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Top 10 Best Shoes for Sciatica – Buying Guide & Reviews 2021

Most of us can attest that at some point in our life, we might have suffered sciatica, and considering that you are reading this, it means you are looking for a solution. In this article, I will provide some details on how to work your way through getting the best shoes for sciatica. Experiencing sciatica pain must be one of the most devastating conditions one has to go through. For those who suffer from this nerve-wracking pain, we have gone a notch higher and found details on the shoes you need to get. 

The sciatic nerve is the longest one in our bodies, and sciatica is the pain that the sciatic nerve suffers, and it only affects one side of the human body. Those who work for long hours, this pain is common since nerves get overworked by the strenuous job. The good thing is that you do not have to worry too much, you only need to find the shoes that will give you utmost comfort and help with your pain.

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe
Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.; Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.

The 10 Best Shoes for Sciatica in 2021 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Shoes for Sciatica in 2021 - Reviews

Foot pain can be a frustrating experience. You can prevent that if you have the Best Shoes for Foot Pain Relief. For those who experience sciatic pain, there are some shoes that can help you feel comfortable and relieve the pain. Here are our top 10 recommendations.

 1.  ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe


This best mens sneakers for sciatica has a rubber outsole. This rubber outsole is highly abrasive and thus able to resist tear and wear and can therefore last long. The thick rubber sole enables you to run in rough terrain. It also has a Gel cushioning system. In case, you experience the back pains when running, it acts as a shock absorber and makes you comfortable as you take a breath. It also comes with a sock-liner which can be removed and allow replacement with the orthotic prescribed by your doctor.


The shoe has exemplary durability. The outsole is fitted with very abrasive rubber [ASICS High Abrasion Rubber] at its most critical areas therefore it resists tear and wear exceptionally. Secondly, it gives you the uttermost comfort that you crave for. The outsole has reverse threads which enable you run up and down a hill comfortably. 


It is a great sciatica shoe with its highly responsive cushioning system and shock absorption performance. The rear foot cushion goes a long way to absorb shock giving you a peaceful transition in case of a back pain.


  • Gives you an assurance of comfort since it has a gel cushioning system
  • Flexibility – sock liners are removable and can be replaced with medical orthotics.
  • Can traverse all types of terrain. The outer sole has abrasive rubber at critical areas
  • Are always warm even in cold weather since they do not allow excess air to flow into them
  • This is a very durable shoe that lasts long as the abrasive rubber is able to resist wear and tear


  • Not allowing enough air into the shoe thus causing may little bit discomfort


This ASICS sciatic shoe is one of the best running shoes. The durability of its outer sole makes it outstanding and very suitable when running in very rough terrains. I also recommend it for any person looking for a comfortable sciatic shoe. Additionally, it looks good and comes in different colors. If you are a first time buyer, I advise that you order a shoe that is slightly bigger than your shoe size. Many previous customers have noted that their lengths and widths are slightly smaller than for other sciatic shoes.

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe
Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.; Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.

 2.  Crocs Women's Men's Classic Lined Clog | Warm and Fuzzy Slippers

Crocs Women's Men's Classic Lined Clog | Warm and Fuzzy Slippers


These sciatic clogs for both men and women are 100 percent synthetic with a long lasting synthetic outer sole. The clogs’ shaft measures 3 inches from the arch and its platform approximately 0.5 inches. The upper part of the crocs is well ventilated increasing breathability. You therefore enjoy the cool breeze running through the clog especially during warm weather. Comfort is assured once you purchase these clogs. They are cozily lined to enhance warmth and are fitted with straps to ensure you fit in them and walk comfortably.


These clogs give you a classic look. The soles are synthetic and therefore they can be customized with interesting designs as well as a variety of colors. Are you looking for the most comfortable foot-ware to put on while at home? If so, these Crocs offer you the uttermost comfort. The fur lining in the clogs give you the best comfort and warmth.


Unlike most clogs, these ones last longer and can even be used where people even run for longer distances. They are fitted with the traditional straps which ensure you fit in them properly and you can even run to the classroom in them! Additionally, they are lightweight and therefore you move around in them very easily and comfortably. In fact you do not feel the weight of the clogs at all.


