leak, thus recommend while driving, hiking, or riding a bike. Non-porous borosilicate glass used in making the glass gives it a long life span.

The reusable glass mug has an elegant and stylish design with a rubber brand covers to protect your finger from getting burnt. While using this kind of glass cup, no need to add a napkin as the covers provide comfort even when the coffee is hot. Another great feature with this reusable cup is that its dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug is also food grade safe, therefore suitable to hold any drink.

Highlighted Features

  • It has anti-splash stylish silicone lid and sleeve
  • The mug is available in different colors and sizes.
  • Well designed to use when the drink is very hot
  • Suitable for outdoor activities like driving, riding
  • The cup is made from non-porous borosilicate glass


  • Made of sturdy silicone material
  • Made of high quality and durable glass
  • Designed with the non-slip band for comfort
  • The mug designed with a lid that fits perfectly
  • Capable of retaining the initial temperature of the coffee 


  • The sip hole is open
  • The cover band covers half of the glass
JOCO 16oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cup (Lime)
JOCO 16oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cup (Lime)
Made from non-porous borosilicate glass; Dishwasher and microwave safe; Anti splash ergonomic silicone lid and thermal silicone sleeve

Starbucks Reusable Travel Coffee Cup To Go, 16 Ounce Grande

Starbucks is another reusable type of coffee cup that has come to replace the traditional paper cups. The coffee mug is recyclable; thus, no issues of environmental pollution and contamination. Unlike other reusable caps, this modern cup is machine washable.  This cup can be used over and over again. However, the cup is not designed for long-lasting like the regular cups. But the cup is more durable as compared to the paper coffee cups.

While using this high-quality cup, it's highly recommended to use a band or napkins to protect heat. The mug comes with a well-designed lid that fits well to ensure that it retains the original heat of the coffee.  This type of reusable cup is suitable while traveling, hiking, or riding a bike as it's very easy to drink from it. It is more comfortable to handle due to its elegant and ergonomically designed body.

In addition, the starbucks mug with cork bottom capacity is more durable as compared to the ordinary glass as it can't break if you accidentally drop it. This reusable coffee cup is made of high-quality, sturdy plastic for durability.  Children and adults can use the cup as it's made from a safe material that has no side effects on the human body. You are guaranteed to use this starbucks double wall cup or starbucks cork bottom mug for a number of years, unlike other cups.

Highlighted Features

  • The mug is designed with a high-quality lid
  • The coffee cup is disposable and can be recycled
  • This cup is made of sturdy and high-quality plastic
  • Well, it is designed to use while walking, riding a bike.
  • Lightweight and medium size for comfortable handling and use.


  • It has a well-modeled lid
  • The coffee cup is very light
  • More durable than the paper coffee cups
  • It is easily disposable unlike ordinary ones
  • Cannot easily break down and after failing


  • It can fade after a prolonged use
Starbucks Reusable Travel Cup To Go Coffee Cup (Grande 16 Oz)4 pack
Starbucks Reusable Travel Cup To Go Coffee Cup (Grande 16 Oz)4 pack
Single-walled reusable plastic coffee cup; Starbucks Reusable Travel Cup To Go Coffee Cup Grande 16 oz

Aladdin 5 Reusable To-go Cups - Fresh Coffee White

Aladdin is another fantastic and high-quality reusable coffee cups that you can't afford to miss them. The Aladdin cup is reusable and recyclable; thus, you are suitable for any environment. They came to replace the ordinary cups, which were neither disposable nor recyclable.  These fantastic reusable mugs are made of recycled virgin polypropylene for durability. If you are not keen, you may confuse them with paper cups, but Aladdin is of high quality.

As we know that most of the reusable cups have an unfavorable smell when used for an extended period. Aladdin cups have no peculiar smell, thus safe for your daily use. The mug can are easy to clean with dishwasher. Therefore, no problem with cleanness.  Also, you can warm your drink in a microwave without affecting the quality of the mug. The mug is designed with a lid; therefore, you will retain its initial temperature.

This aladdin 5 reusable to go cups or aladdin reusable to go cups a stylish and modern reusable coffee cup that is very easy to handle due to its elegant design.  This  aladin cups is also lightweight for comfortable drinking. The mug is large enough to hold a lot of drink; thus, no need to keep on refilling your drink. Lastly, aladdin thermal cups or the coffee cup fits the majority of the cup holders, which is not a common feature. Just enjoy your coffee daily with this awesome and reusable cup.

