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Top 10 Best Electric Car Jack – Special Reviews in 2019

Preparing for emergencies is great if you don't want to be caught up in the middle of nowhere and you can't access help. Experiencing flat tires is a common problem that many vehicle owners experience. In most cases, you might never know when a flat tire will happen. To avoid being frustrated on the road, always have the best electric car jack in your car. These are amazing tools that are replacing the normal car jacks today.

Unlike the manual jacks, electric car jacks provide you with ease of use, and you don't necessarily need to lie on the ground. These jacks also feature an ergonomic design which makes it fast and easy to lift your car when you are changing tires. With the wide range of electric car jacks on the market, you can experience a challenging moment trying to figure out which one is right for you.

The good news is that, you don't have to hope from one site to another choosing the right electric car jack. We have provided you with ten amazing reviews of recommended products all in one place. We have also given you a detailed guide so that you can understand the most important factors that you should consider when buying an electric car jack. Check our reviews and guide to help you buy a quality electric car jack that will help you lift your car with ease.

Top 10 Best Electric Car Jack To Buy in 2019 - Reviews

If you own a car, you understand the importance of having things like bottle jacks and the like. You should also protect your car with a quality jeep bumper if you have a jeep model. When it comes to electric car jacks that you can pick, there are many various models from different brands. Here are reviews of our expert and top picks.

1ROGTZ Electric Car Floor Jack Set 3 Ton All-in-one Automatic 12v Scissor Lift Jack with Impact Wrench for Tire Change & Replacement

When it comes to purchasing an electric car jack, consider getting the best high-quality jack.  The main reason is that we have some models that can't lift some vehicles. ROGTZ is one of the durable and sturdy electric car jacks that are very cheap as compared to the services it provides. ROGTEZ is the best choice for SUV as well as Sedan (under 3T); therefore, this jack can lift both lightweight and heavy machines.

ROGTZ electric car jack features two removable heads that are respectively suitable for SUV and Sedan. The removable raised heads make it easy to uplift any vehicle under the weight of 3 tones. For security purposes, do not use the jack to lift heavy trucks exceeding 3 tons.  The maximum time the electric car jack can take is only 2 minutes to lift the vehicle

This is a premium electric car jack that can lift a vehicle to a height of 42cm. the machine is suitable for both women and men can replace the tire effortlessly. This electric jack has a built-in flashlight that enables operation at dimmed light and night to run smoothly. Lastly, the tool comes in a robust and firm suitcase that helps keep the equipment organized.

Features and Specification

  • The electric car jack features a heavy-duty and high-quality, durable stainless steel
  • This is a high-quality and spacious electric car jack that can lift a vehicle of 3T
  • The electric car jack is suitable for SUV and the best choice for Sedan
  • The machine automatically stops lifting your truck when a height of 42cm is reached
  • ROGTZ takes only 2minutres to achieve the maximum height of up to 42cm
  • ROGTZ electric car jack is suitable for both ladies and gents to replace any tire
  • The premium electric car jack features built-in flashlight for dim days and nights
  • This is a spacious type of electric car jack with 12V two-way power supply
  • The electric jack features and other tools fixed in a firm and forceful suitcase
  • Two separate removable raised heads that are suitable for SUV and Sedan
Quick Products JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jack-Black

Are you looking for the best amazing and high-quality electric car jack? If yes, then JQ 3500 is the best model. This JQ 3500 is a great and sturdy type of electric car jack. The JQ 3500 jack is suitable for lifting the entire vehicle with a weight below 3650lbs. the sturdy construction makes the jack ideal for lifting small and large cars. However, you should not raise any truck with more than 3650lbs.

This is a standard electric car jack with a diameter of 2.25cm, which is the best jack size. The high width makes it easy and practical to install into any existing old car jack mounting holes. The JQ3650lb jack features a heavy and sturdy stainless steel construction.

Also, the waterproof JQ 3650lb jack features a sleek plastic housing. In addition to the plastic housing, the jack also has a heavy-duty water-resistant vinyl protector. The material used in the construction gives your electric carjack a long life span. Besides that, it has an LED light, therefore suitable for night workers. A manual crank is available in the Set with a bubble stylish and elegant leveling cup.

