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Top 10 Best Portable Inverter Generator – Reviews in 2024

We depend on electrical power to do a wide range of things either at home, business, or workplace, among others. Sometimes power outage can cause inconvenience, especially if it takes several hours or days. If you don't want to have your normal life running even when power outage comes, invest in the best portable inverter generator. These generators greatly save in cases of emergencies and keep electrical appliances running.

An inverter generator provides a wide range of benefits as compared to other ordinary generators. First, these generators are fuel-efficient, and they operate silently. They also have more power to powerful various electrical appliances. There are so many inverter generators on the market today. Picking a quality model can be tough, especially if you are not well informed. You also need to consider various aspects that will help you select a quality portable inverter generator.

We have gathered information on the different models on the market. Yes, We examined different inverter generators from different brands to help you pick top 10 models. We have given you detailed reviews of every model with their features and benefits so that you can choose the best. Check these reviews do that you can decide which inverter generator is right for you. You will also find a buying guide also to help you make the right choice.

Check at a Glance 3 Cool & Prime  Best Portable Inverter Generator

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The 10 Best Portable Inverter Generator in 2024 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Portable Inverter Generator Reviews

The best dual fuel generators and inverter generators give you a reliable power when there is a power outage. You can power various devices and use the generators for lighting. The following list covers quality inverter generators that are powerful and provide reliable performance.

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Save your money and fuel with the WEN 56200i portable inverter generator. This is an ultra-quiet generator that provides a powerful performance. If you need something that you can carry with ease, this model is suitable for you. It features a lightweight design, and it has a convenient carry handle that makes it portable. You will not have issues transporting it to various locations.

One of the best things that you will love about this generator is silent operation. It features an engine that is quiet and produces 51 decibels per quarter load. This makes the generators suitable when you are hunting, tailgating, camping, or during emergency backups. If you need more than 2000 watts, you can connect two parallel generators together using the WEN parallel connection kit.

This versatile unit comes with two 3-prong receptacles, 5 volt USB port and 12 volt DC receptacle, and this makes it suitable for outdoor use. Unlike other generators, this model features a harmonic distortion below 12%, and it can handle even the most sensitive electronics in your house. This 2000 watts inverter generator is fuel efficient hence saving you fuel costs.

Features and Specification

  • The generator features a low oil shutdown and an overload protection
  • The generator has 12v Dc receptacle and comes with one 5v USB port
  • This portable inverter generator feature two 3- prong 120 V receptacles
  • It features a carrying handle to make it easy to transport to different places
  • This generator is high-quality and meets the requirements of EPA and CARB
  • The engine of the generator produces 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts
  • You can achieve a parallel connection if you want to get more than 2000 watts
  • The generator features a quiet operation as compared to other ordinary generators
  • Suitable inverter generator for construction sites, campgrounds and power outages
  • It offers clean and safe power without damaging sensitive electronics like tablets and phones

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Preparing for emergencies like a power outage is great. You can invest in a quality portable inverter generator for home or outdoor use. The Westinghouse iGen2200 has many amazing features that make it easy to use. This is a lightweight generator that is ultra-compact, so you don't have to worry about problems during transportation when using it outdoors.

Most generators are noisy, and this can end up disturbing other users. Noisy generators might also not be suitable if you are camping or hunting. You will love this portable inverter generator because it provides you with quiet operation. It has a volume of 52 dBS, so it is ideal for outdoor recreational activities without disturbing the neighbors. It provides you with a silent operation all the time, making it convenient to use.

Another great thing about the generator is that it is safe for electronics. You don't have to worry about the generator damaging your sensitive electronics like computers, television, tablets, or phones, among others. It also easy to achieve a parallel connection with this generator if you buy the Westinghouse inverter parallel cord separately. This is a dependable and reliable generator that meets your needs.

