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Top 10 Best Garden Sprayers in 2019 – Tested & Reviewed

Every gardener requires to have the best garden sprayers. Whether you have a garden or a backyard, you want your plants to grow healthy. However, weed and pest affect the growth of your plant as well as the aesthetic of your lawn. If you have a garden sprayer, you can get rid of weed and pests and reclaim the look of your garden or backyard. Additionally, you can also use a garden sprayer to water indoor plants and apply fertilizer.

But how do you know which is the right garden sprayer? What are some of the things that will help you select the right garden sprayer? The truth is, there are so many garden sprayers that you will find. The choices range from gasoline, handheld sprayers, wheeled to pump action. We have done thorough research and reviewed top ten garden sprayers that will be a great addition. Also, check our comparison and buying guide so that you can make the right choice fast.

Top 10 Best Garden Sprayers in 2019 - Reviews

Selecting a garden sprayer is not easy if you do not know the features to look for. You need to equip yourself with the right knowledge before you buy the right sprayer. Check the unique features of these top recommendations, and I'm sure you will get a product that suits your needs.

Some of the most important things that you should consider when you are purchasing a garden spryer are durability, efficiency and quality. You can get all that and much with the Field King Professional 190328. This is a great leak-free backpack sprayer with a 4-gallon capacity. The sprayer is easy to use, and you don't have to worry even when you are dealing with witch chemicals because it doesn't leak.

The sprayer is designed with premium quality and durable 21-inch poly wand so you will enjoy excellent value for your money longer. As compared to other sprayers, this model is designed with high-quality Viton seals suitable for liquid and wet table applications. You will also find a pump that is easy to use and helps you change the seals in less time.

Apart from the sprayer, you will get other items included like foaming nozzle, two flat fans that are brass adjustable. This is a durable unit that is designed with superb internal components that are made of brass. It also features a filtration basket to prevent larger debris from getting into the tank. If you are looking for a relatively larger capacity garden sprayer, this can be a good pick.

Highlighted Features

  • The internal components are made of brass making them durable
  • The sprayer features a large tank opening and filtration basket
  • Made with high-quality Viton seal for chemical resistance
  • Designed with a nice handle for both right and left-hand use
  • Built-in agitator works with liquids, powders and water-soluble solutions


  • Allows you to spray hard to reach areas
  • Easy to repair without tool
  • Designed with comfortable handles
  • Has four nozzle system
  • Convenient carry handle and wand storage
  • Easy to pump


  • Handle doesn't fold

If you don't want a large capacity garden sprayer, you can get the Chapin International 617407731200 with a 2-gallon tank size. It has a translucent tank that makes it easy to fill and clean. You can use this sprayer with a wide range of things because of its compatibility. It works well with pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers. So, you don't have to worry about weed affecting the look of your lawn or pests invading your plants.

This garden sprayer will allow you to maintain a regular spraying schedule. It is designed with Chapin's sure spray filter that doesn't clog. You can enjoy a clog-free performance every time you use this garden sprayer. This unit can be a perfect investment if you have a home, garden, lawn or dealing with a commercial project.

As you know, comfort is important when you are using a garden sprayer. This is why this model is designed with an ergonomic handle to give you easy pumping as well as carrying. Apart from the sprayer, you will also get other items included in the package like an adjustable nozzle, poly shut-off assembly and a funnel top to prevent messes when you are filling.

Highlighted Features

  • The tank is translucent which makes filling easy
  • Designed with anti-clog filter for easy spraying
  • Features an ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Designed with a funnel top opening to make filling easy
  • The sprayer has foaming and cone nozzles which are adjustable


  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Provides you with easy pumping
  • It doesn't clog
  • Compatible with weed killers and pesticides
  • Offers mess free-filling


  • Plastic nodes on the pump break easily

Looking for the best battery powered backpack sprayer? If so, I would recommend you to try this 4-gallon garden sprayer. It features an improved translucent tank design so you can fill with ease as well as clean. This is the most comfortable sprayer with shoulders traps that make it easy for you to spray. The unit provides you with more power, reliability and better control.

