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Top 10 Best Digital Ballasts in 2019 – Trusted Reviews

The best digital ballasts can complete a hydroponic system. Regardless of what you grow inside, your plants require adequate light to flourish. Hydroponics is the neatest way to grow plants all year round without much difficulty. Your plants will grow without the need for soil, and they will only depend on mineral nutrients for growth. Since plants require light to grow, investing in a quality digital ballast will offer adequate lighting all the time.

So what is a ballast? Ballast is a regulator that maintains current at a certain level. Without a ballast, a fluorescent lamp will quickly and uncontrollably increase its current draw. The bulb will then overheat and burn out. A hydroponic system without a ballast will experience a lot of bulb explosions. So, if you are a gardener, florist or a horticulturist, having a digital ballast will help you grow crops all seasons while they get adequate light.

How do you pick the right digital ballast? What are some of the things that will help you know the right ballast? In this article, we shall look at the best digital ballast guide in 2019. There are several ballasts available on the market today. This guide will help you choose the best, and we guarantee you'll enjoy its services. Read on to find a quick comparison, reviews and buying guide to help you choose wisely.

Top 10 Best Digital Ballasts To Buy in 2019 - Reviews

When it comes to gardening, you need various tools like lucrative lawn sweepers among others. And for those who are into hydroponics, a digital ballast is an important item that you need. Check out reviews of 10 digital ballasts that you can consider buying this year.

When it comes to digital ballasts, TOPHORT 1000watts is the best that you can aim getting. The TOPHART ballast has high efficiency and adjustable super lumen. The lumen is adjustable at 50%, 75%, and 100% to ensure high efficiency. This digital ballast is suitable for HPS and MH which is not the case with ordinary ballasts.  TOPHART ballast provides stable output voltage.

TOPHORT digital ballasts provide a voltage of 240V and 120V power supplies. The machine is great for providing constant output.  This digital ballast is suitable for providing lamps with free flicker as well as radio frequency shielding. The stable voltage supply helps to keep your critical equipments safe and secure. Besides that, the machine is extremely powerful with 1000watts supply.

When it comes to the construction, the ballast features a sturdy and robust outer casing. The TOPHORT ballast features a high-quality material with a strong case that enhances the overall quality of the product.  This ballast features a coaling fan to reduce the ballast temperature. The fan helps to protect the machine from power surge, short circuit, ignition failure and over heat. Moreover, this digital ballast reviews help to pick the perfect one no doubt.

Feature and Specification

  • The digital ballast is compatible with both the MH and HPS bulbs
  • This is powerful ballast machine with a power cord of 120V 8-feet
  • Equipped with a high frequency range ranging between 50 to 60 HZ
  • Designed with several watt option of 100W, 750W and 600W super lumens
  • Built in cooling system to protect the ballast against short circuit, overheat, etc
  • The ballast designed with extremely low noise structure of about 68.5 db
  • The outer case features a whether friendly case material thus rust resistant.
  • The TOPHORT digital ballast is compatible with 240Vand 120V power supplies
  • Stable high-quality light output to ensure constant lamp voltage without flicking
  • It features a sturdy and robust high-quality construction material for durability

Here come great and powerful digital ballast that is affordable. The machine features 600w capability making it suitable for high power supplies. This IPOWER horticulture supports both 240V and 120V input. In addition, it has three different dimmable options 100%, 75% and the 50% options. Also the ballast has 8 feet of sturdy power cord.  The machine ballast is suitable for daily use as it provides a stable output. The stable output ensures your light is flicker free.

This IPOWER ballast features a photosynthetic active radiation differentiate it from the rest of horticulture ballets. The PAR helps to promote soonest finish and a healthy crop growth. Ipower ballast is suitable for both MP as well the HPS bulbs. The digital ballast has a 7 day modern programmable timer system and a pair of adjustable hanger rope. The equipped dual outlet makes the IPOWER digital ballast unique from other models.

This ballast features a heavy duty and strong lamp cord that has a ceramic mogul socket. Also a standard hydroponic S-plug is present as well as a 19 inch reflector. However, while using the machine it’s advisable place it in an open room. The reason is that it generates a lot of heat therefore requires a well ventilated rooms.