Features and Specification

  • This JQ electric car jack can light a vehicle of up to 3650lb
  • The standard 2.25cm diameter makes it easy and effective to install
  • The overall body of the car jack features a stainless steel construction
  • The JQ 3650lb electric car jack also features a sturdy plastic housing
  • A long sturdy and spacious electrical wire is well coated for durability
  • The JQ 3650lb car jack is lightweight and of medium size thus portable
  • The JQ 3650lb electric car jack can boast a vehicle up to a height of 50cm
  • This is a powerful and sturdy car jack made of a robust stainless steel metal
  • An LED light is present making it suitable and easy to exchange tire at night
  • JQ 3650lb features a substantial and long-lasting weatherproof vinyl outer layer cover
BestEquip Electric Car Jack 3 Ton 6600LBS Electric Scissor Jack 12V DC Electric Jack with Electric Impact Wrench and Inflator Pump Car Repair Tool for

You can't afford to fight anymore with the old jack models that are very hard to operate. When it comes to uplifting vehicle, this car jack is the best in the current market. The car is suitable for boasting different types of cars. The 6600lbs electric car jack is time and power saving as compared to similar models. The electric car boaster is extremely easy to use this suit both women and men.

Keep yourself secure and safe while replacing tires by using this fantastic and modern car jack. The car boaster features a high and low saddle to suit both the SUVs and Sedan. The electric car jack requires only 12V DC, thus being an energy saver. To make your light easy, the Set comes with an inflator pump for easy pumping. The electric car jack features other tools like multifunctional hummer, wireless remote, battery clip, etc.

The wireless remote makes it easy to control the car jack from wherever you are. This fantastic and classic car jack is made of high-duty stainless steel for durability. The steel construction makes the jack water and rust-resistant. The automatic electric jack features an electric impact wrench, thus suitable in case of emergency. Despite all these fantastic features, the electric car jack is affordable by anyone and easy to operate. 

Features and Specification

  • The electric car jack has an electric wire cable of about 4m
  • This is a robust electric car jack with a lifting power of 100W
  • The Equip electric car lift has a lightweight and 15A rated current
  • High and low saddles are also available that suits both SUVs and Sedan
  • This is a sturdy and durable car jack that can raise a vehicle of 3t weight
  • Equip car jack features 12V DC energy consumption thus energy saver
  • This Equip electric car jack features stainless steel construction for durability
  • Touch button is available to ensure smooth and perfect car lifting ability
  • The automatic car jack has an impact wrench for road emergency tire repair or change
  • Packaged in a stylish and straightforward quality plastic case for easy transportation
Bulldog Black Reese 500199 A-Frame Power Jack 4000

When it comes to lifting vehicle, ensure that you get the right type. The reason is that we have a lot of fakes and shoddy quality electric carjacks. Bulldog Reese electric car jack guarantees premium and excellent services. Unlike most of the electric car jack, those are suitable for a small vehicle; this one suits the large and small vehicle.  Besides, the electric car jack is ideal for both ladies and gents, as it's easy to install and use.

The overall design of the electric car jack makes it easy to transport and store as compared to other models. This bulldog has a stylish and sophisticated design that is eye-catching. The stud also features manual override in case the battery fails. The issue of time and power is not a challenge anymore with this classic car boaster.  The bulldog Reese jack features spring load drop leg pin, which is not making lifting easy and perfect.

The three onboard LED lights make hooking and deploying at night efficiently as the light illuminates a large area. The electric Bulldog car jack features stainless steel construction for a long life span. Also, the bulldog Reese car boaster has a corrosion-resistant coating surface that promotes the jack durability. This is a lightweight and compatible electric car jack for easy transportation and storage.

Features and Specification

  • Bulldog has 22"total travel-8"drop leg travel and 14 screw level
  • The bulldog Reese is capable of boasting a vehicle of about 4000 lbs of weight
  • A single-axis level is available to ensure leveling deployment is easy and quick
  • An emergency high-quality and sturdy manual override when the battery fails
  • The robust machine features 3 LED light for disconnecting and hooking at night
  • Compatible and robust stylish design that makes transporting and storing easy
  • The bulldog features stainless steel construction for promoting durability
  • This electric car jack is time and energy saving with lifting power of 120W
  • Corrosion and wear-resistant surface that ensures the machine last long
  • This bulldog Reese features A-frame powered capability for excellent and perfect lifting
MarchInn 12V DC

Here comes another significant and fantastic type of electric hydraulic car jack. This Marchlnn is a powerful hydraulic electric car jack that is extremely easy to operate. The machine requires only 12V power to operate, thus energy-saving jack. Despite being powerful, the hydraulic electric car jack very cheap as compared to ordinary jacks.

The machine lifts a car in less than one minute, which is not the case with the regular jacks. You can quickly and effortlessly remove the screw and change the tire quickly without much struggle. The electric car jack is suitable for boasting vehicles with a weight of 6600lb of importance. It is good you have to lift heavy vehicles that exceed the recommended pressure. By doing so, you will retain the original power your jack, thus enjoying extended services.