  • Offer maximum comfort; the inner part is lined with fur
  • They are lightweight and therefore no burden to the user
  • Can be used even in cold weather since the fur provides warmth
  • Fit in well and the traditional straps enable your feet to fit correctly into them
  • Are 100 percent synthetic and therefore can be customized to attractive designs and colors
  • Have superb breathability since the upper part of the clogs is well ventilated to allow flow of air


  • They are not slip resistant therefore not favorable in slippery environment


When you decide to go for clogs instead of closed shoes, you are obviously in need of the footwear that will offer you the best comfort. The Crocs clogs offer you maximum comfort as you move around at home. Whether you put them at home, the gym, and the shower or at the beach, they offer you a rare combination of maximum comfort, warmth and breathability. The feather weight offers you the relaxation you very much need as you walk around in these customized synthetic clogs.

 3.  Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Women's Running Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Women's Running Shoes


These shoes have a synthetic outer sole and an upper mesh part. This upper shoe part is made of a flexible mesh and supported by synthetic materials. The use of synthetic materials allow for customization to bring a variety of fits and colors. The middle saddle also allows for further customization. These best women's running shoes for sciatica have a removable foam for cushioning and comfort. This removable cushion supplements the in shoe fabric lining which cushions the shoe. Since it is a running shoe, it takes a streamlined form and enables you to run easily due to its light weight.


It is a high quality running shoe that will last long. The outsole is made of rubber which offers not only durability but also supports the weight of the runner properly. This critical areas of the outer sole have highly abrasive HPR Plus which enables them to resist tear and wear. The upper shoe part is designed with mesh to give your feet the best breathability and cool breeze as you run.


With their streamlined lined look, they give you the best running experience. They offer you the best transition from a back pain with the mid-sole which increases the sole’s density. The shoe has a crash pad which runs across its whole length and is in segments; it also aids heavily to ease these pains.


  • They are synthetic and environmental friendly
  • Are light and therefore not a burden as you run.
  • Offers progressive and smooth transitions in case of pains
  • The outer sole and parts of the outer part are synthetic so you can customize it
  • It has good breathability since the upper part is mesh supported by synthetic materials
  • It offers maximum cushioning with its fabric lining and removable foam molded in the shoe


  • Need to improve fitting for every person who want to purchase.


This is probably the best women’s running shoe with almost zero negative feedback. In fact, most of the users stop calling it a running shoe and convert it to the shoe they wear to work, church, to the stores. It offers the best comfort one would ask for in addition to support during transition periods. You can run or walk the whole day and you will feel no fatigue. Its light weight and cushioning properties are excellent and I recommend that you purchase it should you be planning to start jogging or running.

 4.  Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal

Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal


This is an Arizona sandal with two straps. It gives you a chance to choose your best color since the synthetic EVA material used can be customized to a variety of colors. Not only can you use them in your household endeavors, they can also be used for outdoor activities and even for work. The material used is completely waterproof and it ensures your toes don’t get damp thus your foot is always clean and warm. It is easy to clean therefore you will enjoy using it even for beach activities. It has a design made to ensure your foot is comfortable and your weight well supported. The contoured foot-bed enables you to gain a good posture and your weight to be evenly distributed.


This is a synthetic sandal with its outer sole 100 percent synthetic. The sandal can therefore be customized to look more attractive and made into different colors. The synthetic EVA material used is lightweight and therefore the sandal does not wear you down. Additionally, this neutral material has no odor and does resists bad odors from the surrounding. It is of high quality designed to serve you for long and resist tear and wear even in rugged terrain.


The sandal offers you exemplary comfort and cushioning. First, it is light and therefore does not weigh you fact, it is possible to run fast and easily with these light double-strapped sandal. Secondly, the manufacturer designed the sandal paying keen attention to the anatomy of a human foot and body posture. The toe bar is raised to ensure your feet have a natural grip; the heel cup on the other hand is deep to enhance comfort. The foot-bed is contoured with four arches to ensure there is proper weight distribution thus good posture.