This high-efficiency pump features a durable and long stainless steel wand and plastic wand for better control. The pressure is adjustable, and the long wand ensures that you do not overspray. This is this sprayer is the best pick for professional use. The battery included provides longer life, and it features a quick change battery door. This makes it easy for you to change the battery.

Another amazing thing about this sprayer is that the nozzles attachments of the unit come ready to use. It will work perfectly with various chemicals. On top of that, the plastic wand is compatible with bleaches and acids. Filing the tank is easy because it has a wide mouth which also keeps away debris and dirt from the container.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a quick change battery door
  • Has a wide mouth to make filling the sprayer easy
  • It is designed with a heavy-duty vital spray hose
  • The sprayer comes with an adjustable brass nozzle
  • The attachments and nozzles of the sprayer are ready to use


  • Quality and ergonomic backpack sprayer
  • Easy to change the battery
  • Wide mouth makes filling easy
  • Has a high pressure
  • It doesn't overspray
  • Has an adjustable output dial


  • The accessories would have been better

If you have a garden lawn or backyard, having a garden sprayer can be a great investment. A model like the Chapin International 61500 can help you apply insecticides, weed killers and fertilizers, among others. This hand pump sprayer features tough sprayers that are ideal for both professional and home use. The sprayer has a 4-gallon tank capacity which is big enough if you want to spray a large area.

There are so many benefits that you will get from this sprayer. First, it features an adjustable poly spray nozzle which makes it easy for you to adjust the spray pattern to your preference. It can adjust from fine mist to coarse mist in a matter of seconds. Another thing that you will love is the wide mouth opening that prevents dirt and other debris from getting in the sprayer.

When you are spraying, comfort is essential, especially if you have a larger section to cover. This is why this garden sprayer is designed with padded backpack straps to give you the comfort that you need. The straps are effective if you will be using the sprayer for long applications. This makes it an ideal tool for landscaping.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with an adjustable poly spray nozzle
  • Has a wide mouth opening and the filter is easy to assemble
  • The sprayer features padded backpack straps for comfort
  • The sprayer is designed with a 20-inch wand extension
  • Designed with serviceable shut-off assembly for easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Comes with manual
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Filter is simple to assemble
  • Has a wide mouth
  • Poly spray nozzle is adjustable


  • Lower back has sharp edges

If all you need is a simple handheld garden sprayer, I would recommend you to try the Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer. This is an efficient pump that is not only great for home but also commercial use. It doesn't matter if you are using harsh chemicals; this sprayer will work well. It is designed with a chemical resistant commercial grade poly wand making it durable.

In as much as you can use your hands to hold it when spraying, it also features a shoulder strap that makes carrying easy. Another great aspect of this 2-gallon sprayer is the professional shutoff that eliminates fatigue. On top of that, it features nickel-plated brass poppet to offer the required precision and strength. You will also experience a simple time when cleaning the in-line filtration system.

The smith contractor 190216 sprayer also features a pressure relief valve to relieve the pressure safely before you remove the pump. This is important because it prevents you from getting into contact with the chemicals. The sprayer is also designed with 5 nozzles that provides versatility. These nozzles include foaming nozzle, high volume fan nozzle, low volume fan nozzle and an adjustable poly brass and brass nozzle.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a lockable shut-off that eliminates hand fatigue
  • Designed with a pressure relief valve for safety
  • It has five nozzles that enhance the versatility of the unit
  • Designed with Viton gasket for maximum chemical resistance
  • Features adjustable shoulder straps that make carrying easy


  • The sprayer is easy to use
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Made with a material that is chemical resistant
  • It is safe to use
  • Has 5 nozzles for versatility 


  • Great sprayer but stops working after long time use

When it comes to garden sprayers, Chapin International is a brand that you can trust. The company provides you with a wide range of quality sprayers that work well. Another garden sprayer is their list is the Chapin International 20075 Disinfectant Bleach Sprayer. This is a 1-gallon sprayer with a translucent white tank for easy filling and cleaning.

