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How to Maintain Tools and Equipment? – Great Tips

How to Maintain Tools and Equipment? Do you experience difficulties while using them? Well, in most instances, people ignore this procedure. You should know that tools go through a lot of wear and tear. Maintaining them is one of the safest things you should consider.

Regular maintenance enhances its performance and longevity. It ensures that the equipment performs quickly and effectively. Furthermore, maintaining tools reduces the expenses that might arise when it becomes faulty.

It saves you the time and money you would spend purchasing new equipment or doing repairs. It is advisable to clean and repair tools when you notice some signs of damage.

In general, there are different types of tools and maintaining methods might just differ. Although the method seems similar to most tools, it can vary with other equipment. In this article, we will take you through some of the common tools and how you can maintain them.

Ways on how to take good care of tools and equipment

Purchasing a tool or equipment is quite expensive. One needs to invest well in purchases. However, if you take good care of them, they will give you back a favor worth your investment.

Always consider having good storage for tools, do regular maintenance and clean them properly. It will save you energy and money and in return give you a long term service full of incredible results.

In this review, we are going to give you enough information on the garden, construction, power and hand tools. It mostly bases on these tools since they are types of tools that most people need to complete their daily activities. Besides, the tools comprise of home utensils such as kitchen knives among others. You should always store them properly and rightfully.

a) Keep the equipment in a proper place

You have to be cautious about the place you keep your tools. Always ensure that you keep them in a safe place where they cannot cause injuries. In most instances, people tend to hang the tools on the wall. However, have you thought of injuries that can occur? Well, if you are pinning with pegboards, ensure that it is firm.

How to Maintain Tools and Equipment

Furthermore, you can keep the equipment in boxes, bags, drawers or shelves with doors. Note that you should always consider what works well for you. At times, pegboards can be the best solution to store tools. It is because it offers a unique arrangement of tools. It gives a nice view of the tools and you can easily find particular equipment with much ease.

Additionally, it utilizes the space on the wall perfectly. It ensures that you keep your tools safe and in a proper place. If you lack space on your wall, you can create a pegboard of your choice. It can comprise a rolling board, a hinged board or a portable one with a storage system. Tools such as tile lasers can greatly look beautiful on pegboards. It’s a great way of maintaining and storing your equipment.

Nevertheless, if a pegboard is not enough for all your equipment, then consider trying a flip board. One of the ways to maintain your tools is by giving them a good storage area. You can easily flip through your tools. It uses pegboards on the walls to provide more space for storage.

Boxes are also a great way of keeping the equipment safe. With a toolbox, you can easily carry them around anytime. However, you can make a toolbox for all your tools for easy accessibility. Although storing is one of the major factors on how to maintain your tools, you should also be aware of how store tools:

Ensure that you hang your garden tools

These tools tend to rust quickly. Even if you keep them in a safe area in your homestead, always ensure that you hang them well on the wall. It enhances its longevity in terms of use. It also works to free them from rust-free. It is because when the equipment is high from the floor, it does not come in contact with moisture.

Consider using a rust collector

There are several ways you can use to keep the rust away from your tools. Most people use silicone gel packs that work effectively. It comes in great packaging that keeps moisture at a bay. Besides, put it in a toolbox or drawers where the tools are put. It also helps to keep dust away. The tools stay in good condition and always ready when you need to use them. Additionally, you can consider buying anti-rust liner of rust inhibitors for the same purpose.

Always store the equipment in a very dry environment

It may look like an easy task to do. Trust me some of you do not consider this factor. You should know that not all the places in your house are suitable for the storage of your tools. Some of the areas are prone to humidity. It mostly applies to places that do not get enough heat or air. If you keep your tools in places that are humid especially on the floors, they will tend to catch dampness. It in return damages the functionality of the equipment. Besides, it will get as expensive for you as you need to purchase a new one. Think about it! Is the investment worth risking simple to do procedures?

Keep power tools in their bags

You should store tools such as electric hand planers in their original bags. Unless your workshop can control climate but you should always consider using the plastic bags that come with the equipment. It not only controls the climate but also protects the tool from external damage. It ensures that it is kept safe for use. Additionally, it ensures that the tool works for durability. If the equipment is well maintained, it tends to serve for longer periods. Furthermore, it enhances the effectiveness of the tool. Note that you should also keep the bag safe.

b) Ensure that you wash your tools before storage

It is good to clean your equipment after every use. Cleaning them might just be the worst thing you could consider doing after a day of hard work. It is crucial to do cleaning as it keeps them in a good stable working condition.

However, it takes a few minutes to have your tools clean. Keep in mind that it is worth the hustle. It is more convenient to spend time cleaning than spend time repairing. Washing the tools is not a hard task if you want to maintain them. Below are ways in which you can clean some of the tools.

For tools that you use in the garden:

It is so easy to clean garden tools as they do not require much effort. First, you should start by removing excess dirt on the tool. Then wash it to remove the dirt that tends to stick to it. After washing dry the tools until they are completely dry. Then you can consider oiling the equipment to keep them shiny and fresh.

For a quicker method of cleaning, some people prefer to mix a bucket of san with oil. It removes dirt easily and quickly. Just put the tools into the bucket and apply some oil simultaneously. At times, people choose to use motor oil. Well, are you conversant with the effects of oil on your soil?

Keep in mind that some of the oil left on your soil might just harm your soil. Working on your garden might just be messy and dirtier. Besides, you should clean them to remove dirt before you store the tool. It works to enhance its working abilities.

