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Top 10 Best Portable Water Heater – Pretty Reviews 2022

If you are an avid outdoor person, there are several things that you need to make your outdoor stay enjoy. After a tiresome outdoor stay, nothing can keep you refreshed than taking a hot shower. Having the best portable water heater when camping or going for other outdoor activities allows you to enjoy a hot shower wherever you are. Portable water heaters are light, and smaller as like as Portable Propane Heaters, making them ideal for travel and have a high flow rate.

There are so many portable water heaters that you can choose from today. How do you determine the right model that will suit your needs? As outdoor experts, we found it was necessary to provide you with some top product recommendation and a buying guide. It will help you find it easy to select a decent-quality portable water heater that will suit your outdoor activities. But first, if you don't have more time to check our comprehensive reviews, check out our quick comparison at a glance.

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The 10 Best Portable Water Heater in 2022 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Portable Water Heater in 2022 - Reviews

We tested many portable water heater, and the following are the models that met our requirements. These are incredible heaters that will make your outdoor stay great. Check their unique features and select the one that suits your needs well.

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Water is essential for our survival. After a tiresome, we may need to take a hot shower to relax our bodies and make us active again. Whether you will be swimming or having a camping trip with your family, it is important to have an electrical heater. Look for a model that is portable and provides hot water when you require. The camp chef triton water heater can suit you well in such a situation, including washing the pets.

A camp chef Hwd5 triton water heater is white and weighs 14.6 pounds. Steel is used in constructing it. Hence you can be sure of its durability. The dimensions of this water heater are 23by 13.4by 8inches which makes handling quite simple. The total output of camp chef triton water heater is 34,000BTU/hr and has a maximum water flow of 1.5gallons per minute and a minimum water flow of 0.5gallons per minute.

It has an ingenious design. The carrying handles are foldable hence compatible for storage. This heater uses the D batteries which are readily available and relatively cheap. When the water starts flowing the heater ignites automatically. Washing of the pets is possible and other outdoor activity that requires hot water. The heater is very stable, thus can be kept free standing for multi-tasking or mounted on the wall. The installation entails attaching the garden horse only

Highlighted Features

  • The carry handles are foldable for storage
  • Adjustable heat and water flow to meet your specification
  • It is very simple to use hence convenient for the household
  • When you turn the water on the heating unit ignites automatically
  • You do not require tools in the installation process hence quite simple 


  • Heats 1.5 gallons per minute thus time-saving
  • You can increase water temperature up to 1020f
  • Adjustable water temperature from 80 to 150 degrees
  • The flow of water is adjustable hence conserving water
  • The storage of the camp chef triton water heater is simple


  • Requires 25PSI water pressure for a proper flow

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Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

Outdoor activities such as family camping, brighten our lives and strengthen family unity. To enhance the goodness of the outdoor activities and efficient outdoor lifestyle we need the affordable camplux GPM outdoor propane tankless water heater, which is affordable and readily available. It is a product of JAL group that has a limitless dedication of providing quality home appliances. This water heater has been around for 15 years now

It uses propane as its source of energy. Propane makes it energy saving and avoids other expensive expenses such as buying batteries and conserving the is super light hence very portable. This tankless water heater has an oxygen depletion sensors installation needs a room that has ventilation. The super handles of this water heater make it’s handling simple and hence convenient for outdoor activities that require a lot of movements

The design of the water heater is very innovative and uses the latest technology. Overheat protectors in this water heater ensures your heater and family is very safe. The making material of this heater is very durable to prolong its using period. It works well with modified water systems which are a rare feature in the water heaters. The maximum power output of this heater is approximately 28,000btu per hour making it convenient

Highlighted Features

  • Compact size to allow setting up outdoors
  • It has a Minimum temperature rise of 46.40f
  • Overheat protector for the safety of the users
  • Output of 1.32 gallons per minute of hot water
  • The maximum water temperature rise of 114.80 F


  • The water heat is convenient to use
  • It saves energy cost when heating water
  • Has an innovative design and latest technology
  • Heats up to 1.32 gallons per minute of hot water
  • The handles are foldable for convenient storage


  • Not recommendable for height above 2000ft

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon (ES4)

Piping hot water to every sink is a bit expensive and destructive. It implies we need a better solution that will keep your stylish house in order. It should also serve the main not to say a lot of time may be needed to wait for hot water from a sink whose location is far from the heating point. To avoid the inconveniences, the best solution is to have a Bosch electric mini-tank heater in your room.