Features and Specification

  • Versatile portable inverter generator that is safe and easy to use
  • The generators feature a four-stroke engine that adjusts its speed automatically
  • The generator provides silent operation, and it can handle the load placed on it
  • It allows parallel connection if you have the Westinghouse inverter parallel cord
  • Designed with a US Forest Service approved spark arrestor for safe use in the forest
  • It provides stable and dependable electricity to different power devices in your home
  • This portable inverter generator reduces exhaust emission, and it increases fuel efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry this generator to various locations
  • This generator provides safe power to sensitive electronics like computers and other devices
  • This unit provides a total run time of up to 12 hours so you can enjoy more power for many hours

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If you are looking for a powerful inverter generator, the Champion 3100-Watt can be a great investment. This is a lightweight and compact model that is suitable for outdoor use. The generator is easy to use because it features a wireless remote start, and it features a key fob to allow you to start and stop it even when you are up to 80 feet away from the generator.

It is designed with an electric start that is convenient and features a 3-position ignition switch. This unit also comes with a battery and a quick touch panel that helps you access all the controls with ease. Another great thing about this 3100-watt generator is that it offers clean electricity making it safe for sensitive electronics in your house. No more worries about the generator damaging these electronic devices.

No one likes the loud noise of generators, do you? It can be irritating and even disturbing to the people around you. This is why this model is designed to provide ultra-quiet operation during use. It only produces 58 dBA making it ideal for RVs, tailgating, and as a backup to ensure your home with power. It has a running watt of 2800, and you can enjoy up to 8 hours of run time and 25 percent load.

Features and Specification

  • The generator has a low oil shut off so you can know when to refill the fuel
  • This portable inverter generator provides an ultra-quiet operation of 58 dBA
  • This is a single-cylinder unit that has a four-stroke engine, and it is air-cooled
  • It is designed with a convenient electric start that has three position ignition switch
  • Designed with a cast iron sleeve that provides unmatched durability for many years
  • The generator features a quick touch panel that helps you achieve an easy operation
  • It provides clean electricity to provide safe power to sensitive electronics in your house
  • The generator has a wireless remote control so you can start and stop up to 80 feet away
  • It features a lightweight and compact design which makes storage and transportation easy
  • Champion inverter generator comes with a battery, so you don't have to buy one separately
  • The generator carries a Champion warranty of three years and free lifetime technical support

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Lack of power can bring many activities at a standstill. You have to be stranded for many hours hoping for power to come back. Additionally, you might want to go outdoors and need power. This is why you need to invest in a quality power backup unit like the Pulsar 2,000W Portable Gas-Powered. This is a convenient model that you can use at home or outdoors. It features a lightweight design to ease transportation and storage.

This is a super, quiet portable generator that is easy to use. It is suitable for tailgating, camping, and home use. The generator provides a stable sine wave technology that features a USB portable where you can charge your mobile phone and other electronic devices that are sensitive. If you need to achieve more power, you can achieve a parallel connection to get all the power you need for your outdoor experience.

You will always know when you need to add more oil since the generator is designed with a low oil warning indicator. It also has an operation indicator and an overload indicator to make it easy to use. All the controls are conveniently located for easy access, so you don't expect any difficulty when working with this generator. This unit also features an economy switch and an AC circuit breaker.

Features and Specification

  • This portable inverter generator is ideal for camping and tailgating
  • Features a 5 V DC port to allow you charge or power many devices at once
  • The generator utilizes a quiet inverter technology to offer a silent operation
  • The generator comes with a charging cable, spark plug wrench and a funnel
  • It has a low oil warning indicator to let you know when you need to refill the oil
  • Allows parallel connection so you can connect two units to get increased power
  • Features an overload indicator and an operation indicator to make it easy to use
  • Features a lightweight and compact design making it easy to transport outdoors
  • The generator is easy to use because it has controls that are conveniently located
  • The generator provides a stable sine wave technology to provide you with safe electrical power

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A portable inverter generator is a great investment for power backup at home, work, or when you are outdoors. The Honda EU2200i is another amazing and reliable model on the market that provides you with more power to power your devices and electronics. As compared to the previous model, this unit can provide 10% more power for the same price tag.