The machine features a stable and sturdy base, thus safe and secure to use. This hydraulic car jack stops immediately after reaching the height limit. This is a compatible and lightweight machine that is suitable for an outdoor emergency to its portability.  This is a multifunction electric car jack and suits to be a wrench, pump, and a jack. The stylish and concise design makes the hydraulic jack easy to store and carry. 

Features and Specification

  • The overall structure and design is secure and stable for security purpose
  • Cross groove saddle is available to prevent the jack from slipping
  • The electric jack features powerful 3LED lights for night hooking use
  • The electric car jack has a high lifting power of 340N.M thus high-speed
  • This is a multipurpose electric car boaster; suits to be a wrench, pump, and jack
  • Equipped with a high-duty and durable stainless steel construction for durability
  • Designed with a pressure gauge, therefore, no you can exert high or low pressure
  • The machine has a maximum current of 13A and cord power length of 3.5m
  • This hydraulic electric car jack can lift a vehicle at the height of 6.1 into 17.7in
  • The electric hydraulic car jack is suitable for boasting vehicle with a weight of 6600lbs
Bulldog Reese 500200 A-Frame Power Jack 4000# White

Bulldog Reese 500200 is another classic but straightforward electric car jack that is affordable. The machine is suitable for both women and men due to its simplicity functionality. The machine is a product of a bulldog manufacturer, which is a world-class company and well. Bulldog is a well-known manufacturer for making quality jack, thus purchasing with confidence. The machine features a stable and sturdy base, therefore secure and safe to use.

The compactable and sophisticated design makes the jack suitable for a roadside emergency. This premium electric car lift can boast a vehicle of up to 4000lbs. While using this machine, ensure that you lift only the car with the recommended weight. The device features up to 22" total travel of the spring drop leg-pull the pin. The high total makes access easy, even if a heavyweight system is present.

In addition to that, the bulldog machine features 3 LED lights. The LED lights make disconnecting and hooking easy during the night. Also, a single and straightforward Axis level ensures level deployment is direct. The Stainless steel material makes the electric car jack durable and durable. A corrosion-resistant coating is available, making the machine excellent for harsh conditions.

Features and Specification

  • This amazing Bulldog electric car jack can lift to 4000lbs vehicle
  • Spring load leg pull that can provide a total of 22 different travel
  • Single and simple Axis level than ensure the level deployment is easy
  • The electric jack features 8”drop leg and 14” unique travel for easy access
  • A secure and stable base that provides adequate support to the vehicle
  • The electric car jack features a powered A-frame to increase its functionality
  • The jack features a manual emergency override operation in case if a battery fails
  • This bulldog car jack has three unique LED lights that are essential for night use
  • Stainless steel construction body with a high corrosion-resistant surface for durability
  • This is lightweight and portable electric jack thus suitable in a roadside emergency
Lippert 285318 3500LB

Keep aside all the handed and other traditional jacks that may lead to injury. This Lippert jack is a simple boaster that is electric and very easy to use. When it comes to its safety, we can't afford to negotiate on that. The jack features a push button that makes the machine safe and secure to sue. The device is suitable for both beginners and professionals. However, before using it, consort the instruction booklet for operation details.

Lippert is a robust and sturdy electric car jack with up to 3500lb rating capability. The robust material used in the construction makes the machine capable of withstanding heavyweight. This boaster features a textured case making it free from cracks and chips. During the night hours, the machine is also useful and easy to operate. The reason is that it has up to 4 LED lights that can provide excellent and unique illumination.

This electric machine is among the few noisy free electric car jacks that you can get in the market. The machine features a helical cut gear that helps to reduce noise, thus improving its efficiency. The electric jack comes with a kit with mounting hardware, a manual crank handle, and pins. The firm suitcase makes carrying and storing the machine extremely easy.