  • Is lightweight and therefore does not weigh you down
  • The foot-bed has 4 arches that ensure proper weight distribution
  • Sandal has a raised toe-bar to enhance the natural gripping of your foot
  • EVA material is waterproof therefore the sandal can be used in damp areas
  • Made of synthetic material thus can be customized to various fits and colors


  • Like all sandals, it is not warm to be used during cold weather


Many past consumers have always upheld the great service and durability of these sandals. If you are looking for comfortable and durable foot wear for a retreat in a rugged landscape, these sandals are a good choice. They come in fitting sizes to give you the comfort and support you so much crave for.

 5.  Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 - Pursuit Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 - Pursuit Walking Shoe


This best women's dress shoes for sciatica is made of pure mash fabric giving you a lightweight footwear. The inner sole is very comfortable as it uses Goga Max technology which provides maximum cushioning for your foot. Another great feature is its flexibility. The front of the shoe does not hit the toes at all allowing you to move comfortably. Additionally, its durability makes it stand out; its long lasting outer sole is able to resist tear and wear.


This best women's walking shoes for sciatica has an aesthetic look and you can even use it to go for work. Its material can be customized to achieve different colors and offers you the uttermost comfort with its updated Goga max technology. In addition, the fabric of these shoes is completely odor resistant and does not allow the growth of smelly bacteria thus you will always have clean odorless feet.


Skechers go walk-4 offer great and responsive cushioning. Its 5GEN midsole highly absorbs shock and offers you the best transition from a back pain. Its upper part is a soft mesh seamless construction which further enhances your comfort. Additionally, it is designed to gain a streamline look with its mid-foot tapering to enhance full support of your weight.


  • They are lightweight thus do not weigh you down
  • Offer you great flexibility giving your toes enough room
  • Are odor resistant with their foot beds lined with bamboo
  • They have a good look and are available in a variety of colors
  • Maximum cushion with their Goga Max technology and shock absorbing 5GEN midsole


  •  Shoes are not very breathable thus do not allow enough air.


Most consumers of this product have always been satisfied with these shoes. Their cushioning levels and odorless properties make them standout. I highly recommend it for any walking activity or even running. It will give you a wonderful and enjoyable experience with their lightweight and attractive look.

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 - Pursuit Walking Shoe
Imported; Rubber sole; Radically lightweight; Innovative and highly responsive midsole; Soft mesh upper

 6.  Clarks Women's Ashland Lane Q Slip-On Loafer

Clarks Women's Ashland Lane Q Slip-On Loafer


Wide Range of options- The Clark loafer offers a variety of options based on the shoe size and the fitting width. The shoe size is from size five to size twelve and within the range, there are options of narrow, wide or X-wide widths. This means that anyone either studying or working can comfortably use this loafer.

Neutral colors- The Clark shoe has majored on official users meaning that you are sorted for all your official functions. I assume that those are the commonly attended endeavors. Even so, casual wear can still go well with the shoe. The colors will match most of your outgoing outfits.


The quality of the loafer is amazing because of the breathable ortholite footbed that ensures that your feet stay cool. This is thoughtful of the designers; heat will no longer be a common alert for feet distress especially under the hot sun. The shoe is entirely leather that makes it durable and gives the shoe a classy look. The sole is rubber causing the shoe to feel fluffy and flexible in your feet. The quality matches all the needs of a woman in any field.


If your preference lies in low heel lengths, this is the best option for you. Low heels are what works with most people due to the ease of walking and extra comfort. With the shoe having a leather make it makes it easier to clean it with just a simple wipe over and polish maintenance. The shoe has two layers of cushioning on the top and bottom aimed at offering extra comfort all day long. You can stand in it for half a day every day and still look flawless.


  • You can wear the shoe to a casual or official event and look elegant.
  • The shoe is entirely made from leather making it durable and look classy.
  • It has a breathable ortholite footbed that causes your feet to stay cool throughout.
  • The whole shoe structure makes it lightweight that you won’t feel yourself in motion.
  • Has rubber sole offering shoe flexibility so it doesn’t interfere with your walking style.


  • The narrow width fitting may be too big causing an off sizing.