This inverter generator gives you the chance to use different appliances at home or when you are camping, among other uses. It provides safe and reliable power to power safe electronics in your home. Unlike other noisy generators, this model offer and ultra-quiet operation. You don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors when using this generator. It operates at a noise level of 48-57 dBA, which is less noisy and suitable for activities like camping.

If you need to get more power, you can connect another EU2200i model. This generator is also fuel-efficient, thanks to the eco-throttle system that offers a high level of fuel efficiency. You can enjoy power for up to 4-9.6 hours on a single fuel tank, and this can vary based on the load. So, if you need a quality generator for long applications or overnight power, this is the right model to use.

Features and Specification

  • The generator features an eco-throttle system making it fuel-efficient
  • You can achieve a run time of between 4-9.6 hours depending on the load
  • The generator provides a silent operation without disturbing your neighbors
  • You can connect two models if you want to get more power for your applications
  • It provides safe and reliable power so no worries about damages on your devices
  • The generator provides 10% more power (200) as compared to the previous model
  • This portable generator can power a wide range of appliances at home and outdoors
  • The generator is suitable for overnight applications or long-time use to provide power
  • Designed with a fuel shut-off valve so the engine can operate when the fuel supply is off
  • Provides more power and it is lighter making it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities

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Champion 3400-Watt is the best combination for appropriate and versatility if one needs power for home use, project, or for RV. The duel fuel allows the gas or propane to run in its 192cc engine. Uses 59 Dba-7.5 hours for gasoline and 14.5 hours on propane, this enables high power. Has an optional parallel kit with a standard 50-amp RV outlet power to start and run two 15,000 BTV RV for air conditioners.

The generator is featured with an outstanding electric start having 2 positions on it. The ignition switch, a battery, and a quick touch panel to allow one to access all the controls in one appropriate area. This due to its 59 Dba level, 23 feet, and a 60 Hz frequency. Clean power of less than 3% THD to give a powering sensitive electronics.

Its absolute light and easily portable. Weighs 99 lb. less and operates at 59DBA hence easily transported from one place to another. It's quite economical as it saves fuels. The engines are strong and durable, thus long-lasting. The generator is also designed with a quick touch panel to provide you all the controls in one place for easy operation.

Features and Specification

  • Features a quick touch panel to allow you to get easy access to the controls
  • It offers an ulyra0quiet operation so no more worries about waking neighbors 
  • Dual-fuel enables the Watt generator to run gas or propane on its 192cc engine.
  • Designed with a convenient electric start that features 3-position ignition switch
  • The portable generator provides a run time of 7.5 hours when it is running on gasoline
  • Featured with champion support of 3year warranty and a lifetime technical support for free 
  • Suitable electric start fitted with quick touch panel and battery for easy access in one spot.
  • Optional parallel kit connected with a champion inverter of two 2800-watt to give high power.
  • Foldaway handle and inbuilt handles for easy storage, never-flat tires to enable easy transportation.
  • Clean power of RV Ready 120V 30A RV and 120V 20A households and 12V DC outlets for sensitive electronics.

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Power smith gas 2200 Watt is power inverter technology for cleaner and safer output to enable enough power supply to sensitive appliances. This allows it to do tasks at tailgating, worksites, campsites, and at backyard too. Inverter generators use gasoline, which is efficient. Has 100% clean power for sensitive home appliances without causing any damages.

The generator is easily portable, so it's easy to transport from your truck, car, or RV to the desired destination using its pull handle, lift, and wheel. This generator keeps devices running when most needed, especially for cooking, for power, charging sensitive electronics, bathing from hot showers, among other home uses. It also features a one-gallon tank capacity to hold more fuel.

Its dual-fuel capability allows the user to choose between propane or gas sources. Operating it is easy as one can turn on and off easily, 1700 watts running power it is easy too by just using a knob control. This generator can easily run parallel versus another generator hence giving a double power. It has a pull handle and transportation wheels that make it easy to move to different locations.