Features and Specification

  • This is a high-quality electric car jack with helical cut gears
  • Four unique LED lights ensure enough light is available at night times
  • Texture case preventing the jack from physical cracks and chips
  • The machine comes with its kit, manual crank handle, and mounting hardware
  • The electric car jack features push-button making the machine easy to operate
  • Lippert cab lift a vehicle weighing 3500 pounds thus suitable for heavy vehicle
  • The machine also features an enhanced rocker switch that helps to increase the durability
  • This is a powerful and premium electric car jack with 30 AMP and 18-inch stroke
  • The compactable and elegant design makes the electric machine portable
  • Durable and sturdy construction helps to give the machine a long life-span

When it comes to durability and quality, EAMBERITE is the best electric car jack you can get. The machine is straightforward as compared to similar types in the current market.  The machine is secure and safe to use by either professionals or beginners. This electric car jack has a stylish base to prevent the jack from failing. Despite all that, the electric hydraulic machine is affordable and time-saving. The machine is suitable for lifting lightweight vehicle weighing 2200 lbs (1 tone)

Also, the machine can lift the vehicle to a range of 6.1 inches up to 17.3 inches. The hydraulic electric car jack is suitable for roadside emergencies due to its compatibility feature. Also, the jack is useful at night due to the LED light that provides enough illumination. The LED lights make hooking and disconnecting easy.

The hydraulic machine is essential for lifting SU, truck, cars, van, and Sedan, thus suits most of the vehicles. This is a portable machine due to its compact and small size, therefore easy to store and transport. The machine has an input voltage of around 12V DC, thus energy saver. Also, it has a fuse of 15A, as well as a current of 13A. 

Features and Specification

  • Sturdy cross groove saddle to reduce slipping from the car or truck
  • The hydraulic jack has LED light for light illumination at night
  • This is a powerful machine that features a fuse of up to 15A
  • It has a high current of about 13A therefore very energy saver
  • This hydraulic electric car jack has an input voltage of 12V DC
  • The machine is essential for loading a vehicle with up to 2200 lbs (1000kg)
  • Lifting height of 6.1in to 17.3in and an extended power code of 11.5ft
  • The electric machine has a unique and compact design thus eye-catching
  • Rotational thread rod makes it easy to spin at around 75mm for perfect lifting
  • The package includes a six angle spanner for quick adjusting of the tire
MarchInn 12v dc

Here comes another amazing and powerful electric car jack that is extremely easy to operate. This machine is a product of Marchlnn manufacturer, which is well known for making quality jack. The electric jack is suitable for lifting both lightweight and heavy vehicles. Despite being powerful, the machine is portable, thus essential for a roadside emergency. 

Marchlnn can lift a vehicle weighing up to 5tones, which is not the case with ordinary machines. Besides that, the electric car jack has a 340N.M power tongue with 12V DC. The machine can boast a car within minutes making tire changing extremely easy and faster. The electric car jack has a concise and ergonomic design for easy storing. The machine comes with a firm and stylish suitcase for easy transportation and storage.

This electric jack can be used as a pump, jack wrench, thus meeting a lot of demands. The machine is essential in case of an outdoor emergency. The machine features a stable and secure base, therefore suitable for beginners and professionals. Also, the jack can stop once it reaches the maximum height. The machine is excellent for night use due to the LED lights.

Features and Specification

  • The machine features rotational thread rod that can spin up to 75mm
  • Sturdy groove saddle that prevents the jack from slipping from the car
  • LED lights equipped in the electric jack acts as a flashlight at night
  • Stainless steel construction making the electric car jack durable and strong
  • A maximum current of 13 A with a power rate of 150W thus powerful
  • This machine is energy saver with an input voltage of only 12V DC
  • The electric pump inflator has a hose of 0.65m long and pressure of 10BAR
  • The electric impact wrench features a maximum torque of 340N.M
  • This electric car jack is suitable for SUV and the best choice for Sedan
  • Two different sleeves with four sizes: 23, 19mm, and 17mm, thus suit the most vehicles.
abn_3_Ton_Electric_Hydraulic_Jack___Automatic_Emergency_Lift_for_All_Cars__Vans__Trucks__SUVs-removebg-preview (1)

Keep aside all the traditional, and another manual carjacks that are not even safe. This ABN hydraulic machine is safe to use with all kinds of vehicle, including trucks and SUVs. The electric ABN jack is sturdy and durable; therefore, buy with confidence of getting the best jack. The jack is essential for roadside emergencies due to its portability nature. This jack is among the simplest jacks that you can get in the current market.

ABN can lift a vehicle with a weight of 6000 pounds (3 tones). In addition to its sturdiness, it’s capable of lifting the car to a height of 6 to 17.5in. The machine also features an LED light; therefore, you can use it anywhere anytime. This electric car jack has a long cord that will reach all sides of the vehicle. The machine can work even if no supply of power and keeping the car still up. 

When it comes to its convenience, we can't afford to negotiate on that. This electric car jack tank is enclosed to ensure no leaking of the oil. The electric hydraulic booster features stainless steel construction for durability. Also, the machine has a corrosion-resistant surface; therefore, the machine is great for all weather conditions. This machine can also lift the vehicle automatically without the control of someone.

