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Top 10 Best Catalytic Converters – Vast Reviews of 2024

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Today there is an increase in the number of cars on the road due to the high increasing population. Majority of the people cannot do without cars and that is why it is important to own one of the best catalytic converters. This is essential because it's the best way to save our environment. So what is a catalytic converter? It is a device that eliminates toxic gases as well as all of the unburned fuel that is produced by any vehicle's exhaust. This is done before the vehicle can emit all of that into the atmosphere.

Its main objective is to control the emissions of the vehicle's exhaust. Catalytic converters are very important in a way that if you fail to fix one on your car you can end up paying legal fines to the authority in some States. These devices are Lifesavers and it is important to get yours checked to ensure that it is in good condition. If you are looking for a replacement or you simply want the best for your vehicle, you will have to do a little research to get one.

We know how annoying it can be when looking for the best product out of the many options on the market. Luckily, we are going to do the hard work for you. Below we have ten of some of the best catalytic converters. We are going to review each in detail and you will surely find the perfect match for your vehicle.

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The 10 Best Catalytic Converters in 2024 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Catalytic Converters in 2024 - Reviews

Buying a car comes with other costs because there are so many maintenance items you need like Bottle Jacks. On top of that, if your car produces harmful emissions, a catalytic converter can help improve the condition. The following are reviews of quality catalytic converters that you can consider buying for your car.

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Walker Company is one of the leaders of domestic and import applications. The Walker 16370 direct-fit catalytic converter is a combination of high quality and affordability. It is made with pure stainless steel of the best quality to protect the converter from overheating when the temperatures get too high. Moreover, the body is aluminized and you will find that it has pipe heat shields to also add to its durability.

The high-technology wash-coat feature will offer you our high-performing catalytic converter. It is reliable and will always work at its best to give you the best results regardless of how much you use your car. The OE-style flanges are designed to make this catalytic converter strong. Regardless of the situation, it will not break down easily.

Wouldn't you love a catalytic converter that meets all of the manufacturer's specifications? It is also EPA compliant meaning it's able to effectively protect the environment from pollution. Most environment cautious vehicle owners on this catalytic converter because of its ability to reduce most pollutants. It is a direct fit catalytic converter implying that it is designed to fit new and OBD11 vehicles. If your vehicle follows the OEM style then this device is what you need thanks to the Flange to Flange feature. 

Key Features

  • This Walker converter also features are Flange to Flange design.
  • It comes with stainless steel construction and an aluminized body.
  • It has a high technology wash-coat for high performance in your car.
  • The catalytic converter also features the OE-style flanges for strength.
  • This catalytic converter is specially made for use on OBD11 and newer car models.

Lucrative Pros

  • Fits all vehicles that follow EPA specifications making it versatile.
  • It is reliable and it is designed to offer high performance in your car.
  • This catalytic converter is an easy direct fit for most existing engines.
  • The unit comes with a high-temperature protection pipe for durability.
  • It can work on OBD11 and newer vehicle models and gives best results.

Conclusion: If you want a great fit catalytic converter then you need to try the Walker 16370 model. It is environmentally friendly and it will reduce the major pollutants from being emitted. It is made of durable construction and an aluminized pipe to protect from high temperatures. You can't go wrong with this converter when you invest in it.

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For starters, this catalytic converter is compatible with EPA OBD11 vehicles. They include 2002-2013 Altima base, S, SE, SL V6 3.5L front. This implies that most vehicles made in 1996 and later on will work well with this device. Installing this unit in your will reduce emissions and promote fuel efficiency and improved vehicle performance.

It comes to installations the Exerock 201050 comes as a direct fit replacement. It will fit perfectly into your exhaust without a hassle. The body is made of stainless steel to protect the device from warping as well as cracking. Additionally, the body construction also ensures that the catalytic converter is more efficient and durable to serve you for decades.

The unit is affordable compared to others of the same kind on the market. It is ideal for engines with a 3.5 L capacity. This implies that you can rely on it to work when driving to longer destinations without any disappointments. Another great aspect of this product is that it protects the car from cracking and warping.