Feature and Specification

  • The IPOWER digital ballast is lightweight and of medium size for portability
  • IPOWER features a long electric wire cable that features a rubber coating
  • The corrosion resistant case promotes the quality of the digital ballast
  • 600W is present in this classic and digital dimmable electric ballast.
  • IPOWER supports 240V and 120V power supply thus great for farm use
  • Different dimmable options 50%, 100% and the common one is the 75%
  • A high-quality and-heavy duty 8 feet power cord is present for ease of use
  • Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) to encourage healthy and faster growth
  • IPOWER ballast equipped with 7 day premium and accurate programmable timer
  • The digital ballast is designed with a sturdy and heavy-duty stainless steel construction 

When it comes to the best digital and spacious ballasts, phantom is ranked the first one. The ballast is totally silent as compared to similar type in the market. Also this Phantom ballast is energy-efficient at it requires only 1000 watts. The phantom digital ballast is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grow light fixture.

The phantom machine is extremely lightweight and medium size for easy installation. The machine can be perfectly fixed on the wall or placed on a table.  You can also dim the light amount to save energy. This phantom ballast features a heavy-duty and sturdy construction for durability. In addition, the outer caser has a corrosion resistant coating thus suitable for all weather conditions.

The phantom has 4 unique brightness settings with a super boost. A hot-restrike programming is present thus protecting the ballast and lamp from turning off unexpectedly. This machine runs smoothly through out due to the built-in 32 MHz phantom ballast has a high precision and digital microprocessor control for high efficiency. An LED indicator present that you can easily monitor your electric ballast.

Feature and Specification

  • Designed with a current sense technology intelligent setup and thermal control
  • This phantom features four unique dimming ways 100%, 75%, 60% and super
  • The ballast is equipped with premium LED indicator and an ignition voltage control
  • The phantom features a high-precisions and spacious microprocessor control
  • Intelligent and premium lamp detection present in the phantom digital ballast
  • The ballast has an end of life lamp indication as well as a protection for safety
  • It is compatible with both the 240 voltage as well as 120v dimmable
  • The machine features a lightweight and sturdy corrosion case construction
  • Phantom digital ballast has a silent integrated system to ensure reliable use
  • Built-in cooling system to helps the ballast retain the normal temperature

If you need a quality and less noisy electric ballast for horticulture, Apollo is the best choice.  Apollo is a high-quality and sturdy machine that is affordable and energy saving. This 600 watts digital ballast is adjustable at 50%, 75% and 100% to promote efficiency.  Apollo has 30% more lumens as compared to the magnetic ballasts thus improving the yield. The machine is compatible with HPS and MH lighting bulbs.

Apollo is well known for its high frequency output that results to less power loss to the surrounding. The ballast is suitable for both 60 and 50 Hz with up to 99% power factor. Apollo is compactable with both the 120 and 240 voltage supply. This Apollo electric ballast is more secure and safe to use as horticulture ballast than the others.  The ballast provides a high lamp ignition by the lighting bulbs.

Apollo features an automatic power shut off thus protecting short circuit for ultimate safety. This digital ballast produces a lamp free from flicker by providing a stable light output. The ballast designed with a fin design and cooling fan to reduce ballast temperature. This electric ballast is extremely lightweight for portability. The Apollo features wall installations holes for quick fixing.

Feature and Specification

  • It is designed with fin and cooling system to maintain the ballast temperature
  • Has a corrosion resistant case thus making the ballast all weather friendly
  • The ballast is lightweight and medium size makes it easy to install and carry
  • 100%, 75& and 60% adjustable ballast machine for maximum efficiency
  • Apollo features 30% more lumens as compared to the magnetic ballasts
  • This effective digital electric ballast is compatible with MH and HPS bulbs
  • The Apollo ballast is essential for both 120 and 240 voltage power supply
  • It has a 50/60 Hz frequency capability thus results to minimum power loss
  • Automatic power shut off button thus no cases of short circuit for ultimate safety
  • The Apollo machine features a sturdy and heavy-duty stainless steel construction

Here comes another amazing and premium digital electronic ballast device. IPOWER ballast is suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as spacious horticulture. The machine ahs a voltage operation range of 100v up to 265v thus energy saver ballast. In addition, the ballast has dimmable option of 100%, 75% and 50% for efficiency. Despite being of high-quality, the ballast machine is affordable and easy to use. The IPOWER ballast has a long electric cable thus suitable for any large rooms.