Highlighted Features

  • It can fit most of the cup holders in our homes.
  • Made of recycled virgin polypropylene for durability
  • They are well decorated with some excellent writings
  • Well-designed lid to keep your coffee free from contamination
  • The cup can be cleaned with a dishwasher without any effects


  • They are made with a firm lid
  • The mug is safe and secure to use
  • Very easy to clean with dishwasher
  • Lightweight for comfort handling
  • The mug is made of high-quality material thus durable


  • Holds a lot of beverage

UDMG Reusable Double Wall Insulated White Ceramic Travel Coffee Cup with Lid &...

Are you looking for the perfect gift you can give your friend or partner? If yes, then this is the right one. The mug resembles paper one, but it's more durable, and of high-quality thus, you can't confuse it with the paper cup. You can easily design the mug by using acrylic paint markers hence attracting many people's attention. Use this fantastic and high-quality reusable coffee cup and keep your environment clean and attractive.

This double wall glass coffee cups or reusable coffee cup is purely made of 100% lead-free, making it more durable. With this kind of mug, you can warm your drink with a microwave without affecting the original quality of the coffee cup. It is very easy to clean the cup manually or using a dishwasher due to its high-density material. The cup can hold approximately 12 ounces of any beverage. There is a sleeve for holding the cup when it's hot.

No peculiar smell when using this coffee cup, unlike other types. The mug is also designed with a flexible silicone lid that perfectly seals the cup to prevent spills.  This awesome cup is made from high-grade porcelain clay. The double ceramic walls are suitable for insulating cold or hot drinks. The double walls are essential for preventing the loss of heat to the surrounding.  Get this white reusable coffee cup or mug and enjoy your favorite beverage in the conducive glass.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with double walls to slow down heat lose
  • Features a flexible silicone lid that prevents spills
  • This cup is pure lead-free as and microwave safe
  • The high-density material keeps the cup free from stains
  • Made of high-quality and premium porcelain clay material


  • Can hold a lot of beverage
  • It provides comfortable holding
  • It has a lid which prevents spillage
  • The cup is recyclable and reusable
  • Designed with double walls to prevent heat loss


  • Suitable to be cleaned manually
UDMG Reusable Double Wall Insulated White Ceramic Travel Coffee Cup
UDMG Reusable Double Wall Insulated White Ceramic Travel Coffee Cup
ECO - Use ceramic cups instead of your paper cups! Reduce the damage to our environment!

New Design 2018 Reusable Glass Coffee Cup -12oz - Eco-Friendly - BPA Free -...

No harmful chemicals are used like BPA, and the glass doesn't affect the original flavor of the beverage.  Just enjoy the delicious taste of your drink with this mug. The eco-friendly cup is designed to ensure that the environment is left clean and free from contamination. Take a step and use this cup and keep nature clean.

Unlike the ordinary cups, this type of cup is very easy to clean manually or with a dishwasher. With this cup, you can warm your beverage any time with a microwave. This cheap reusable coffee cups is made from a high-density silicone and glass that is more durable. The cup is covered with a thermal silicone sleeve which making the coffee to retain its initial temperature. Therefore it's very easy to handle while the beverage is still hot.

This is microwave cover bpa free as well as  a user-friendly best reusable coffee cup that is made to replace the paper cups. There are sealed with an elegant, stylish splash-proof lid that helps to keep your beverage free from contamination. This coffee is lightweight and has a high resistant to an extreme change in the surrounding temperatures. Due to their premium durability makes this coffee mug dishwasher and microwave safe. Get one of these amazing and durable cups and enjoy your delicious beverage.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to wash either manually or with dishwasher
  • The coffee cup is free from harmful chemicals like BPA
  • They don't affect the original taste of your beverage
  • Eco-friendly hence help to keep the environment clean
  • Made of high-quality glass and silicone for durability


  • The sleeve ensures a better grip
  • Made of durable and spacious silicone
  • Designed with a tight lid to reduce spillage
  • The mug is very easy to clean with dishwasher
  • It is capable of retaining the recommended temperature


  • The mug is somehow heavy due to the glass and silicone body.

Factors to Consider When Choose The Best Reusable Coffee Cups

What are some of the most important things that you should consider before buying reusable coffee cups? I have provided you with a buying guide so that you can pick the most suitable reusable coffee cup. Make sure you check the following things before you buy.

Type of Material

Environment-friendly cups are built with glass, bamboo fibers, and recyclable plastics. Plastic is durable and lightweight, but it has some side effects. They may affect the taste of the coffee and result in regrets. The best material for a reusable cup, if indeed you are a coffee master, is a glass.