This garden sprayer is designed with an ergonomic handle that provides easy carrying and makes pumping easier. This handle is comfortable to prevent hand fatigue. It is designed with quality material that is compatible with different kinds of bleach solutions. On top of that, this sprayer features an adjustable nozzle that creates a fine mist or a course stream by simply twisting the nozzle.

Another great thing that I love about this sprayer is that it has a wide mouth opening that makes filling easy. You will also have a simple time cleaning the sprayer.  The filter included is anti-clog and provides maximum resistance on dirt and debris. Unlike other garden sprayers, finding replacement parts is easy. The parts are readily available online, so it will be easier if you need to change some parts of the sprayer.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with a wide-mouth opening for easy cleaning and filling
  • Designed with an anti-clog filter to offer maximum performance
  • The nozzles are adjustable to provide coarse or fine stream
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue
  • The garden sprayer features 25-foot spray and 12-inch wand


  • Easy to get replacement parts
  • The handle is comfortable
  • The filter doesn't clog
  • Cleaning and filling the tank is easy
  • Great sprayer for the money
  • Assembly is easy


  • The wand is short

Are you looking for a multipurpose sprayer? Smith 190285 is one of the best models that you can get on the market today. This multipurpose sprayer can be used for various activities which include cleaning decks, siding, concrete and bricks, locker rooms and roof, among others. It is designed with a mouth that is easy to use so you can put your solution with ease.

The sprayer has gaskets and Viton seals which makes it ides for use with caustic chemicals and bleach. It is designed with a heavy-duty poly nozzle and wand that is adjustable and non-corrosive. You will also love the premium shut-off with comfort grip and the 36-inch long wand that provides you with better performance.

Using this sprayer is easy. Fill it with the tank that has fill markets and then insert the pump in the tank. Pressurize the sprayer and then squeeze the trigger to begin spraying. The sprayer or smith backpack sprayer is designed with an adjustable nozzle that helps you spray with ease. It also features shut-off with a comfortable grip that lock it on to offer continuous use.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with Viton seals and gasket to handle harsh chemicals
  • Features an adjustable and non-corrosive wand and nozzle
  • Has a comfort grip and 36 inches long reinforced hose
  • The sprayer features an adjustable poly nozzle
  • Has a shut-off with a comfortable grip for continuous use


  • The sprayer is multipurpose
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Has an adjustable nozzle
  • Has a high chemical resistance
  • Great sprayer for lawn and gardens


  • Not ideal for powder-based chemicals

Create a regular spray routine with the Field King Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer. This is a nice model for gardeners and provides a leak-free operation. The sprayer is safe to use even when you are dealing with harsh chemical because the internal doesn't leak. It is durable and designed with stainless steel wand and top quality Viton seals that are chemical resistant.

The sprayer is designed with a built-in agitator and internal paddles that activate the pump. This mixes the contents well so that it is ready for spraying. The sprayer works well with various elements like powders, liquids and water-soluble solutions. It has a high pressure of up to 150 psi, making it easy to spray areas up to 30 feet.

It is also designed with a large tank opening that has a filtration basket to prevent debris from getting inside the tank when you are filling. This field king max backpack sprayer is designed to provide you with comfort when spraying. It features a breathable, padded and full coverage ballistic nylon harness with a chest clip that is adjustable. This keeps the lumbar support in place, and you will not experience bouncing.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with an internal pump that doesn't leak
  • Has Viton seals and gasket for chemical resistance
  • Has a filtration gasket that prevents dirt inside the tank
  • Features a stainless steel wand and premium auto-shutoff
  • Designed with a durable 21-inch stainless steel wand 


  • Comes with 4 nozzles
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • The sprayer is safe to use
  • Has high resistance to chemicals
  • Pump is easy to access


  • After long time some users find it uncomfortable

When you have a garden or lawn, at some point you will need to deal with weed and insects. It can be tough to get rid of them if you don't have the right garden sprayer. This is why I recommend Smith Performance Sprayers. You can use this 2-gallon sprayer to apply fertilizer, insecticide, and weed killers.