When it comes to the fixation, the IPOWER ballast is extremely easy to install. IPOWER features four holes for quick mounting on the wall. Besides that, it also features a built-in cooling fan and graduating fan. The fan system helps to minimize the output ballast temperature. Apart from that, the ballast is compatible with MH and HPS light bulbs using the micro-chip program. A free heavy-duty and sturdy power cord included.

The entire case features a strong and corrosion resistant construction. IPOWER 1000 watt ballast is ultra safe when we compare with the ordinary ballasts.  The machine features power surge, overheat, short circuit, ignition failure advanced protection. This amazing and high-quality ballast has a conveniently wired equipped with hydroponic S plug. In addition this ballast is unique as it has end-of bulb life protection which is not a common feature.

Feature and Specification

  • IPOWER requires an operating voltage of 100V to 265V thus energy saver
  • Powder coat and aluminum case that is essential for increasing heat dissipation
  • Equipped with microprocessor thus compatible with both MH and HPS lamps
  • Features unique holes for horizontal, vertical or hanging mounting configurations
  • The digital ballast has constant light output by the stable voltage thus free from flicker
  • The machine features a high power factor and inner acoustic resonance making it effective
  • Designed with adjustable wattage output 100%,75% and 60% for ballast efficiency
  • This digital horticulture ballast features a dimming stylish control knob for ease of use
  • Designed with internal resin to prevent against foreign contaminating and moisture
  • Equipped with aluminum fan for cooling effects to retain the recommended temperature

When it comes to purchasing digital ballasts, consider getting the powerful electric ballast. For that reason, VIVOSUN digital ballast qualifies to be the best choice for you. The ballast machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor use like horticulture. This ballast machine features a sturdy and robust aluminum construction for durability. VIVOSUN 1000watt ballast is easy to mount horizontally, vertically or hanging. The ballast has dimmable levels of 1000W, 750W, 600W as well as super lumen of 110%.

The VIVISUN 1000watt ballast can operate with 240V and 120V power supply. Also the ballast is capable of working with 50/60 Hz power supply making it energy saver. However, the machine is fully safety to use as it’s free from short circuit. This ballast is free from ignition failure, end of bulb life protection. With this ballast you can adjust the bulb brightness to suit your best light. Note the ballast should is suitable for bulb of the same watt as the ballast.

This ballast has a long life span as compared to the rest thus will last for a long time without replacing. In addition the ballast is fully compatible with high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide. With this ballast you will minimize the power use thus improving the power supply efficiency. Lastly the digital ballast features internal aluminum fan to ensure the ballast stays cool through the operation.

Feature and Specification

  • This digital electric ballast has a power supply of 120v to 240V
  • Equipped with a high frequency capability ranging between 50hz and 60hz
  • The electric ballast includes a power cord o 120v 8 feet which is long enough
  • The ballast is fully compatible with high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide
  • Short/open circuit fully protected under input terminal and radio frequency
  • It is equipped with an aluminum fan and fin that help to keep the ballast cool
  • Designed with a unique hole making it easy to mount horizontally or vertically
  • Lightweight with a long electric cable that makes the ballast suitable for outdoor
  • The digital horticulture machine has watt options of 600/750/100 and super lumens
  • The digital ballast is designed with a sturdy and heavy duty aluminum for durability

This VIVOSUN is one of the latest and greatest electric ballast that is very easy to use. Thus electric ballast is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Despites being affordable, the machine is of high-quality and durable. The ballast is suitable for 120 voltage as well as 240V power supply. This machine requires works well with 1000w. However, the ballast is dimmable with different level of 150W, 250W, 400W and super lumens.

When it comes to its design, we can’t afford tom negotiate on that. The ballast has a stylish and sophisticated design thus eye catching. This electric ballast features sturdy holes for easy mounting in the wall. It is easy to fix the machine vertically, horizontally or hang in the wall. This ballast device features a stainless steel construction for durability. The corrosion feature makes the ballast suitable for green houses.