The greatest need whenever you go hunting for a pair of shoes is the level of comfort you receive. Well, this time your hunt will be fruitful having the Clark loafer specially made for all wonderful ladies. This is a shoe with a wide selection depending on the size and width fitting. After a long hard day of work, your feet will not have to feel sore from the unbearable heat. The ortholite footbed does wonders; it keeps your feet cool all day long. The best fit for any formal or casual occasion.

Clarks Women's Ashland Lane Q Slip-On Loafer
Heel height 1.29"; Ortholite footbed

 7.  Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk - Shoes for Heel

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk


Verso-shock technology- this unique feature works with the help of a patented spring system that absorbs shock from the surface and converts it into renewed positive energy.

Spacious Toe box- this is ideal for anyone having a hammertoe or bunions by providing extra space to move your toe. You will not feel the suppression on your toes thanks to the roomy toe box. It also eases pressure on your bunions, hammertoes and sensitive feet.

Seamless lining- provides superior comfort to your feet and manages sensitivity to pain. This is the best option for women’s diabetic shoes, women’s arthritis shoes and women’s shoes for neuropathy.


The Mighty Walk footwear is the women’s ultimate solution for therapy and athletics. A shoe that allows you to walk in without stress, pain or strain in your feet and even after that you can barely feel the complication. The ergonomic design reduces pressure from the toe tip to the heel and the joints in between. The inner soles are removable and can be replaced with custom orthotics to improve support.


Any woman seeking comfort and relief in walking or athletics should brush off any doubt and come on board. A long-lasting solution is finally available with an extended range of options to choose from depending on your foot size. The mighty walk has a rigid midsole and heel cup to relieve tour plantar fasciitis. The ergonomic rocker design assists in reducing the strain caused when walking. They are perfect for stability, support, motion control and absorption of shock.


  • Has a spacious toe box that relieves stress on toes and arches.
  • Has an ergonomic rocker design that decreases the pressure on your toes and heel.
  • It also includes a seamless interior that helps sensitive feet and neuropathy reducing irritation.
  • The inner soles are replaceable with custom orthotics in order to improve comfort and stability.
  • The verso-shock technology is meant to absorb shock, convert it aiming to reduce harmful impact.


  • All available advantages come at the cost of spending quite a lot of money.


These are the ultimate mighty walk pain relieving shoes. For women who have had plantar fasciitis, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, heel pain or knee pain, this is a new turn over for you. The disorders timeline has expired in your body. You do not need to rise to extreme extents in order to manage your pain or seek for comfort. The pain-alleviating solution is here to stay and provide you with over-delivered results.

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk
VersoShock Patented Technology: shown to relieve pain in the knees.; Roomy Toe Box extra room for comfort and better blood circulation.

 8.  Orthofeet Best Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic Shoes. Extended Widths. Proven Relief

Orthofeet Best Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetic Shoes. Extended Widths


Made for feet therapy- They are the best orthopedic footwear with a lightweight ergonomic sole that has air cushioning. The orthotic insoles offer anatomical arch support and a couple of cushioning layers. These features are meant to increase the level of comfort which will in turn ease pain on the feet and heel.

Perfectly customized fits- The shoe is made for men beginning from a size seven to a size fourteen. They alternate between medium, wide, extra wide widths. This provides a customized fitting for anyone.

A 60-day trial- The Orthopedic footwear company gives a customer sixty days of trying the shoe and any disappointments will be compensated. The delivery and replacement are absolutely free.


Orthopedic sprint footwear is built to serve its intended purpose to the optimum with excellent quality. The design of the shoe is ergonomic making it feel comfortable and fit into your feet comfortably. The multiple cushioning soles serve the purpose of reducing feet pressure from heel to toe. The air pockets reduce heat accumulation in your feet and create a spring in your every step. It is certified by Medicare and qualifies as therapeutic shoes in the Diabetic Shoebill.


Everything beginning from the support, comfort, air movement and pain relief is incorporated in this footwear. Every day you wear this shoe, believe me, your pain complaints will become less. The orthopedic cushioning design has contributed big time to the spring support and comfort of your feet. The pain relief will not only be effective on tour feet but also on the knee, hip and lower waist because it solves the root cause of body pain.