Features and Specification

  • This portable inverter generator provides a run time of up to six hours
  • The generator provides a running power of 1700 watts and 2200 surge watts
  • Safety in operation due to an overload protection also an onboard reset button.
  • The generator is suitable for tailgating, campgrounds, home, job and work sites
  • Handy LED indicators which display track`s oil level and give an overload warning.
  • Designed with a lift and pull handle as well as two rear wheels for easy transportation
  • This portable generator is designed with a large fuel tank that can hold I-gallon capacity 
  • AC output of 120 volts and 60 Hz, 1, 12 volts of 7.5 Amp outlet for electronics and appliances
  • Features a digital dashboard displays to help you see real-time load and run time information 
  • Weighs 50.7 pounds which makes it portable and easy to transport especially for outdoor sites

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This is another amazing and fantastic type of portable generator. The machine is light in weight, weighs 44lb, and also small in size, which makes it easy to carry via the u-shaped handle model. It has a sizable fuel tank that, when it's running it can last for about 10 hours' plus hence its fuel-efficient as it runs to lower fuel in comparison to other models. The machine is user-friendly due to the informative control panel, the auto- warm-up, and auto-decompressor.

The Yamaha portable generator actually it's a valuable tool to own. It can work as a backup when there's no other source of power may be due to a natural calamity or other related issues that can cause power loss. Its portability can enable it to be used outdoors, like at campsites, tailgating, and workbooks. Fewer noise emissions due to noise reducing rubber made with it during the vibration or when in use.

Parallel capabilities for this generator enables the user to connect one generator to another model, and this process boosts power, it's easy and fast too. Safety in use as it's supported by safety powering sensitive electrons such as computers and smartphones. The users can charge all devices they have. The engine is well wrapped in a fitted iron liner to enable heat dissipation hence improves and prolonged engines' performance.

Features and Specification

  • The auto-decompression system makes it easy to turn on by recoiling and use
  • 2000 watts for surge power and 1600 watts to ensure continuous power supply
  • It's lightweight and easily portable as it weighs only 2.2 cubic feet and 44 pounds.
  • The generator has a very low noise production due to advanced throttle and muffler
  • It features a smart throttle that varies the speed of the engine depending on the load
  • The generator is designed with a quiet muffler that has USFS approved spark arrestor
  • Pulse width modification in the inverter generator help to power sensitive electronics
  • Runtime at 25% rated load is 10.5 hours, which means it can run for a long time when in use.
  • Low oil safety shutoff to automatically turn the engine down when the oil gets extremely low.
  • Gasoline petcock is built into the carburetor to enable running the carburetor dry before storage

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Stratton power series makes you enjoy using the machine as it's quite portable. It weighs 60lb makes it efficient for easy transportation. Lightweight design, telescoping handle, and a telescoping handle make it easy for portability. It's fitted with a USB charging outlet so that you can plug in your PCs, smartphones, laptops, and other powered devices to enhances powering electronic appliances. Parallel connector port help in adding more power. Note that this parallel kit is sold separately.

It's an inverter generator, and this means no disturbance in power shortages, there is continuous power supply even in cases of emergencies at home like power breakdown, outdoor activities like tailgating and camping or home projects as well. Ensures sufficient power for operating your RV and small businesses. The multiple outlets for the power needs [4] 120 Volts AC outlet and [1] 12 volts DC output for charging.

Briggs Stratton P3000 is featured with an LCD screen display to power amount that is being used, air filter, the spark plug changes, oil, full unit hours and reminders of maintenance. The Stratton generator is safe for sensitive electronics. The inverter technology produces smoother power for sensitive electronics like phones, gaming systems, and laptops. It also automatically adjusts engine speed, thus reducing noise, emissions, and fuel use.