The ballast works well with both the MH and HPS light bulbs. However, while using the machine, ensure you use a bulb with the same watt as the ballast. Besides that, you can easily adjust the amount of lamp brightness. With this fantastic ballast, you will reduce the wastage of power thus improving the efficiency of the ballast. The machine is free from short circuit, and radio frequency interference thus free from light flicker.

Feature and Specification

  • The ballast is fully compatible with high pressure sodium lamps and metal halide
  • It is designed with an aluminum fin and fan to keep the ballast cool during operation
  • Equipped with different input and output features for easy operation all the time
  • The digital ballast is suitable for frequency ranging 50 to 60Hz for best performance
  • This amazing features a classic and premium power cord of 120V and 8-feet
  • Equipped with different watts options of 150, 250, 400 watts and super lumens
  • The sturdy electric ballast suits both 120volts and 240 volts for reliable use
  • The ballast machine features a strong and robust aluminum construction’
  • Designed with a compact and stylish design thus suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • This ballast is suitable for both MP and HPS lighting bulbs and it is effecrive

Are you looking for the best stylish and medium size ballast for farm use? If yes then here comes one of the best models. The ballast is suitable for horticulture due to its unique features and specification.  The package in includes a pair of sturdy and heavy duty rope hangers with a metal hooks. The hooks make it easy to hang the ballistic anywhere in the room or green house. 2 high-quality and premium 315watts bulbs are present thus plenty of light is available.

When it comes to its construction, the ballast features a sturdy and high-quality stainless steel body. The stainless latches make the ballast very strong and durable than any other type of machine. The machine automatically shuts off makes energy saver. You can easily lower or raise the bulb light fixture in a simple move. The unique thing with the ballast is that is compatible with round reflectors and all parabolic.

This 630 watt cmh ballast machine features fully ventilated fan ensuring the ballast stays cools throughout. The machine has an open rate lamp that helps to minimize radiant heat that comes out of the arc tube. This machine gives a unique and great grow surrounding and a balanced foot prints. The digital ballast has a galvanized sheet that has a white coating.

Feature and Specification

  • Superior and classic ceramic tube that ensures the bulb burn at the right temperature
  • The machine features a fully galvanized sheet that has a powder coating
  • The ballast is designed to provide a perfect surrounding and a balanced foot
  • Compact open rated bulb construction to minimize radiant heat caused by the arc tube
  • This is a stylish and elegant designed electric ballast with locking mechanism
  • Designed with a long and strong rope capable of supporting 75 lbs of tension
  • The ballast machine features stainless steel construction for durability
  • Compatible with round reflectors and all parabolic for locking and hooking latch
  • The digital ballast is suitable for frequency ranging 50 to 60Hz for best results
  • This digital electric ballast has a power supply of 120v to 240V which is efficient 

Keep aside all the traditional and poor quality electric ballasts and get this simple but premium ballast. The ballast is extremely easy to use as compared to the rest of the normal ballasts. When it comes to its design, we can’t afford to negotiate on that. The machine features a rust proof coating that gives the digital electric ballast a long life span. This awesome ballast features a sturdy construction to prevent the ballast against damage.

This 600 watt mh bulb or ballast is suitable for indoor gardening and other similar horticulture activities. The ballast has a great light reflectivity about 98% unlike other models. The contouring polished finish reflective layer prevents dead spots and hot spots. The metal halide lamps are essential in providing a natural spectrum to your plants. Therefore your plants will grow healthy and faster than the expected way.

The amazing ballast features a high pressure sodium lamp that provides a spectrum thus encouraging an incredible flowering and fruiting. Also the device is suitable for both HPS and MH bulbs and operates on a voltage of 120V and 240volts. The machine is free from flicker, short circuit, initiation failure thus secure and safe. Besides all that, the digital ballast features an ETL to ensure high stability and security.