  • They are specially built for alleviating stress on feet by relieving pain from toe to heel.
  • The air pockets provide air circulation in the shoe and your feet reducing discomfort.
  • The shoe has multiple cushioning that offers sturdy support and comfort to your feet.
  • Has a foam padding and seamless interior that gives perfect support for sensitive feet.
  • Any complications stretching from diabetes, arthritis, hammer toe, plantar fasciitis are manageable with these orthopedic shoes.


  • The shoe design has focused on comfort and therapy and not the appearance.


This shoe has undoubtedly earned the truest of athletics and people who need foot therapy. I would say this would be their first pick considering that the shoe is built to specially suit their needs. Whenever you walk in them, you will forget the feet pain you experience from various disorders. The extra comfort and painless walks will be your morning cup. They are the best for a healing journey and anyone who seeks for more comfort.

 9.  Vionic Women’s Kona Fitness Shoes

Vionic Women’s Kona Fitness Shoes


Removable mesh-covered footbed- The Vionic Kona women’s shoes are more ideal for the athletic purpose although they do not include elevated orthotics. However, you can replace your insoles with custom orthotics in order to heighten your feet comfort and stability.

Durable rubber outsole- rubber is the perfect outsole for any shoe due to the stability and durability it offers. Rubber also makes the shoe flexible so they are easy to walk in, jog in or train in.

Podiatrist-designed footbed- This promotes everyday support to your feet by increasing the stability level and shaping your posture.


If you are looking for a way to step up your game in the fitness and athletic field, having the best shoes will be a winner for you. The shoes are man-made from rubber outsoles giving them a durability edge. It is a shoe that can serve you for over 2 years; a longer period than most would expect. This is after considering the fact that you wear them for 2 hours daily. A shoe worth every penny.


I admit that the Vionic Kona shoes need to include features that add orthopedics onto the shoe performance. Despite that, the shoes invoke improvement on some of the feet complications such as heel pain, stressed joint, ankle pain, toe stress and plantar fasciitis. They could go well with most outdoor activities and if you love an athletic look for casual occasions, you are in luck.


  • The toe box is wide enough to wiggle your toes in them.
  • They are lightweight therefore easy to walk, jog or play in.
  • Offer good arch support on your feet offering extra comfort you need.
  • Kona Vionic are available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your liking.
  • Cost is reasonably priced making them affordable to anyone seeking their comfort.


  • There appears to be an inconsistency with their sizing between different styles.


The Vionic women’s shoes are suitable for anyone in the space of sports or athletics and used to staying feet on all day. I would also recommend them for anyone with flat feet and ankle pain; it reduces the pain and improves your overall posture. They are a perfect therapeutic cure for plantar fasciitis after spending time on practice by walking or jogging in them. There will come a time where you will comfortably place your feet down 100% painless.

Vionic Women’s Kona Fitness Shoes
Mesh Upper. Removable Footbed. Rubber Outsole.

 10.  Vionic Women's Fitness Shoes

Vionic Women's Fitness Shoes


Durable rubber outsole- as we all, know rubber is used to make car wheels meaning that they can withstand the wear and tear of time. Rubber also makes the shoe flexible so they are easy to sprint, walk or run in.

Removable mesh-covered foot bed-The Vionic women’s shoes are more ideal for athletic purposes but do not have advanced orthopedic inclusions. However, you can replace your inner soles with custom orthotics to increase the support and comfort on your feet.

Wide Selection- they are found in a range of different colors and sizes. The colors are neutral and could go well with most indoor or outdoor dressing codes; mostly casual. The sizes are from 5 to 11 alternating between wide and ordinary widths. 


The outsole is made from rubber increasing the flexibility and durability of the shoe. If you are looking for a shoe that you can entirely rely on based on the level of comfort and agility, it has to be the Vionic shoe. The shoes blend in well with a casual look due to the slip in the feature. You can comfortably walk in them for half a day and have your feet feeling painless.


