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How Long Can Your Generator Run Continuously? – Tips

Generators are incredible machines that supply power. How many times do you experience blackouts? Well, if you are going through such situations, then consider buying a generator. No one in the current generation would want to go on without power supply.

Power covers our entire daily activities. Besides, this machine can achieve a significant number of events in supplying energy. Additionally, it is portable so that you can move it around even to outdoor activities with no power supply. The most asked question among customers is How long can it run continuously? Let’s have a look!

Below are some essential factors that determine how long it can run

It is a hard question to answer, as it depends on several factors. Nevertheless, In most cases it bases on the kind of generator you are using and the type of fuel it consumes. Check out the factors and how it affects the way the generator runs.

Standby generator

It is the most common type of generator that cuts cost-effectively. It greatly determines how long you will continuously run it. If you intend to run it consistently for a couple of days, then you should consider standby rather than portable ones. It is because such standby machines have features such as motors that work to withstand frequent use.

Furthermore, it uses natural gas lines and can connect to a huge tank. In most instances, you will find that the container can hold a capacity of about 500-1000 gallons. It is suitable for use for about 500 hours. It means that you can do about three weeks of constant use. If you decide to run it for an extended period, you will risk damaging the engine and some of the appliances on it.

You have to be cautious with the time run limit of the generator. You wouldn’t want to experience extra chargers trying to purchase a new one or repair the damaged generator.

A Portable Generator That Uses Propane

Another significant determinant of how long it should run. When using propane, you should probably monitor and control the fuel tank. Portable generators tend to consume much propane. So tracking the tank is just a simple task to ensure that the generator does not go off. It offers a very short run-time. 

However, if you want to extend its run time, you should ensure that you put two propane tanks to a single gas line. That way, you can minimize the flow of propane in use, thus multiply its running time. It also eases the switching options of the tanks. It becomes easy to handle and operate effectively. When you have a sufficient supply of propane, the machine will run for a longer time.

How much longer will it last? Well, you will probably be asking yourself this right now. Since most of these kinds of generators require maintenance after every 100 hours, it can run low after 150-200 hours of use. The only thing that will limit it is the amount of propane in the engine generator.

However, most of these machines tend to go off when they run low on oil. Keep in mind that you should consider the amount of heat that builds up in the engine when it runs past over time. It could just permanently damage it. This is an example of a portable generator that uses propane.

A Generator That Uses Gasoline

It tends to limit the amount of water the generator runs. It is a portable diesel generator that emits fumes. It is dangerous to refill its tank when in use. The fuel you are adding can cause sparks, thus end in flames when you least expect.

It means for generators that consume gasoline, and the run time is limited. Depending on the type of generator and how much power it can supply, it automatically goes off when the gas runs off.

Small tanks can handle constant use of up to 12 hours or more. However, large tanks can last for a couple of days. Besides, some of the generators such as Westinghouse WGen3600v has a vast reservoir that can last for 18 hours of continuous use.

Check Out For The Type Of Generator

It is very crucial to consider the type of generator you are using. Some machine takes too long to run while others do not. If you are using the portable generator, then you should probably use unleaded petroleum. Its energy ratings are higher as compared to other generators.

It brings about less supply of power. You cannot have power throughout your home, but it will supply some appliances at a given period. Furthermore, portable generators are not cost-cutting. The cost of petroleum it uses will be expensive.

You might also have problems maintaining that. However, running it will depend on how much you are willing to spend on petroleum. It can run for several hours or at most two days. If you leave the machine running throughout, you might just experience engine failures. For the best portable generators, you can check out the WEN 56200i Super Quiet generator.

It is only one of the portable generators that have a high running time. It produces:

  • Around 2000 watts with 1600 running time
  • Consists of three 120 v receptacles
  • It has a four-stroke engine 

Such powerful features on a portable generator work to ensure that it prolongs its usage. It gives it the ability to perform effectively with high running time. Additionally, you can come across one that is a 4000 watts generator that is high performing.

Research On Its Running Time

Generators should not continuously run it as it may destroy its engine. However, there are various types of models. Some can run up to 12 hours, while others can last for eight hours. Besides, some are 3000 watts generator that handles well constant use. Just like humans, it needs rest too.

You should never leave it running for weeks without rest. However, some generators tend to handle longer running times. Besides, the design of the generator affects the running time. So have enough research on design types that can withstand longer running times without wear.

On the other hand, we have different models that come at a high price. These are kinds that can run hundreds of hours without failing you. They have powerful features that enhance its performance.

Besides, this does not mean that its engine will not fail. Keep in mind that without proper maintenance, it fails. The running time of the generator is an essential factor to check out to know how long you should leave your generator running continuously.

Check The Durability Of The Generator

Most people will buy it just depending on how much power it can supply? Does it cross your mind that some generators do not last for long? Well, you should ask yourself if what you have can withstand continuous use. Besides, you should note that it is costly to own a generator.

So a perfect generator will serve you for a longer time without difficulties. Some of the tough ones can run for more extended periods. It may not be an easy task to maintain these machines. Nevertheless, it comes in handy during an emergency time, so it is vital to own one. It is one of the factors that will give you answers on how long you should run your machine.

The Size Of The Generator

You will probably wonder how this affects the run time of the generator. Well, it is a significant factor that you should consider. In most cases, if you choose to find the larger generators, you will have more run time. If you use a small generator, it means that you will get less power as it features a small tank.