It is easy to clean. Even though it is cumbersome and prone to break if it falls from your hand, it is the best. Without forgetting about cups made of bamboo fibers, they are also the best. They are biodegradable and quickly reheat when placed on a microwave.

Heat Retention Ability

When drinking coffee, whether in your office, a restaurant, or at home, insulation and temperature are vital. Just imagine it is a winter season, and you have just ordered tea in that café, and within no time, it gets cold before you drink it halfway. It is boring!

A double-walled teacup maintains your tea hot for longer hours than a single-walled cup. You will enjoy it. Also, temperature plays a vital role when making coffee. A cold coffee tastes awkward.

Portability and Lightweight

Do you know that you can drink coffee when driving? Although this rarely happens. But if it happens, maybe you are late to work, or you are just doing it for pleasure. Therefore, before thinking of buying a coffee cup, it is paramount to check on its portability.

But here comes the good news for you. There is a selection of reusable cups designed with lightweight materials to increase your convenience and make you fuss-free. However, investing in a light cup should never be a stressor. Go for one that will offer you the best services and leave you at a gusto!

Spill-Proof Cover

We all want to get rid of coffee stains on the attires as a result of the cup lid getting loose. Consequently, this may be due to drinking coffee while driving on a rough road. However, you can easily prevent this by buying a reusable cup with a sturdy cover.

Always play it safe when shopping for reusable cups by purchasing a cup with lids made of double-layered seals with rubber seals. This design results in a tight covering between the container and the cover. If you love the style, it is better to buy a cup with a side-lock seal to allow you to quickly drive with one hand and drink coffee with the other side. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often can the reusable cups be used?

A: you can use it the entire day, depending on your eating schedule. There is no harm using them the whole day as they are built with durable and hard to break materials. They are meant to serve you best at your comfort any time you need their services. You can carry them to the office, school, or any other place if you love taking coffee.

Q: Why are some recyclable cups plastic made?

A: Sometimes, it seems counterproductive to get rid of waste using plastic materials. They don't decompose as they are built-in polypropylene materials and are BPA-free. Alternatively, polypropylene needs a very minimal amount of energy and resources for production.

Q: Will the cup get hot when you add hot coffee?

A: yes. Compared to a disposable cup, the reusable can feel slightly hot when you add hot coffee. Although, this happens on rare occasions as some have a double-walled glass. At times, it will depend on your drink and personal perception of the temperature. But because the recyclable cup is good at keeping heat inside, your drink will remain hot for an extended period.

Q: How can you wash the reusable cups?

A: Firstly, these cups are for industrial and commercial use as well as household purposes. Washing coffee cups is not a hard task. Don't wash them frequently with hot water, better use warm or cold water to improve the glass life span. Hold them tight when removing dirt because your hands can be slippery when washing resulting in a sliding effect.

Q: Can the reusable coffee cup fit comfortably in my car cup holder?

A: Yes. Most of the reusable cups are lightweight and portable, designed to fit inside the car cup holder to enhance your convenience when driving. You can as well drive in harsh terrains with less worry as the car cup holder holds the cups with much grip. They also come with nice lids, so you don't have to worry about leaks and messes when you are driving.

Final Thoughts

Phew! Much is said. Bringing issues closer, we have taken a high concentration on the best reusable coffee cups and the features that make them unique. With the rise in technology, your lifestyle should also cruise the same way. Therefore it is vital to look for a reusable cup that offers the features reviewed above. The difference always comes with heat retention ability as well as durability.

Just imagine you host visitors, you still have the traditional one-time use cups.  Serving your visitors can be shameful and annoying. You will end up losing them one by one. However, replacing the traditional cups with the latest and reusable ones is a very simple task. You only need to do some little investment, and there you go! It should never stress you. They are extremely cheap and features high-quality materials.

Never to forget, conserving the environment is a vital thing within the community. Furthermore, on the plus side, reusable cups will provide you with the best experience ever during the winter season.  More so, if you are coffee fun, you are lucky. They will make you always drink super-hot coffee and give you an amazing experience ever. Try one soon.

In the bottom line, nobody desires to be conned with a fake cup that will make you feel bored with a single purchase. Not all cups will be good for you to use. Before you make an actual purchase of any other coffee cup outside there, take time and readjust your thought.  We recommend you to go for a modern reusable cup. The designers are just pretty clever. They have modeled them to serve you best, and leave you at a gusto. They are the best. You will never miss any sweet java since your cup holds the best.

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