If you choose to wear these shoes you will not fail to notice the difference between before and after. They are a complete lifesaver especially for anyone who needs support on the arches and relief from the feet pain. Those are super comfy and light therefore easy to walk in over any terrain whatsoever. They are trainers that have made walking so much easier and diminished the pain-related problems in your feet.


  • Can support weird foot alignments by reducing stress on your foot joints.
  • The rubber outsole makes it durable and flexible enough to walk or run in.
  • It has normal arch support that promotes stability and comfort for your feet.
  • They can help alleviate ankle pain, heel pain and joint stress caused by arthritis.
  • Unlike other Vionic shoes, the women’s fitness category has a fairly reasonable price.


  • The Vionic does not have much toe room so not good for hammertoes or bunions.


The Vionic women's fitness shoes are good for anyone into athletics and with foot complications. They are comfortable and lightweight reducing complications on your feet. The slip-on feature makes it easy to put on and clean whenever they get dirty. On the cleaning part, it would be advisable not to use a washing machine since the shoe is not machine friendly.

Vionic Women's Fitness Shoes
Textile & Man-Made Upper; Removable Mesh Covered EVA Footbed; Durable Rubber Outsole; APMA Seal of Acceptance

Things to Consider : When Choosing The Best Shoes for Sciatica

Just like when you are buying the Best Shoes for Surgery, you should also know some important things that will help you buy comfortable shoes for sciatica. The following are top considerations that you should have in mind to help you buy the right one.

Durability and compatibility of the shoes

The shoes should have the best compatible and convenient sole. The shoes are always about the sole. The sole should be worthy and durable at all times. The sole should be a rubber sole and waterproof. These features make the sciatica shoes to even last for a long period.

Easy clean up with outstanding breathable capacity

You should buy a pair of sciatica shoes that are easy to clean up. It should also have an outstanding breathable capacity that allows fresh air into the shoes. It should also have the capacity to refresh the air inside and allow sweats to evaporate. This will ensure that your foot remains comfortable and clean thus allows you to wear the shoes for such a long time. These shoes should have removable insoles to make their cleaning easy at all times.

Lightweight and high quality of the leather

You should buy high-quality leather shoes for it to last long. However, its weight also matters a lot. The shoes should be lightweight to allow you to walk and run for long distances comfortably without getting tired faster. This factor also allows you to train in all types of terrains.

Shoes that are highly recommended by a specialist

When buying the sciatica shoes you should go be the specialist recommendation. This is because the specialist will always recommend the shoes that will suit your condition. The specialist will always recommend a shoe that is soft, stable and flexible at the same time. This will make your walking easy and comfortable.

Matches with multiple outfits

You should buy shoes that match with most of your multiple outfits and makes you look smart and presentable. Therefore you should buy shoes according to the most suitable color and design that suits your outfit

Flexibility and its price

The sciatica shoes should always be flexible enough. You should not buy shoes that are too stiff. The shoe should be flexible to bend the way your foot turns inside your shoe and failure to do so it may cause discomfort and pain in the foot. You should also consider the price of the shoes and go for the shoes you can afford but of better quality.

Stable and fitting

The size of the shoes also matters a lot. One should buy the shoes that fit him or her well. This shoes should not be oversized and too small. The size of the shoes alters the comfort of the foot. Small shoes may cause discomfort as well as pain in the foot.

Perfect cushioning of the shoes

This one of the important feature ones should look for when buying sciatica shoes. You should always emphasize on the cushioning support of the shoe at all cost. Cushions inside the shoes minimize heel strike and shock impacts. In addition to this cushions inside the shoes provides consistent balance and stability.

How to Maintain and Clean Shoes for Sciatica

It is important to maintain and keep shoes for sciatica clean at all times for it to last long and look presentable. How you clean the shoes for sciatica always depends on the material used to make the shoes. The following are ways to maintain and clean shoes for sciatica:   

Dry brush

You should use a dry shoe brush to remove dirt from the outer sole, inner sole, and the entire outer leather. You can also use a dry cotton material piece of cloth or a used toothbrush to serve the same purpose.