Key Features

  • The product comes with an EPA OBD11 vehicle fitment design.
  • The unit features a great seal for perfect fitting into the exhaust.
  • It is a direct fit and it will fit well as a replacement in your vehicle.
  • It is made of strong stainless steel for durability and performance.
  • This catalytic converter is efficient and protects your car from wrapping and cracking

Lucrative Pros

  • The converter also fits well with its EPA OBD11 vehicles.
  • Installations are easy for those vehicles it is compatible with.
  • Features CNC-machined thick steel flanges that provide a nice seal
  • It features thick steel flanges to seal the device well into the exhaust.
  • It is made of durable material to provide you with a long-lasting converter.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable catalytic converter then you need to try the exerock 201050 unit. It will take pollutant reduction to a whole new level. Owning an older vehicle model should not be stress when finding some essential replacement parts. This model will work well with your 2002-2013 Nissan Altima.

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Are you in need of one of the most affordable catalytic converter for your vehicle? The Eastern 70318 unit is the best choice for you. You will get a converter that is made of sturdy stainless steel for durability. Furthermore, the unit features a non- flanged outlet as well as inlet, meaning you can get to fit it in any vehicle exhaust regardless of the model. This is possible because installations will require welding and cutting. All you will need is a 2.5-inch pipe to have this unit fit into the exhaust perfectly.

Additionally, this model is non-directional implying that you can get to install it with a pipe end as an inlet or outlet. If you are looking for the maximum engine output you'll find it in this device. It comes with a standard efficiency output all thanks to its Nano-technology chemistry.

You can get to be an environment contributor when you use this converter. It will effortlessly reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Also, you don't have to worry about it overheating when temperatures get too high. It comes with an aluminized coating which is specially made to shield the product from heat.

Key Features

  • The catalytic converter features nanotechnology chemistry.
  • This catalytic converter also features a non-directional fitting.
  • It also comes with maximum efficiency as well as great engine output.
  • It features a stainless steel construction that is durable and corrosion resistant
  • This is made in the USA meaning get a high-performing converter for your vehicle.

Lucrative Pros

  • Also, you get the best effective conversion with this converter.
  • It is among the most affordable catalytic converters on the market.
  • The catalytic converter has a sturdy stainless steel build for durability.
  • This converter also has an aluminized coating for shielding against heat.
  • It is also a universal fitting catalytic converter which can work with all types of vehicles.

Conclusion: This unit is a simple catalytic converter that can fit all kinds of vehicles with a 2.5-inch pipe. It will handle the task effortlessly and you don't have to worry about it breaking down anytime soon. It is made of stainless steel construction with an aluminized coating for protection from heat. The Eastern 70318 is the one for you if you are looking for an affordable catalytic converter.

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A great replacement catalytic converter would be one that you can easily install yourself without having to spend much on a mechanic. The autosaver88 catalytic converter fits that description. Installations only require a few simple steps to fit the converter into your existing exhaust system. The unit meets and exceeds OE specifications to offer you the best service.

The device is specially designed for vehicles which include 2007-2013 Nissan Altima with an engine capacity of 2.5 L. It is compliant with the EPA and OBD11 specifications and comes backed by a five-year limited warranty. This also means that it has a 50000 miles limited warranty. This catalytic converter is extremely economical and this makes it a great investment.

When it comes to the durability it has a sturdy durable stainless steel build for longer hours of service. With the honeycomb structure, the converter is capable of offering maximum flow while dealing with the exhaust gases. While there is a maximum flow rate, you will get maximum horsepower which will decrease your gas mileage hence improving your vehicle's performance.

Key Features

  • This is an efficient maximum flow rate catalytic converter.
  • The converter features some premium stainless steel for durability.
  • It comes with standard OE specification flanges to offer easy installation.
  • Features a heavy-duty stainless steel construction to enhance its durability
  • The unit is compatible with vehicles from 2007- 2013 with a capacity of 2.5 L.