Features and Specification

  • The machine is energy-friendly as it consumers only 12V dc
  • It also has a fuse of about 15A thus can accommodate high current 
  • Enclosed tanks help to reduces cases of oil leakage thus suits any angle
  • LED lights equipped to the hydraulic jack makes it suitable for night
  • Features a self-locking capability thus keeps the jack-high when no power
  • The hydraulic car jack is exceptionally portable, easy to use and compatible
  • High performance with 150 watts rate power and a maximum of 13A current
  • The ABN can lift a vehicle with a weight of 6000 pounds thus suits all vehicle
  • ABN can lift the car at the height of 6 to 17.5inches for an easy tire change
  • This hydraulic car jack has a vertical lift control switch for easy and accurate operating

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Electric Car Jack

Having an electric car jack is important since you don't have to worry about flat tires. Again, if you are not going to use it, you can help another person who might need your help on the road. The following are some essential tips that will help you select a quality electric car jack to meet your repair needs.

Weight Capacity

Not all jacks are designed to hold the weight of your car. Before you make the right purchase, it is important if you consider the maximum weight capacity of the electric car jack. Make sure that the model you pick can lift your car comfortably. Again, you should also consider a jack that is versatile meaning that you can use on different types of cars.

Ease of Use

One of the main reasons why many people are running away from the manual car jacks is because they are not easy to use. Electric car jacks came to solve this problem. They offer an easy operation without using too much energy as compared to the manual models. Select a jack that gives you an easy time when you are lifting your car. It should have user-friendly features to make your work easier.

Material Quality

We all want a product that will last for many years and offer a great value for the money, don't you? In this case, it is essential to consider the type of material that is used to make the car jack. The material and the durability go hand in hand. If you are looking forward to a long-time service, then you need a quality electric car jack that features superb craftsmanship. You can consider materials like steel which will last longer, and it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Power Cord

Different electric car jacks feature different cord lengths depending on the brand. Look for a model that features a longer power cord to make your work simple. A longer power cord makes the tool reliable, and you can be sure of convenient services.


Get a portable electric car jack so that you can carry it with ease. Most of these models feature a compact and lightweight design to give you easy operation. Invest in a lightweight model such that it will not leave you tired when you are using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does an electric car jack require maintenance?

A: Just like other tools, you need to take some special care to ensure that the electric car jack is functioning the right way. It is essential to do some tests from time to time to ensure that it is working well. If some repairs are needed, do them as soon as you realize the problem.

Q: How can I tell that my car is secure on the electric car jack?

A: The best way you can be sure that your car is secure on the jack is when you place a jack stand under the frame of the car. However, if you are in a place where you cannot access the stand, you can move on the other side and shake the car back and forth to determine if it is secure on the jack.

Q: How can I tell the safest place to lift my car?

A: The first thing that you need to know before you lift a car is to go through the owner manual provided. Most of the manuals feature a diagram that shows where you need to lift your car. Locate the indicated part on the frame of the car as the lifting point because the entire weight of the car will be resting on the frame.

Q: How can I determine the weight of my car?

A: This is a very important question to ask when you are shopping for an electric car jack. You want to have a jack that can accommodate the weight of your car comfortably. The manufacturers always indicate the weight of the car in the car's manual. Always use the gross weight of the vehicle because it includes the cargo, fluids and passengers.

Final Thoughts

At one point or another, you will need to lift your car when you are changing tires or doing other repairs. You don't have to it the traditional way where you had to put too much effort to lift a car. With the best electric car jack, you can make the work simpler and faster. Electric car jacks are slowly replacing manual car jacks because of their efficiency and ease of use. They feature a compact and lightweight design which makes it easy to use them to lift your car.

Having an electric car jack in your car is essential. It can be a savior when you experience a flat tire on the road. This tool will help you change the tires pretty fast and continue with your journey. As you know, lifting a car when you want to change tires is not a simple task. In as much as you can use a manual jack, it is not as comfortable as using an electric jack. The good thing with electric car jacks is that you don't need the help of a mechanic. You can do the job correctly with just a press of a button.


After going through our guide and reviews, I believe it will be easier for you to select a quality electric car jack. We did extensive research on the market to come up with these top picks. These are amazing tools that every car owner needs to have in their cars to cater for emergencies. Check them in details so that you can determine which jack is suitable for your needs. They vary in various aspects, and each model is unique in its way. You need to make comparisons and choose what you like depending on your budget and the features that you want.

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