Feature and Specification

  • The machine features a heavy-duty and sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Designed with an extreme rust and tear resistant material for durability
  • This amazing stainless ballast has a 24 hour mechanical timer switch
  • Designed with fully reinforced construction internal gears and tightly design
  • The digital ballast strikes both the HPS and MH bulbs so you can choose any
  • Equipped with enhanced internal aluminum fan to keep the ballast cool
  • Designed with a current sense technology intelligent setup and thermal control
  • The ballast is equipped with a high frequency range ranging between 50 to 60 HZ
  • It features a constant light output by the stable voltage thus free from flicker
  • The digital ballast is equipped with premium LED indicator and an ignition voltage control

Here comes another great and sturdy SPL ballast machine that is extremely easy to use. Unlike most of the ordinary ballasts this ballast has unique and great features. The ballast features a sturdy and strong stainless construction. The steel construction gives the ballast a long life span. In addition, the machine features a powder finished surface thus keeping the ballast free from rust.  Besides all that, this device is energy saver when we compare with other types.

Also, the machine is compatible and suitable with all MP and HPS bulb. Being horticultural ballast, the machine has a high pressure sodium lamp. These sodium bulbs provide adequate natural spectrum thus encouraging quality flows thud high yield. The digital ballast has metal halide lamps that are essential in promoting quality and healthy vegetable growth. The equipped ETL listed is suitable for ensuring top security as well as stability is present.

The machine is capable of running for a long time due the equipped premium cooling fan. The aluminum fan and fin ensures that the ballast stays cool throughout. Besides all that, the digital ballast is fully protected against power circuit, short circuit, ignition failure, and overheats. The amazing and sturdy ballast features a low noise structure. The less noise ensures that interference with your daily routine activities and other works.

Feature and Specification

  • This digital ballast features a hydroponics and strong rope ratchet hangers
  • The ballast is capable of accepting input voltage of 110 volts and 240V
  • It is designed with a powerful and classic aluminum fan cooling system
  • The digital ballast has high frequency range ranging between 50 to 60 HZ
  • The ballast has a stable light output by the constant voltage thus free from flicker
  • The sturdy ballast features a heavy-duty and sturdy stainless steel construction
  • This amazing digital ballast strikes both the HPS and MH bulbs perfectly
  • Compact open rated bulb construction to minimize radiant heat caused by the arc tube
  • This amazing features a classic and premium power cord of 120V and 8-feet
  • The ballast designed with extremely low noise structure of about 68.5 db

Buyer's Guide For When Choosing Best Digital Ballasts in 2019

Like we mentioned before, there are various digital ballasts available on the market today just like you will find several glass shear. Choosing the best doesn't have to be a nightmare anymore. There are essential factors that you have to put in mind before you buy one as like as when buy high pressure sodium ballast or 1000 watt metal halide ballast kit. Below we shall guide you through a few things you must consider before you buy a digital ballast.


A digital ballast that does not have proper shielding can create radio frequency interference. Devices around will begin to shatter, and this can cause legal problems. To avoid being tracked because of your ballast frequency mix up, consider a ballast with proper radio frequency shielding. This will save you from paying unnecessary sums of money in case you are sued.


The best digital ballasts are usually quiet. The cooling fan makes a little noise, but the best ballast does not produce sound. Considering a silent Ballast will give you a calm environment that you will always want to be in. Most ballasts are designed to be quiet during operations; therefore, getting one will not be so hard. If at first, it's smooth then later begins to make noise, you need to check for loose screws. It may also be because it has lost its radiofrequency or has some other problem.

Temperature control

A right ballast is one which can attain the heat output levels that are suitable for your plants. When your hydroponic setup runs with the lit lamps, your ballast will start to rise in temperature. Although the high temperatures are great during cold Seasons, they somehow increase the respiration of the plants. When this happens, the plants lose a lot of water. Consider a ballast that will not become too hot when it heats up.

Capable of saving energy

When you go for a ballast, choose one that comes with energy-saving features. Sam ballasts come with dimming capabilities to help save energy. Dimming can allow you to save Power by turning the light to a lower voltage.

Some advanced ballasts can allow more than 50% of the dimming of power. However, some standard ballasts can allow only a 50% dimming of power. These come at an affordable price. Consider a digital ballast that can enable you to save energy.

Weight and size

Consider a digital ballast is that it is compact in size and not too heavy. This will enable you to have smooth operations, and setting up will not be too difficult. The right ballast size should be perfect to fit your hydroponics setting.

Light Consistency and bulb protection

So it's quite simple, an excellent digital ballast should be capable of emitting uniform light output. This unpredictable will guarantee the absolute reliability of the ballast. Your ballast of choice should also be easy to control and predictable.