Lucrative Pros

  • It reduces the back pressure and increases the car's horsepower.
  • The converter can improve the general performance of the vehicle.
  • The catalytic converter comes with stainless steel build great durability.
  • It reduces the emission of very harmful toxic gases into the atmosphere.
  • Internal honeycomb structure offers a maximum flow rate and improves overall performance.

Conclusion: The autosaver88 is a direct fit catalytic converter which is of top quality. It is easy to install and you won't have to spend anything on a mechanic. It is among the top-ranked catalytic converter brand you will find on the market. With this converter, you will get the right performance your vehicle needs.

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This worker catalytic converter model is an easy-to-install unit which won't require any professional experience. It is designed with some of the best stainless steel on the outside and ceramic on the inside to provide maximum flow. Its body shape is a standard oval and it stands at 4.25 in long plus 6.125 inches wide. This makes it ideal to fit older and newer vehicles perfectly.

It is also designed to offer optimal performance for any vehicle it is compatible with. This catalytic converter will also protect all the other components of the vehicle from fouling as well as contaminants. Additionally, it will do away with those foul exhaust odors with its maximum oxygen flow.

It is a direct fit as well as a universal fit implying that you can fit it in almost all vehicles. The Walker 15634 also features an aluminized pipe that has heat shielding to enhance its durability. With the presence of the thick OE flanges, hangers and brackets, you will get a strong catalytic converter to last for decades.

Key Features

  • It is also made from stainless steel to add on its durability.
  • The converter also has a wash coat technology and precious metal load.
  • The catalytic converter features thick OE steel flanges and hangers for strength.
  • It is made for pre-OBD11 vehicles and this makes it suitable for most vehicle types.
  • This catalytic converter comes with an aluminized pipe as well as heat Shields to enhance durability.

Lucrative Pros

  • Designed with a strong construction hence making it durable and reliable
  • The converter also comes included with a pipe assembly as well as a gasket.
  • It comes with some premium materials to offer the converter the best durability.
  • This catalytic converter is also designed to offer optimal performance at all times.
  • It will eliminate foul smells from your exhaust and supply enough oxygen flow aside from its main Duty.

Conclusion: If you are in need of a catalytic converter that comes from a reputable brand then this unit is what you will need. Get a high-quality converter which will not only reduce emissions of toxic gases but also improve the overall performance of your vehicle. It boasts a direct fit that you can fix on any car model whether new or old. It is a perfect companion for those who love high-performing products that do not disappoint.

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This is another amazing catalytic converter that works well. This unit is made of high-quality stainless steel catalytic case that offers it a durable performance and the best protection. Unlike many models on the market, you will find this one pretty easy to install. You don’t need to do any welding or cutting, and this speeds up the installation process.

This catalytic converter is also made in line with the industry standards to offer durability and reliability. You will also enjoy a five year warranty hence giving you good value for your purchase. It is also made to be compatible with many vehicles. The unit also comes with four oxygen sensor ports that ensure there is a steady flow all the time.

In regards to the design of the converter, it has a Y-shaped pipe design. This is one of the main reasons that make it easy to assemble. When you get the package, you will receive some basic tools like nuts, gaskets, bolts to ease setup. Since it is also a direct fit model, you will find it easy to work with even if it is your first time to install one. 

Key Features

  • The catalytic converter features a direct fit design for easy installation
  • It features a stainless steel construction on the outer body for durability
  • This catalytic converter complies with the EPA guidelines making it reliable 
  • It comes with the required hardware that you need for fast and easy setup
  • The catalytic converter features four oxygen sensor ports to promote the flow 

Lucrative Pros

  • Great catalytic converter that features a direct fit design 
  • It meets EPA guidelines, and it comes at a reasonable price 
  • The unit works well, and it is compatible with many vehicles
  • Easy to install because it comes with all the required hardware
  • It features a strong and durable construction for a reliable performance

Conclusion: This is an amazing catalytic converter that can be used on different vehicles. The first thing that I like about it is its simple design that makes installation easy. It also comes with the required hardware that you need to do the installation. This converter also features a durable and strong construction meaning that it will serve you longer. Get this unit, and you will enjoy reliable performance and long term durability.