This is a professional-grade sprayer that is built with quality components to give you a durable performance. It can withstand harsh chemicals for a long time. The sprayer is designed with a durable 21-inch stainless steel wand that features poly lining and quality Viton seals hence giving you effective chemical resistance.

As compared to other types of pumps, this unit needs 25% less pumps per gallon. Additionally, you can achieve quick and easy repairs when you want to change the pump seals. This is a process that you can do without any tools or taking too much time. The smith performance sprayers r200 sprayer also features a filter that is easy to access hence minimizing clogging.

Highlighted Features

  • Has stainless steel wand with poly lining
  • Features a lock-on feature that reduces fatigue
  • Designed with Viton seals and gasket
  • The sprayer has multiple nozzles for versatility
  • Has a pressure relieve valve for safe use


  • Easy to transport and use
  • Repairs are quick and easy
  • Resists chemicals
  • Designed with a durable wand
  • Has a stable base
  • Easy to use


  • Great sprayer but wears out fast

If you have a garden or lawn, you need several items like the best lawn sweepers. On top of that, having a garden sprayer will help you spray weed killers and insecticides to keep your plants healthy and improve the aesthetic of your lawn. The Chapin International 26021XP is another model from Chapin International that you can depend on.

This garden sprayer has a 2-gallon tank that is translucent, which makes cleaning and filling easy. On top of that, it is designed with a wide mouth that makes your work easier. The sprayer works well with various weed killers, pesticides and fertilizers.  It features a 3-stage filtration system and a removable filter for easy cleaning.

If you want to get maximum output when using a garden sprayer, it is excellent if you get a model that is easy and comfortable to use as like as chapin parts. This one has cushion grip shut-off with 3 nozzles making it easy to clean. The sprayer is also designed with an ergonomic handle to provide you with simple pumping as well as easy transportation.

Highlighted Features

  • It is designed with an anti-clog filter that provides debris resistance
  • Features pressure release valve to provide increased control
  • Brass nozzle that is adjustable for mist and course patterns
  • Cushion grip shut off offer maximum resistance on hand and wrist fatigue
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle for ease of use


  • The filter doesn't clog
  • It works well
  • Offers fine and coarse spray
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • Suitable for various applications


  • Wish it lasted longer

How To Choose The Best Garden Sprayer in 2019

Selecting the ideal sprayer should not be a daunting task for you. Identify the problem in your garden or lawn and find out the spraying area. Doing so enables you to find the best sprayer for your tasks. It's also best to have different sprayers for different solutions to avoid solutions mix-up. When the different solutions mix up, it will have adverse effects on your garden.

Before embarking on the top five tips, let's look at two common types of sprayers.

Tank sprayer 

A tank sprayer is also referred to as a compression pump not only that it is also a lawn sprayer pump. It's the most popular among the garden sprayers due to its versatility. You can easily carry the sprayer by hand. The tanks of compression pump have a capacity of 1-3 gallons. The included wand enables you to control the spray pattern by simply adjusting its position.

The compression pumps are made from galvanized, stainless steel or polyethene plastic. Besides spraying, they are useful for cleaning decks and siding.

Backpack sprayer

A backpack sprayer is also referred to as a backpack weed sprayer. It operates the same way as a handheld tank sprayer with the only difference being their size. The backpack sprayer is easy to handle and is suitable for spraying as a large garden sprayer.

Below are the top five tips to consider when purchasing a garden sprayer.