Bosch electric mini tank has a tank volume of 2.5 gallons. The recovery rate of this electric water tank at 900f rise is 6.8GPH with a temperature range of 65-1450f. The weight of this electric mini-tank heater is 15.5lbs hence a lightweight for portability. The wire type of this item is plug-in and durable. This electric heater is ingeniously made with an external dial to control the temperature range with a pressure valve for safety

This electric mini-tank heater has a very professional design that observes your safety. It conveniently fits in your sink hence meeting your hot water needs with optimum temperature. You can plug it in a 120-volt outlet thus very power saving in comparison of other electrical heaters. It is made of durable material to prolong the using period and also avoid any electricity dangers. If you require a professional electrical heater then this the one

Highlighted Features

  • It has a glass lining that keeps long-lasting
  • You can mount it on the wall or floor easily
  • Bosch electrical heater has a high efficiency
  • The installation process of this electrical heater is simple
  • This electrical heater is time-saving with a fast recovery rate



  • This item comes with a six-year warranty on unit
  • It has a 4-gallon water tank thus very convenient
  • Bosch electrical heater can supply two sinks at a time
  • It has an external dial to control the temperature rate
  • Attractive exterior design that can blend well with your room 
  • It will require careful maintenance 

Eccotemp L5 portable tankless water heater shower

A nice hot shower is essential for our bodies. The hot shower helps in relaxing and activating our bodies after a tiresome exercise. To get hot water, especially on an outdoor activity such as after walking around the pool or a walk at the lake, we need a reliable water heater. The water heater should work within a short period and conveniently give the temperatures that you need. In such an occasion eccotemp tankless water heater is recommendable.

Do you need to know why I recommend this tankless water heater shower? If you give the nod, then read on! This water heater is from the worldly-known eccotemp manufacturers that are known for their pure desire to avail professional and high-quality items. It is very portable and convenient for your outdoor activities. The installation of this water is quite simple and do not need any professional advice or complicated tools.

It has a low-pressure activation of 20PSI, which is very convenient in comparison of other water heaters. When this heater runs for continuous 20 minutes, its shut off system shuts it off automatically. The dimensions of this water heater are 15.9by 11.4by 4.8inches hence takes small space of your environment. The water heater is durable. With the compact size, it is perfect for camping, farms, dog grooming and outdoor shower.

Highlighted Features

  • Eccotemp water heater runs on a standard 20lbs
  • It is simple to connect with a standard garden hose
  • Shut off system that activates after 20minutes of running
  • It is lightweight hence perfect for camping’s and cleaning pets
  • The liquid propane tank of the heater has electronic ignition


  • It has pressure activation of 20 PSI
  • Very portable for outdoor activities
  • This water heater is very durable
  • The installation of this water heater is very simple
  • The output temperatures range from 50-140 degrees F


  • Derives its power from propane hence needs a lot of attention

Camplux BW211 8L 2.11 GPM Propane Gas Outdoor Portable Tankless Water Heater

When you are outdoors, you need several outdoor items, like the best cheap hooverboards. On top of that, you should equip yourself with the best tankless water heater. For your next camping trip, carry the Camplux BW211 8L 2.11 GPM water heater, and you will enjoy the convenience of hot water even when you are away from home.

There are several things that you can do with this water heater. First, you can use it for an outdoor shower during camping. On top of that, you can use this water heater to bath your horses or wash your dog at home. It provides a relaxing and comfortable sunbath to your animals and pets. The good thing about this water heater is that it features CSA approved gas regulator hence making it very safe to use.

The water heater is designed with an eco or full switch function that saves gas, especially during summer. The water heater utilizes 11.5 % energy-saving technology, making it very efficient to use. You will also love the portable nature of the water heater making it easy to carry when traveling. It doesn't matter where the journey takes you; this water heater provides hot water everywhere. It has a power output of 68,000 btu/ hour to assure you of endless hot water.

Highlighted Features

  • It features anti-freezing protection
  • Compact and lightweight design ideal for travel
  • The water heater has a gas regulator that is CSA
  • Has a maximum power output of 68000btu per hour
  • Has flame failure device and dry combustion protection


  • Easy to carry
  • Safe to use
  • Good for the price
  • It is energy efficient
  • Also suitable for indoor use
  • Provide hot water wherever you are


  • You can switch the reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit 
Camplux BW211 8L 2.11 GPM Propane Gas Outdoor Portable Tankless Water Heater
Camplux BW211 8L 2.11 GPM Propane Gas Outdoor Portable Tankless Water Heater
Maximum power output 68,000btu/hour, get instant endless hot water easily where you are.

ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower

Spending time outdoors is great and fun. If you are spending several days out, you need to take showers. You don't have to go through the trouble of cold showers when you are outdoors. Maybe you are camping in the winter or other places that are cold. With a water heater like the Zodi model, you can enjoy hot baths wherever you are.

A good water heater should be durable so that it can serve you many years. In most cases, you will be using it outdoors, so you want a product with durable construction. This is exactly what you get from this unit. It features an industrial stainless steel construction that makes it durable. Considering the price of this water heater, you will be amazed at how long it will serve you without failure.

The water heater is efficient, and it doesn't take a lot of time to heat water. In just 10 minutes, you can have your water ready. It is also easy to use even for first-time users. You need to fill water and put on a two-burner stove. It is designed with a thermometer that displays the temperature of the water so you can easily see.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a one-piece metal hand pump
  • Designed with industrial-grade brass valves
  • Has a thermometer to indicate the water temperature
  • Features industrial stainless steel construction for durability
  • The water heater takes about 5-10 minutes to heat water


  • Heats water fast
  • Nice design for camping
  • Comes with a gas storage bag
  • Features a durable construction
  • Designed with a long shower hose
  • Thermometer that displays water temperature


  • Set up can be tough
ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower
ZODI Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower
Hot water shower designed for backcountry camping and hunting; Rustproof stainless-steel water tank and powerful 10,000 BTU burner

Do you love camping, going to the beach, family vacation or other outdoor activities? If you do, you can make your outdoor life easier with this propane gas water heater. It is a multi-purpose water heater that you can use to wash your car, dog or hose at home. You don't have to worry about the presence of electricity. This water heater features 2D cell batteries ignition, making it ideal for use in places without electricity.