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The engine is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It is important to keep the engine in good condition for the best performance. The MagnaFlow 51356 catalytic converter works well to ensure that the engine check light is off. The unit features a CNC robotic manufacturing that provides durability. This catalytic converter is quality and meets the standards of EPA and OEM.

Install this universal converter will boost the performance of your vehicle. It reduces fuel consumption and increases the horsepower of your car. Additionally, it promotes an even flow of oxygen hence eliminating any chance of back pressure. Installing this unit is simple; however, it needs cutting and welding. If you find the installation tough, you can always seek help.

Another great aspect that I love about this catalytic converter is the high-quality construction. It is made of stainless steel construction, which makes it durable. It is also designed to work well with diesel and petrol cars. This USA made product is also seam welded near the converter body to create a robust and tight bond. On top of that, it has a design that is federal emission compliant. 

Key Features

  • The converter works well for both gas and diesel applications
  • Converter is made of a stainless steel construction making it durable
  • Provides even flow of oxygen to ensure that there is no back pressure
  • It features a clamshell body type with 2.5-inch outlet and 2.5-inch inlet 
  • The catalytic converter features a nice design that is Federal emission compliant

Lucrative Pros

  • The catalytic converter meets the requirements of EPA
  • It reduces fuel consumption and increase car’s horsepower
  • Great catalytic converter that works well with diesel engines
  • The unit features a robust construction, and it is economical
  • Installing the unit is easy although it requires cutting and welding

Conclusion: A catalytic converter is a special item that enhances the performance of your car. This model is not only made with premium quality material, but it also does the work it was designed for. This catalytic converter boosts the horsepower and decreases the consumption of fuel. It is also easy to install, and if you find the wedding and cutting hard, you can seek professional help.

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One of the main benefits of having a catalytic converter is to get rid of unburned fuel. These converters also reduce the toxic gasses that a vehicle produces to the atmosphere. You can get the AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0007 catalytic converter that is designed to improve the performance of your vehicle. This converter is one of the best on the market that works well to reduce emissions.

The unit also gives you the chance to install a high flow unit that allows a fast and efficient flow of gasses. This ensures that your car is performing well. The converter features a stainless steel construction to enhance its durability. Therefore, you don’t expect rust and corrosion to take place. This means that the converter is designed to provide you with many years of use.

It is also designed to maintain its nice shape even when subjected to extreme pressure or heat. The converter has a nice diameter that fits perfectly on exhaust systems. This gives you an easy time installing because you just need to remove the previous converter and replace it with the new one. This is a less consuming task, and you don’t need any expertise to do that.

Key Features

  • It has a round body shape and overall length of 11 inches
  • It has a standard 2.5 inches inside diameter inlet and outlet
  • Internal ceramic substrate and catalytic coating offer efficiency
  • Designed with heavy-duty stainless steel that is corrosion resistant
  • The converter has a honeycomb structure to maximize surface area and flow

Lucrative Pros

  • The unit is compatible with many different types of vehicles 
  • It features a nice design that makes installation fast and hassle-free
  • Designed with high quality material and it comes at an affordable price
  • The EPA certifies this efficient catalytic converter, and it is OBDII compliant
  • The catalytic converter is designed to enhance the performance of your car

Conclusion: If you failed your previous vehicle emission test, then it is the right time to invest in a catalytic converter. This model works well to enhance the performance of your car. Installing it is easy, and it takes less time. The converter also features a strong stainless steel construction making it durable. In addition, this makes it carrion resistant, and it can withstand high load, temperature, vibration, and stress, among others.

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When it comes to catalytic converters, it is important to consider the type of product you buy. You need to invest in a quality product that is from a reputable brand and meets the requirements of EPA. In this case, I would recommend you to try the AUTOSAVER88 ATCC0006. This is an amazing model that boosts the exhaust flow to allow your car’s engine to make more power.

The converter features a stainless steel construction that provides maximum durability. The internal substrates of the unit, as well as the precious metal loading, are well made to offer efficiency so you will not experience MIL code issues. Unlike other previous models, this one doesn’t come with installation hardware, so you can seek professional help when installing it.