For power tools:

These types of tools can be a little hard to clean. It is because it tends to cause injuries while cleaning. Power is not user-friendly if handled without care. First, before you clean these tools ensure that you unplug them from electricity.

Then work to remove all the dirt from the tool. Using an air compressor might just be the perfect solution to remove all the dust from the tool. Then wipe the surface of the equipment to remove the remaining dirt. Lastly, oil the moving parts to make them smooth in movements.

You can use machine oil in lubricating the parts. However, you should also consider other recommendations on the manual. Always ensure your great work during cleaning.

Do not forget to clean the toolboxes, belts, and bags where you store the devices. Clean them and empty it well to keep the tools clean too. Power tools such as electric nail guns should be maintained perfectly to avoid damaging how they work.

For hand tools:

They are somehow easy to clean. You can clean them by just wiping them as they do not require much work. You can achieve this by simply just wiping their surfaces. If the tools are very dirty, consider washing them with soap and water.

The n dry them well after cleaning to get rid of moisture. You should use a clean rag to dry the equipment completely. Wipe the handle with some oil to remove sticky residue. Then dry the handle as it enhances comfortability.

C) Examine the tools before and after you use them

Doing regular cleaning and maintenance allows you to examine how well your tools work. It also enhances the functionality and safety of the equipment. If you realize the tools are not in good condition, consider making adjustments or repair.

Never assume that the tools are safe for use. When working always ensure that you wear protective gloves and gears when handling equipment. However, take time to inspect your equipment every time you use your equipment. It ensures safety and provides the durability of the tool.

Taking care of your tools requires some sacrifice to keep its condition. If you follow the steps, it might just be rewarding. Always ensure that the maintenance of the machine is your priority. Additionally, inspecting is the key things to always consider. It keeps the tools in better condition while at work. While inspecting the tools, you should check out for the following signs:

Check out if the head of your tool has mushroomed

Ensure that your tools do not consist of such heads. Most of the time, these heads look like chisels or wedges. At times you will notice that the sharp edges of the device look like they are malformed. If you find out that your machines are in such condition, and then consider doing some repairs.

If you ignore and use the device in such conditions, it gives difficulties when working. At times the head tends to stop the functionality. It also creates a condition where you cannot solve this problem by sharpening the tool. We might just say there is nothing you can do at this point.

Always sharpen the tools whenever you notice the problem. It is recommended to always sharpen your tools after every six months to just keep them condition.

Inspect signs of rust

If you find out that the tool has rust or corrosion, term it unsafe for use. This is because rust distorts the functioning of the tools. You should try removing the rust or purchase a new tool. Additionally, removal of rust from equipment before it gets worst. If you succeed in doing this, always ensure that you work to prevent rust.

Check out for cracks on power tools

Cracks on the housing of power tools might just indicate that the tool is unsafe. For instance, for drill bit sharpeners you will notice the cracks on the device. If you notice even a single crack line on the machine, consider it unsafe. 

If you can't repair it by yourself, then try and take it to a professional for repair. However, with regular inspections, you will save yourself from extra damage. Check out the drill brit housing, it looks so incredible with no cracks.

Watch out the rate at which your tool starts

When your power tools take too long to start, then consider it a problem. Always lubricate the device to allow the smooth running of the product. There are some of the things you can consider doing it by yourself. However, if you are so sure about replacing it, you can go ahead and fix it by yourself.

Consider exposed wires

Wires that are exposed might just cause electrical injuries. Do not take this as a minor issue to tackle. Ensure you fix the problem as fast as you can.

Check the condition of the handle

If you notice that the handle is not firm enough to consider repairing it. In most cases, the wooden handles tend to break easily. In return, it can because of injuries while at work. If it is loose, then fix it so that it becomes firm. However, if the handle is splintered you will possibly need to replace it soon.

What are some of the requirements to consider when doing maintenance?

  • When doing maintenance, there are some of the requirements you should watch out for:

  • It is always good to ensure that the maintenance process is done regularly

  • Put up a system that tags and removes defective tools

  • Make a routine on the cleaning of the tools

  • Always ensure that you assign someone to be responsible for the equipment

  • When performing maintenance, ensure that the personnel is competent and should wear a tool vest.

  • Keep records of the maintaining days 

All tools and equipment should be well maintained to prevent the risks of injuries. You should also be aware that the process itself might just be dangerous to perform. For the process to be successful you should consider the following:

  • Use trained workers that are good in their work

  • Give operations and procedures

  • Ensure that you control injuries

  • Organize and schedule your maintenance days

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Q: How often should you do maintenance?

Answer: Well, it all depends on your schedule. However, you should put in mind that you need to do the regular maintenance of your tools to keep them on track. Keep in mind that you should consider doing cleaning after use.

Q: What does maintenance comprise?

Answer: It comprises a lot of things. It includes cleaning of the equipment, proper storage, lubricating of the machines, inspecting of the equipment and protecting the electrical cords.


The best thing to always do is to ensure that your tools are clean and in good condition. If you don't consider some of the above precautions, then you will be just sabotaging your tools and equipment. Besides, maintaining and storing your tools in the right way will enhance its durability. If you store them incorrectly, the bacteria you are trying to get rid of will just grow back on them. It is then crucial to always consider the correct procedures. Performing your normal activities is vital and if your tools are faulty, they may not serve well. In most cases, the process is easy but to some extends it tends to be difficult. You may need some professional assistance.

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