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How to Organize a Small House with No Storage? - Guide & Reviews!

Are you wondering how all those household items will fit in your tiny house?  Then you need to get some of the best ideas to make the best of your tiny space that is how to organize a small house. You have noticed by now that it can be almost impossible to fit all your favorite household items in that minimal space.

With our simple but, effective storage solutions, your tiny home will not only end up with plenty of storage space but also a neat and breathable home. Here are some creative home storage ideas that are sure to turn your tiny home to that dream house.

#1: Divide every room into separate areas

Divide Every Room Into Separate Areas

In most houses, the living room is the largest. Most families singularly use it as a meeting place and a TV room. You can creatively divide the living room into courts to stand for rooms that the family needs such as the dining area, playroom for the kids, or den.

Partition using large designer curtains freestyled walls or you can even organize a few objects in the living room to suit specific purposes. The dividers could create extra storage if you artistically make racks on the wooden stands. Store things that are often used there since it's easier to reach them.

Add lofts everywhere, on top of the bed, on kitchen walls or anywhere you find space. This will serve as an extra storage unit. This is space that would have otherwise remained empty.

#2: Maximize vertical space on walls

Maximize Vertical Space On Walls

Do you realize what consumes most of your floor space? Most houses have the floor space filled by furniture, equipment, dustbins, and rags. Take advantage of the vertical space since its mostly left empty. Apply some of these practical suggestions

Buy items that can be stacked on each other for every room. For the kitchenware purchase dinner sets, cups that can stack in each other. Put small containers inside larger ones. You can also buy a pegboard for hanging pans, pots and cutlery. This limits the amount of space taken by each item.

For the living room, purchase floating shelves to hold lighter things such as books, light electronics, and for the heavy flower pots and bigger objects in the living room, get stronger adhesives and large screws for hanging them on the walls.

Purchase slanting vertical shelves for storage of toys, art pieces, and some crafts. A slanting bookshelf makes the walls decent.

#3: Buy multipurpose furniture 

Buy Multipurpose Furniture

Furniture sets serving more than one purpose include

  • A sofa that transforms into a bed. This one can be disassembled making a double bed. Most can house spare bedding when not in use. This saves you ample space.
  • Have you used tray tables with foldable legs? This table saves you lots of space, it is used to serve breakfast or coffee and after use, you can easily dismantle it and store under the sofa or leaning on the wall. The tray can also be used to serve breakfast in bed.
  • The standing jewelry cabinet mirror is an amazing solution for you. It serves as a mirror and also as storage for jewelry without damaging the walls. This stand offers some privacy too.
  • Purchase fold-up step ladders. This will serve as an extra chair for visitors, for collecting books on top shelves and when not in use it acts as a set of shelves on its own.
  • Buy wired bins and woven baskets for end tables. These will serve you double as extra storage for blankets and as a table. It comes with a sense of style also.
  • Buy a bed with drawers for storing clothes. If your space is very limited, you can raise the current bed with strong wooden blocks to create space underneath for boxes and stuff that's bulky.

#4: Get rid of junk things in the house 

Get Rid Of Junk Things In The House

You will realize how much space is wasted by objects and stuff that you no longer need in the house. The biggest question is where to start.

Get a pen and paper and walk around the house, room by room and write down all that you don't need. You will find so many kitchenware, old cabinets, dining sets, toys, racks. Remember your aim is to create space.

Select items to donate, items to put in the trash bag and items to sell off. After repeating this exercise for a few months, you will realize that your rooms are not actually left empty, but you created space for things that are more valuable.

Try using the 12-12-12 challenge, this challenge involves identifying 12 items to donate, 12 items to return to their respective homes and 12 items to dispose of.

#5: Be very selective with what you allow get in the house 

Be Very Selective With What You Allow Get In The House

When buying new items for the house, be choosy, not to buy duplicates. Only pick items that can serve multiple purposes.

For toys and crafts, pick only what you have space for. When you buy new items make sure you already have an idea of what to do with the old ones.

In case you want more cabinets, bookshelves or any extra furniture, consider customization. This will make maximum use of the space available without having to disorganize the rest of the room. Consider utilizing every square inch of space.

#6: Build spice racks inside of the cupboard 

Build Spice Racks Inside Of The Cupboard

Do not use too much space to store spices. Instead, you can do the following:

  • Buy magnetic strips and magnetic containers and stick them on the cupboard door.
  • Also, make sure to dispose of empty containers accordingly.
  • Label the spice jars and arrange them alphabetically. This will make it easier for you to pick the ones you need with ease. It's advisable to use small containers instead of big jars.

#7: Make use of space under stairs

Make Use Of Space Under Stairs

There are so many things to hide under staircases. With decent shelves, there's plenty of room. Here you can store the baseballs, toys, books and so much more.

Have you thought of using the space under the stairs as a working area? With a good plan, that space can be an office. You can make a fitting surface for a desktop computer or laptop. On walls mount bookshelves in a symmetrical order. In case you are worried about disturbance from family, install sliding doors since they take less space.

The space under stairs suits shelves for wine bottles. Traditionally wine was stored in wooden jars but nowadays it's hard to find it in such containers. Adding that wooden shelve for wine gives that wooden feeling and is not as complicated to build. This will serve as a cool store for the wine and some decor to your living room.

#8: Maintain a tidy house

Maintain A Tidy House

Do you realize how clumsy a room with undone laundry and dishes all over the sinks looks ugly? This makes your tiny room look even more crowded. It's best to have the floor, sinks, bed free of stuff. This will help free your mind and organizing the rest of the house will take less time. Remember to clear the floor of unnecessary things at all times for organize a small house.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is possible to declutter my tiny house without having to move into a bigger house? 

A: At the very beginning, this will seem unpractical but with a little effort, consistency and planning it becomes an exciting exercise. It might not happen overnight, you will need a good plan and execution might take some time. Make a list of items you no longer use and choose one room to start with. Start with the home office. Going through all the papers on your desk, those that have no use and the rest. Dispose accordingly or recycle. Freeing this space will even increase your productivity and give you breathing space. Take a single room at a time and repeat the process after a few days.

Q: How can I constructively use the space under the staircase in my living room? 

A: There is a lot that can be done with space under the stairs. With a little creativity, you end up with plenty of space that never existed. This space offers secondary private storage, can be made into an office with a small table, can be a store for the washing machine, bookshelves can be fitted on the wall in a certain order, it can also be designed to store your awards and crafts, for hanging potted plants, the list is endless.

Q: How do I do the selection of items to do away with when decluttering my house?

A: One of the hardest tasks when organizing your small house is selecting what to keep and what to throw. Check for clothes that you haven't put on for the last 6 months. Donate that freely since you don't need it. Those junks that block your way into the garage, the old toys that the kids no longer use, those piles of CDs /DVD's s can be stored in a hard disk or external storage. Generally, the entire process requires a little creativity.

Final Words

How to organize a small house should no longer be a big problem after reading this article. Decluttering your house may seem a big dream until you make the first step. It's one of the most freeing experience you will have. Create a breathable room for yourself by donating, recycling or selling all that which you no longer need. Those old clothes, non-fitting jeans can do so much good in someone else's closet.

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