Another great aspect of this catalytic converter is the honeycomb structure that offers a maximum flow area. This allows the catalytic to get in touch with the exhaust gases without affecting the flow rate. The catalytic converter has an internal diameter of around 2.5 inches and a total length of 11 inches. It is also lightweight because it weighs less than three pounds.

Key Features

  • Features honeycomb structure to provide a maximum flow rate
  • Engine limit of 3.0 L and it has an overall dimension of 11 inches
  • The catalytic converter features a standard diameter of 2.5 inches
  • It is made with stainless steel construction which makes it durable
  • The converter has an internal structure coating with ceramic and substrates

Lucrative Pros

  • The catalytic converter is compatible with many vehicles
  • It meets the requirements of EPA and safe for use under federal laws
  • The catalytic converter offers a nice fit, and it comes at an affordable price 
  • The product works well to improve the overall performance of your vehicle 
  • It is designed to provide maximum efficiency and avoid MIL code problems

Conclusion: This is an incredible catalytic converter that is compatible with many vehicles. It features durable construction, and it functions well to increase the efficiency of your vehicle. The only thing you will find hard is the installation process because it doesn’t come with hardware. Apart from that, this product is designed to ensure that the emissions in your vehicle are taken care of without affecting the flow rate.

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The Walker 15036 catalytic converter is a product that has been designed for cars that were manufactured in 1995 or earlier than that. Just like the other top converters, this one also works well to ensure there are no unwanted emissions from your car that can be against the emission laws. I like it because it has premium substrate components and a quality technology wash coat.

The converter is designed with stainless steel material that makes it strong and durable. Also, it has a nice universal design, meaning that it will fit in most cars perfectly. If you have an older car, then this catalytic converter will be a great purchase. Install the unit is simple because it comes with expandable bushings that make your work easy.

This product also features an oxygen sensor port so you can enjoy up to 25,000-mile catalytic performance features. It ensures that the environment around your car stays fresh, and there are no harmful emissions. This product meets the requirements of EPA, and it greatly helps in protecting the environment against vehicle pollution. 

Key Features

  • It features a stainless steel body and aluminized head shield for durability
  • Features a universal fit design hence making it compatible with many vehicles
  • The product comes with expandable bushings that provide an easy installation
  • Quality catalytic converter that is designed for older cars made in 1995 or before
  • It has a heatshield to protect your car when it is exposed to extreme temperatures

Lucrative Pros

  • It has a heatshield to protect your vehicle from damages caused by heat
  • The converter features a quality construction making it durable and strong
  • This converter is easy to install because it comes with expandable bushings
  • This catalytic converter has a universal fitting making it ideal for many vehicles
  • You can enjoy a great performance from this product hence giving you value for your money

Conclusion: There is always a catalytic converter that is designed to suit the needs of different vehicles. For those who have older cars manufactured in 1995 or before that, this catalytic converter is designed for you. It has incredible features, and it works well to boost the performance of your car. It also features durable construction, and you will not have a difficult time when it comes to installation.

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Watch Catalytic Converter: How It Works

Credit for this video – Donut Media

Buying Guide of Best Catalytic Converter  in 2024

When buying auto products like air horns and catalytic converters, you need to understand a few things to get one that will work for you and fit the type of car that you own. Below we shall guide you on what you can look out for when buying one.

The Type

Catalytic converters come in three different types including the two-way, three-way and diesel converters. The two-way converter is mainly ideal for diesel engines and it performs two functions. Three-way converter, on the other hand, is used in gasoline engines and they offer complete conversion of gases to those friendlier to the environment. The diesel Converters are also used in diesel engines and are quite similar to the two-way converters. You need to learn the type of engine you have to select the perfect match for your car.

Fit and Size

Consider a converter that can be compatible with your exhaust. There are two types of fitting the universal fit which can fit all types of exhaust systems. The direct-fit which requires bolting to the existing exhaust system. This type of fitting is ideal for some types of vehicles.
Make sure that the size of the catalytic converter you are purchasing is proportional to the engine size. This will enhance efficiency and effectiveness when in use. It ensures that all the harmful gases produced are acted upon and made less toxic before their release.