Features and Specification

  • It provides a quiet operation as compared to other traditional generators
  • 3000 watts portable inverter generator that provides a running amp of 21.7 A
  • This portable generator provides clean and reliable power during a power outage
  • The generator weighs 96 pounds, which is quite portable and easy transportation.
  • Parallel connecting ports to connect two power series generators to add more power.
  • This generator reduces noise, emissions and fuel consumption making it convenient to use
  • The fuel gauge shows the content of fuel remaining in the generator so no more guesswork
  • Enhanced mobility due to a twin handle design and telescoping handle ensures breeze mobility.
  • A stat station LCD screen to show the level of power used, oil, air filter, and spark plug adjustments.
  • The control panel has [4] 120 volts' household outlet, USB port, 12 V DC charging outlet to power lights, RV, TV, radio, etc.

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This tool is more fantastic and the best, it produces minimal noise so you can even let it run through the night to power the electronic appliances. It also uses less fuel, so no need for refueling now and then. Easily portable putting in mind its capacity as it has rear wheels and handles that fold to ease the lifting. The digital meter display enables you to read with ease, monitor runtime, wattage, fuel supply, frequency, and also the voltage.

The tool is lightweight, and wheels inbuilt, and collapsible handle enhances the storage and ensures easy transportation. The power produced is clean during run time, and this saves it from the damage of sensitive electronics like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Ensures efficiency in oil use as the carburetor uses oil remaining in the tank before it shuts down, this prolongs the lifespan of the generator.

The spark arrestor allows for the right use in the campground and national parks, as well. It has a 2-year warranty for good technical services and a friendly helpline customer. It's good to note that parallel connectors are parked separately, and this connector enables sharing of wattage amongst multiple units.

Feature and Specification

  • The generator has limited maintenance and a minimal harmonic distortion
  • This portable inverter generator complies with EPA and CARB requirements
  • The generator has a half-load run time of up to 8.5 hours, and it is fuel-efficient
  • It comes with tw0 3-prong 120V receptacles, AC 120v receptacle, and 5v USB port
  • The generator provides a quiet operation, so there is minimal noise during operation
  • This generator features a digital load and a fuel display to help you see the information
  • The unit has a portable design so you can easily transport it to various locations with ease
  • It features a 212 cc 4-strike OHV engine that offers 3800 surge watts and 3400 running eats
  • It features an electric start to help you start the device with ease by simply pressing the knob
  • Produces clean power to prevent damage on sensitive devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Best Portable Inverter Generator

When you are buying digital ballasts or any other product, you have to check some factors to get a quality model. The same happened when buying a portable inverter generator. You need to keep these essential factors into consideration so that you can get the right one.

The generator size 

Not measured by its dimension, the size of the generator is measured using the power it can generate. Portable generators that use fuel have three classifications when it comes to their magnitude. Those that produce below 2000 watts, between 2000 to 7000 watts, and lastly those with more than 7000 watts power output. The generators with more power are more significant compared to those with fewer power ratings. Heavy generator models, also known as heavy-duty generators, have a protective design, thus ensuring durability.

Number of power outlets and the uses

Sometimes you wish to power multiple appliances simultaneously using your generator. Numerous power outlets allow you to spread the load and have stable power continuously. Going for the generator with more power outlet receptacle and the perfect type is the best. Some portable inverter generator also has low voltage USB charging outlets that make them the best device to have. To power a high wattage device like refrigerators, you will require to choose a generator that delivers much current locking type outlet.

The run time of the generator

The run time of the generators that are fuel-powered is usually in terms of the load applied. With full tank capacity, most common load rates are half load (50%) and quarter load (25%). Generators that produce small power and runs for a longer time at half capacity are the best generators. A great generator runs for a longer time at half load. This will saves you from the burden of frequent refueling and enjoy peaceful sleep during night hours.

The noise level

With all other factors put aside, a portable generator will always be noisy. Generators with more power rating produce more noise compared to those with lower power ratings. Most portable inverter generators and solar-powered ones produce less noise. The silent feature makes them suitable for use at camping sites, offices, for recreational activities, and most outdoor events. Standard generators come with the noise rating marked on them in decibels. A very quiet generator makes a great choice as it will allow you to have a reserved and very peaceful environment when using.