Aside from that, the ballast should be capable of protecting your bulbs from exploding. The best digital ballasts come with protection features. Some of these features are the ignition voltage and line quality controls.


A flexible digital ballast will improve your hydroponic system. Also, it can be able to do several things. Some of these include used to light several bulbs, it can support double end bulbs, plus it can boost the output of power of the hydroponic lamps. Therefore, you must consider a flexible digital ballast.


Before you go to purchase a digital ballast, think of how much you are willing to spend on one. The various digital ballasts come with varying rates and capabilities. Some come at high prices, and others arrive at affordable prices. Most expensive digital ballasts come with additional features and are of the best quality. However, you can still get the right ballast at an affordable price.

Ease of maintenance and set up

Consider a digital ballast that can easily be set up by anyone. Choose one that will not need an experienced person to get the job done. It should have all the necessary items that will help you have it set up quickly. Additionally, an easy to maintain ballast is also a great addition to your hydroponics set up. The right ballast would be one that doesn't require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation.


So when buying a product, we always want one that can serve for decades. A ball is made of the best quality materials that will ensure its longevity. However, for the ballast to help you for a very long time, you must also ensure that you have the best electrical connections. Poor electrical connections can cause a defect to your newly purchased ballast. When your electrical connections are all standard, consider buying a high-quality ballast.

Extra included items

So why buy a product that needs you to purchase additional items to operate when you can buy one that comes with everything. Consider a digital ballast that comes with added elements to enable you to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do digital ballasts consume less or more electricity?

A: Most digital ballasts today come with features that enable them to minimize loss of power. The adjustable wattage output, as well as the ability to switch between different bulbs, allows them to use less electricity. Therefore, if you get the right digital ballast, it will consume less power.

Q: What is the difference between a digital ballast and a magnetic ballast?

A: A digital ballast comes with electronic circuitry to regulate the amount of current supplied. This brings more efficiency with less heat. On the other hand, a magnetic ballast comes with a core made of steel plates wrapped in a copper wire coil to create a magnetic field. This is to regulate the initial electricity current supplied. These two types mainly differ in their applicability and use.

Q: Do LED lights need a ballast?

A: No, they do not. LEDs come with a ballast similar technology called a driver. A driver will regulate the electricity in a lighting fixture to enable the current to stay consistent. Most LEDs come with an in-built driver, so there is no need to use it with ballast.

Q: Why do fluorescent bulbs need a ballast?

A: They need a Ballast so that it can regulate the levels of current and voltage. In a fluorescent lamp, the current can cause resistance to decrease. This is because electrons and ions flow into a particular area. They bump into more atoms that free up electrons, creating more charged particles. When this happens, the current will continue to rise on its own in a gas discharge. This can cause the lamp to heat up and explode. Therefore, to avoid that a ballast is needed.

Q: Are digital ballasts durable?

A: Generally, modern digital ballasts are durable. You can be able to use one for over two years. However, it will also depend on your electrical connection. The weak electrical connection can cause a defect to your brand new ballast.

Final Thoughts

One thing for sure is that digital ballasts are the better option over the other types of ballast. Several people are now venturing into hydroponics gardening. This means that operations require more advanced equipment to run smoothly. A digital weight is one of those advanced options you will need for your setup. They provide an effective lighting that promotes the growth of healthy crops.

Digital ballast is a crucial part of your hydroponic setup. It will regulate the current flowing to your grow bulbs. As you already know, plants need light to grow, and if they are indoors, they require adequate and proper lighting. If your bulbs are regularly exploding, then you need to find the best digital ballast. The ballasts work well to offer voltage to power lamps, regulate lamp current and they prevent the lamp from overheating.

Digital ballast comes with several advantages compared to other types of ballasts. They are not only cheaper to run but also lightweight and compact. They are silent, consistent, dimmable, long lasting, and can intensify your lights. Providing your crops with proper lighting throughout the growing season will be very easy with the best digital ballast.

When buying a digital ballast, you can also consider a bulb planter for the best gardening experience. Remember to select one that will fulfill your requirements and fit perfectly in your garden. Depending on the size of your hydroponics garden, this guide will enable you to get the right ballast for your needs. We hope you are now ready to take your next step and get the best digital ballasts fit for your hydroponics system.

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