Washing the soles

When the soles get dirty, you remove the innersoles gently and deep those into a solution of washing powder then brush them using a toothbrush or just any other brush until they appear clean. After that, you rinse it and leave it to dry for some time. However, for the outer sole, you just need to brush it while you are rinsing.  

Washing the lace

Before washing the shoelaces, you will first need to remove the laces from the shoes. Deep the laces into a solution of washing powder. Gently massage the laces until it appears sparkling clean. After that, you rinse it and leave it to dry for some time.

Air drying

Always air dry sciatica shoes at all times. Sciatica shoes should never be exposed to the excessively high heat of the dryer. This will help to maintain the shoes to last long thus extending their span.

You can add half-soles of rubber at the bottom of the shoes to keep the shoes in shape longer. This reinforcement will make the shoes last longer. However, you can also maintain your shoes by always wearing socks each time you want to wear your shoes.

We can also maintain our shoes by avoiding muddy places, water puddles, and wet grass. This is because glue wears out when it comes in to contact with water. You can also maintain your shoes by untying laces when taking them off.

You can also take care of your shoes by keeping them safe and organized in a shoe rack. This is because piling shoes on top of each other might crush them or leave them dirty. Therefore we should always leave our shoes well organized in shoe racks or well arranged on the floor.


Another way for maintaining your shoes is that when you are walking you should pick up your feet without dragging your feet on the floor. This is to minimize wearing out of the soles.

We can also take care of our shoes by not letting people borrow your sciatica shoes. This is because people we lend them our shoes may seem to be careless when using our shoes thus destroying our shoes by wearing it off. Therefore the most important thing to care about our shoes is to maintain them and keep them clean always. Lastly, we should not wear our shoes when we should not have to for example when we are indoors. This will help not wear out our shoes faster.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do shoes help with sciatica?

A: Considering that our feet are one of the contributing factors to sciatica, then the answer is yes. Shoes do play a significant role in reducing the pain by a considerable percentage. Thinking about the amount of pressure that we apply on our feet daily, the shoe you wear helps absorb the pressure.

Therefore you should get yourself a pair that absorbs the shock and stress and equally distributes the weight. It will relieve your feet of the pressure that brings about the pain. Having shoes that provide your feet with the much-needed support plus the comfort goes a long way in helping out with the pain.

Q: Can I wear heels if I am suffering from sciatica?

A: Heels have always had a history of causing these pains or even worsening pains that are already there. You should therefore understand that heels do not help you get rid of the pain in any situation. Heels have a unique curve that shifts your weight forward, forcing your hip to move to allow you to stand in an upright posture.

These heels will add some stress on your back, which will often lead to back pains and sciatica. Wearing heels when experiencing sciatic pain is, therefore, not a recommendation, you can instead go for a pair of flat shoes.

Q: What causes sciatica?

A: Sciatica is brought by spasm of muscles at the back and breakdown of discs that act as a cushion. Also, there is the irritation of the lower spine or narrowing of the spinal canal that is another cause. Some factors are related to flaring up this pain.

I will state some of the more obvious reasons like; wearing heels, being overweight, pregnancy, or even having to sit on your large wallet for a long time. As long as the spine gets strained, there is a high chance that you will experience the sciatic pain.

Watch The Video Review of ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

Credit for this Video - DIYJunkie369

Final Thoughts

Living with sciatica is one hell of an experience since the pain always gets in the way of your work schedule, and you will not enjoy that experience. For the human body, pain is something we go through, but we have to find ways to deal with it and go back to our usual schedule.

That is why it is essential to go and get yourself the right pair of shoes that should work the trick for you in a short time. Look at some of the points we have laid out for you, and I hope you find the best shoes for sciatica. You can also compare the reviews of our top recommendations to help you pick the best shoes for sciatica.

Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are best shoes for sciatica pain, best shoes for sciatica problems, shoes for sciatica relief, best running shoes for sciatica, best tennis shoes for sciatica, best walking shoes for sciatica, best shoes for sciatica sufferers, are birkenstocks good for sciatica, best work shoes for sciatica, best sneakers for sciatica, best shoes for sciatica treatment, best shoes for sciatica relief, sciatica and shoes, etc. indeed !!

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