Price of the generator

The cost of every product is the first question that runs into the buyers' minds. You will have to go for the best generator that your budget can allow. Though the majority of people think the most expensive item is the best, this might be misleading. With a low budget, you can acquire just the perfect generator with magnificent features in the features today. Looking at the price, things like the operation and maintenance cost will also take consideration since they make up part of the generator price, respectively.

Portability of the generator

The affordability of the item to buy is the most important factor before purchasing a product. Concrete vibrators come in different price options based on the features, materials, and the amount of power. While deciding on what to acquire, ensure that the concrete vibrator you are opting for lies within your budget range. A quality device with an unbelievable performance will require you to spend more. Other cost-friendly options that don't call for breaking your bank to enjoy a high-quality performance from a concrete vibrator are also available.

The Range of Vibration

Since it is a portable inverter generator, the elements that make the generator portable must be on the device. The wheel kit consisting of solid, ever non-flatted tires and push handles will make the generator easy to transport accordingly. A portable generator should be easy to carry and move wherever you may wish to use it. The generator in and out of the storage location should be as easy as possible in any demanding situation. Therefore generators with these mobility features are the best to consider.

Ease of Usability

Nobody wants a product that is complicated to use. Easy to utilize products are the best always. Portable generators that have a well-designed control panel are very simple to use. The generators that have automated control systems are easier to use than that t do not have automatic control systems. Features like low-oil shut off sensors, eco-throttle systems, circuit breakers found on some portable inverter generators make them very safe and easy to use. Easy to use generators are the perfect device to buy in addition to all the above factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the advantages of a portable inverter generator?

Answer: An inverter generator is beneficial because it operates at a slower speed meaning that it will save more energy. It also uses less fuel as compared to other types of generators. Therefore, you will not spend a lot of money on generator fuel, as you would do when using other conventional fuel-powered generators.

Question: What is the main difference between a generator and inverter generators?

Answer: An inverter generator is a type of generator where the engine is connected to an alternator. This produces AC power like other generators. It also features a rectifier that does a great job of converting AC power to DC power. Other conventional generators are bigger, heavier and they tend to use more fuel as compared to inverter generators.

Question: Why are inverter generators expensive?

Answer: Inverter generators are expensive as compared to conventional generators. These are generators that have high fuel efficiency, and they can help you reduce the cost of fuel up to 40 percent. Other generators are affordable, and they operate at a speed of 3600 rpm. This means that they consume a lot of fuel, even when handling smaller tasks.

Question: Can I use an inverter generator to power a refrigerator?

Answer: Yes, you can. These generators convert DC battery power to 120-volt AC to power household items like refrigerators. It is important to check the power capability of the inverter generator you are buying because they vary depending on the brand. You can find some models are more powerful, and other models are less powerful.

Question: Are inverter generators noisy?

Answer: Inverter generators have engines that are quieter as compared to other traditional generators. This means that they work quieter without causing disturbance to neighbors. Since thee generators also run on DC power, they have a constant speed, and they don't produce noise during operation.

Final Words

A sudden power outage can result from bad weather or other problems. This can be inconveniencing if the outage takes hours or even days before the power is back. Not only will your operations stop, but also you can end up making losses if you run a business and depend on electricity. It is a great idea to prepare for these situations by having the best portable inverter generator. These generators work well to keep your normal life running, and you don't have to worry about anything.

Additionally, portable inverter generators are also great for outdoor lovers. You can get one if you love camping and want to have power even when you are outdoors. Not only do you want to have a portable inverter generator but a powerful model that can power many appliances for several hours at a time. The unit should provide you with reliable power, and it should be lightweight to make it easy to transport. Inverter generators are also great because they run silently, unlike other traditional generators. They also consume less fuel, so in the long run, you will cut down your fuel cost. 


Considering all these benefits, it is a great idea to invest in a quality inverter generator to suit your needs. These generators come at different prices, power, and features, among other things. We have given you a list of top ten best models that you can consider buying this year. All the above inverter generators are reliable, and they are powerful. You can make comparisons and choose the most suitable with the features that you want. I hope after going through our reviews and guide, it will be easy for you to pick the right model.

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