Nevertheless, it means that it will use a shorter run-time period as the machine consumes the gas quickly. Besides, if you intend to use the device to power up smaller tasks, then a small generator will be the best. Its running duration will be short, but it will complete a couple of jobs effectively.

Nevertheless, choosing the size of a generator depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to try a longer continuous running of the machine, then consider buying a more massive tank machine.

Why Is It Important To Do Maintenance On Your Generator?

Avoids risks of fuel problems

At times, fuel tends to clog in the engine. If you do not maintain the generator, you might just risk it damaging forever. It might lose its performance abilities. In most cases, if the fuel dirt clogs for long, it damages the lifespan of the engine. Additionally, if this goes on for long, it might just end up damaging your whole generator. So you should ensure that maintenance is a crucial factor on top of your list.

It saves you time and money

When you do not maintain your generator, it might automatically damage or stop working. Even though ignoring maintenance may save you some tasks for a short time, long term ignorance will be costly. If support is not done, it will be expensive to do repairs. It will eat up your time and money. At times, if the generator fails, it might cost you to repair the whole unit. It seems like a huge task to do maintenance. However, it is the best way to keep that generator in place. Moreover, you can also use portable inverter generator for save your time and money.

It increases the durability of the generator

A generator is a huge investment, and you shouldn't risk buying it more often. If you do not maintain it well, you will end up being a victim. If you do regular maintenance, it keeps the generator running smoothly for more extended periods. It helps increase the durability of the generator. However, cleaning the generators depends on your schedules. There is no formal schedule on days to do maintenance. Besides, you can always consider doing maintenance after continuously running the generator. It enhances its functionality and effectiveness, thus increasing its lifespan.

It improves its efficiency

If you continuously run your generator, then you would need it to be as effective as possible. It brings about a quicker supply of power without difficulties. However, you should always do maintenance to ensure that it works at its highest abilities. In general, a regular schedule will help you keep the generator in place for a long time. In return, such works will help you save on money as the generator works effectively.

Keeps track of the working conditions of the generator

Doing maintenance should always be on top of your list. It helps keep the machine in a state ready to be in use when you need it the most. Well, this is everyone's expectations. When the power goes off, you would always want to get your generator on as soon as possible. Well, have you thought of what happens if you find out that it has issues? Of course, you might just get stranded or stressed. Nevertheless, maintenance comes in handy. If you do a regular checkup, everything falls well in place.

What Are The Benefits Of A Generator?

  • It acts as a back-up to ensure uninterrupted flow and supply of power. When the electricity goes off, it comes in handy to continue supplying power.
  • It works to ensure that you maintain comfort and safety when the electricity goes off
  • A generator can protect your home from fluctuations of voltages that are dangerous. It gives space for power when it returns
  • It can serve well to manage natural disasters safely
  • The device can also provide you with peace of mind during emergencies. If you got lights running on during blackouts, you could complete your tasks quickly. Furthermore, you can still run your appliances such as television

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q: How much time should a portable generator last?

Answer: It depends on the size of the tank and how much power it can supply. For instance, if you got a 5,000-watt generator, you will use about 18 gallons of gas in a day. It makes it incredibly expensive to maintain and use. However, you can consider other options of generators that will serve effectively in your home.

There are unique, cost-effective generators in the market. You can consider a generator that uses one to a two-gallon tank of oil that can last up to 10 hours of constant use.

Q: Can a generator run on an empty gas tank?

Answer: Some of the power generators will automatically go off when it detects low gas in its tank. So probably, it cannot withstand generating power if there is no gas in the tank.

 Additionally, if you allow your generator to run on limited gas, you will risk damaging the machine. At times, it might also damage appliances attached to the generator. Running the device on an empty gas can make its coils to loose magnetism, thus destroying the effectiveness of the machine. Always ensure that the tank has enough gas for the continuous running of the device.

Q: Are dual fuel generators ideal for use?

Answer: Most people will prefer to use dual-fuel generators due to their unique features. One of the most significant benefits is that it is easily accessible and easy to handle. Put in mind that every generator has its good and bad side, and one outweighs the other.

Similarly, this has its disadvantages. Besides, this type of device uses propane. When handling a propane gas tank, you should be careful with it. It tends to cause fumes if procedures are ignored. Besides, it is cheaper and cleaner as compared to other oil options.

Q: Can you refill gas if the generator is running?

Answer: Just like any other combustion, it is dangerous to refuel the generator while in motion. You should always refill the gas under precautions. Make sure that you have enough gas before you turn on the engine. It is one of the things that most generator owners do not put into consideration. 

Additionally, you should always clean and fuel the machine in an open place. Never work indoors. It is because its engine releases a toxic gas known as carbon monoxide. It is a hazardous substance if one inhales it.


As per the factors above, it seems that the question of how long you should run the generator continuously is tough to answer. It is due to a lot of dependable variables that come along. You will need to check out some factors and determine how long the machine should run. Most of these machines require a lot of fuel to supply a significant amount of power.

Furthermore, it is always good to give the machine rest after constant use. It provides time for the maintenance of the device. You can decide to run it mostly, but it is not suitable for its durability.

Besides generators power up your home when there is no electricity. With so many activities revolving around power, you should consider the back-up option. However, they are machines that need sacrifice as they tend to be costly. One needs to invest in generators.

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