Look at the construction of the unit you are interested in and see if it boosts durability. The given warranty will determine the quality of the converter. If it has a longer warranty period it will surely serve you.


Know how much you are willing to spend on the converter. Check the features on the specific model you want to invest in to determine the quality. All that matters is the quality and not how expensive or cheap the converter is if you are looking for the best. Sometimes you may find an affordable top-quality converter that will surely serve you well while an expensive one will just be a disappointment.
In some cases, you may have to go beyond your budget to get what will work best with your car. What will work for you will not be what will work for someone else therefore, go for a converter that will be a perfect fit for your car.


Lastly, look at the brand of your preferred converter. It is best to go for a converter that comes from a well-established respectable brand. This will guarantee a number of key aspects like quality, performance, and durability. Some brands are ranked as the best in the market and we suggest you go for such brands.

Hassle-free installation

The addition of new filters to the catalytic converter requires a skilled person with the mechanical knowledge of the reactions taking place in it. Make sure that the filters fit the converter with ease. The installation process should not take long to enable you to use your car whenever you need it.

Full emission compliance

Make sure that before you purchase a catalytic converter, you consider how effective it is in giving out emissions. Diesel particulate filters are required in this case to meet the necessary level of compliance. The right diesel filters will keep you worry-free as you are unlikely to land into any legal trouble with your equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When can I change my catalytic converter?

Answer: A catalytic converter generally takes up to 10 years or even longer before it needs replacement. Normally it's up to you to change yours because you will not get a specific time frame to do so. However, there are a few things that can alert you when your catalytic converter needs to be changed.

These can include the following; excessive heat under your vehicle, some foul smell in the exhaust, drop in gas mileage and mostly smell of sulphur from the exhaust. When you experience some of these then you will know that it is time to change your catalytic converter.

Question: Is it possible to clean your catalytic converter without removing it?

Answer: Yes, it is. With a growing market of the various catalytic converter cleaning aids, you can now clean the converter without removing it. You will just have to choose the best cleaning aid and then put some of it into your fuel tank before you take your car for a drive. Doing this will allow the cleaning aid to clean the converter without the need of you removing it.

Question: How do I determine what universal catalytic converter to use?

Answer: You need to check whether the universal converter meets all of the emissions requirements of the vehicle. You should not do this by checking the size alone. The best way is to look up your specific car type to find the right universal converter with the right loading. If you can't find one then you can go on and look at the converter's specification guidelines.

Question: What is a three-way converter?

Answer: A three-way converter is one designed to control the levels of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide as well as hydrocarbons. It is also known as an oxidation or reduction converter. The best example of such Converters is the walker converters which all feature that 3-way catalyst technology. They are able to operate in two-way mode on those older car models that require two-way converters.


Catalytic converters are a great way anyone can get to contribute to the environment. You don't have to pay those legal fines simply because you can't replace your catalytic converter. An old catalytic converter will destroy your car's performance and it will not be able to do its job as required. These converters do a whole lot more for your vehicle than just reducing the emission of gases. You will notice a significant improvement in the performance of your vehicle and less fuel usage when you have these amazing catalytic converters.

Since you are reading this, you have decided that it's time to replace your old catalytic converter. With our top ten models that we have reviewed in detail, you'll be able to get one that will fit your car perfectly. They are all from well-established trusted brands that make some of the best catalytic converters you will find on the market. The boost top quality stainless steel as well as aluminized pipes for durability as well as optimal performance. Depending on the type of your car, I’m sure you can pick a quality product that will meet your needs. We have reviewed reliable catalytic converters that are also ideal for older vehicle models.


The Walker brand is one that we would recommend for most car owners. It is our top pick and we guarantee it is worth an investment. They are easy to install and are reliable to last you more miles. Our other brands are also reliable and you will get to protect the environment from those toxic gases. Improve your car's performance when you purchase one of the best catalytic converters on our list. We hope this review was of help to you and you can now make your decision easily. Remember to drive safely and always help to keep the environment from pollutants.

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