Most of the time, the lawn will be in your back, and therefore it's vital to consider its portability. This is useful, especially when you are spraying a large garden. If spraying a small garden, then portability may not be much of an issue. Go for a strapped sprayer as it allows you to carry the sprayer easily in your back. Alternatively, go for a sprayer which is small enough to handle.

Size of the sprayer

The size of your device matters a lot. When it comes to size, you should not only look at the size of the tank but the overall device. The container should be large enough to accommodate the fertilizer, pesticide or herbicides you are carrying. On the second note, it should not be too large, which makes it hard to push or move the device around.


You don't have to buy a new sprayer after every spraying. You deserve better and is the reason to should prioritize the quality of the sprayer. Check the user reviews to find out if users are happy using the device. The user reviews are particularly important and determine whether the users of the product are so glad. These reviews should influence your final buying decision.


The manufacturer or brand plays a pivotal role in buying choices. Ideally, some brands are famous for manufacturing high-quality garden sprayers, while others produce substandard devices. Find a reliable brand with a tool that can fit your budget as like as when look and buy a nozzle check pattern unit.

Additional features

Some sprayers come with additional customization and features. They include shoulder straps and additional nozzles. Depending on your tasks having extra accessories will make your spraying tasks easier and effective. As like as chapin sprayer pump assembly may be concern.

Personal preferences 

The garden sprayer is your companion for during your routine spraying time. It's, therefore, crucial to prioritize your personal preferences. Look for a garden sprayer with your favorite color and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the right time to spray my garden?

A: If you want to maintain healthy plants, adopt a regular spraying schedule. For instance, you can spray during spring, summer and fall. If you are spraying pesticide, you can spray after every 2-3 weeks.

Q: What are the various types of garden sprayers that are available?

A: There are different types of garden sprayers that you can find. The most common types available include backpack sprayers, hose-end garden sprayers, liquid sprayers, air sprayer, gasoline powered sprayers and tank garden sprayers.

Q: Do I need to have a garden sprayer?

A: Yes, you do. Every gardener needs this product. It provides a wide range of benefits like eliminating measuring guesswork. You can spray all sides and prevents material wastage, among other benefits.

Q: What is the longest distance can a garden sprayer spray?

A: The spraying distance can vary from one sprayer to the other. For instance, if you have the Chapin backpack sprayer, it can spray more than 10 feet under pressure. Some models can spray up to 30 feet or more.

Q: How do I clean the nozzle of my garden sprayer?

A: Cleaning the nozzle is a simple task. Simply rinse the tank with some clean water and the pump the water through the nozzle for thorough cleaning. Put 1 cup of ammonia in the pump sprayer for 3 gallons of water and then spray the ammonia solution which cleans the inside of the nozzle.

Watch video Review of Field King Professional 190328 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer

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Final Thoughts

Selecting the best garden sprayers should not be a tough job. If you know what you are looking for, then fishing out the right model that suits your requirements is easy. Garden sprayers are versatile tools that will make your gardening tasks easier. You can use them to apply some liquids to plants like tomatoes, spray insecticide and fertilizers. You can also use them to spray weed that affects the aesthetic of your yard. This will help you keep your plants healthy and keep weed and pests away.

There is always a garden sprayer designed to meet your needs. We have covered the best models on the market today to make your work easier. These are incredible sprayers that are ergonomically designed to provide you with comfort when you are spraying your plants. The sprayers come in various tank capacities and other amazing features. Based on your needs, I hope you will find it easy to pick the most suitable sprayer that will meet your requirements.


Not only did we select high-quality sprayers, but they are also affordable. With any of these budget-friendly sprayers, you can be sure to maintain a nice spray routine. We have given you top product recommendations and a detailed buying guide. Make sure you go through these tips before you make your purchase. Scrutinize every sprayer and choose the one with the right features that you want. It is essential to take precaution when using garden sprayers, especially if you are using dangerous chemicals. Ensure that you have personal protective equipment like long sleeves, glove and face masks, among others.


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