You need to look for a portable water heater that is comfortable to carry. In this case, this model is designed with a stainless steel folding portable handle. This makes it a perfect solution for lodges, apartments, boathouses, outdoor showers and campsites, among other places. You can instal the heater on the wall to free up more space.

The heater features a maximum temperature of 114.8 degrees F and a lower temperature of 46.4 degrees F. The water heater provides a hot water output of 1.58 gallons per minute and allows you to enjoy endless hot water without consuming more energy. So, if you will be going several days outdoors, carry this water heater to enjoy hot showers.

Highlighted Features

  • 1.58 gallons of hot water output per minute
  • Designed with a stainless steel folding handle
  • It features a nice design and can be mounted on the wall
  • Features oxygen depletion safety auto-shutoff protection
  • 2 D cell batteries provide easy ignition even in places without electricity


  • It is energy efficient
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to carry comfortably
  • Easy to attach water supply
  • Great for camping and other outdoor uses
  • Suitable for places without electricity


  • The hose feels cheap
  • Complaints of leaks

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Tankless Water Heater has a composite size, and it is lightweight. This makes it convenient for you to carry it around. It is the design of overheating protection and anti-freezing protection and flame failure device ensures family safety. It has a maximum power output of 41,000BTU/HP and needs less water pressure of about 2.5Pr.

This is a lightweight and compact water heater that is easy to carry. It is worth noting that the Tankless Water Heater delivers up to five gallons of water from a minimum of 1.5 gallons. To enable you to perform numerous tasks like cleansing your pets, filling outdoor port and even during laundry water heater has come with no option of hire.

Nevertheless, you can often use it for washing your vehicles, pets or the residential circumstances. You will enjoy a variety of services while using the above heaters if you are looking for the best portable water heater in the market, one that you can use for your camping activities and much more.

Highlighted Features

  • Maximum pressure output of 41,000 BTU/HP
  • Water heater is easy to install in RV or camping boat
  • Advanced combustion technology reduces gas usage
  • The compact and lightweight body helps in an energy saving
  • Overheating protection flames failure and ant freezing safety


  • It is safe to use it
  • It is effective
  • High performance
  • Small but powerful
  • Easily to repair and install 


  • If exposes for long the external case rusts.

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Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater

Are you tired of expensive bills and high electricity water bills for your water tank? You can join the homeowners who prefer less costly and efficient water system. Buying this tankless water system is the best investment you can make. My most popular water heater for all house applications is the Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V. This is the most diverse 24 kW heater, which to me is the best choice for your house applications.

You can use the heater in warmer climates that require high flow rates of up to 5 gallons per minute. It has a design which replaces a conventional tank with no convenience to the users. It has a simple flow sensor design and modern heavy-duty electronics.  The good thing about this product is that it has a nice design to fit almost anywhere.

It uses modern self-modulating technology that helps you to minimize the amount of energy used. Its feature of advanced flow technology will help you to automatically adjust the flow of water to eliminate any unnecessary temperature fluctuation. This, in return, maintains the temperature of your water constant at all times.

Highlighted Features

  • Intelligent self-modulating technology
  • Sleek design for easy installation almost anywhere
  • Automatic adjustment of its power output to accommodate changes
  • A convenient digital temperature display and a vast microprocessor-controlled
  • Dynamic, advanced flow control technology for adjustment of the flow of water. 


  • Heats water quickly
  • Has a good water flow
  • Relatively easy to install
  • It is lightweight and energy saving
  • It is practically silent during operation


  • Costly maintenance and installation
Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater
Stiebel Eltron 224199 240V Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater
Digital temperature control. Voltage : 240 Volt or 208 Volt; Proven reliability; No venting required

No products found.

This is an amazing portable tankless water heater for camping with family and maybe spending time at the lakeside. It gives you a nice hot shower. You only need to attach the garden horse and a 20 lb propane tank for prolonged and luxurious hot water shower. It can achieve a temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a design suitable for camping sites, cabins and even around your homestead. You have the guarantee of enjoying to the maximum the hot water. This unit uses liquid propane and features a CSA regulator that is suitable for 20 lb grill propane tanks. It is designed with durable components making it long-lasting.

There is no more early morning cold shower sending chills down your spines. The invention of the Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater, 1 Pack, and White has brought much ease in outdoor activities and has led to more revolutionized camping.

Highlighted Features

  • Operating range of twenty to eighty psi
  • The water heater has a stainless steel rain cap
  • Modern chrome shower head and stainless steel hose
  • Compact lightweight that makes it portable and easy to store
  • 45-degree safety tilt switch and 20 min safety shut off timer


  • It is easy to install
  • Heats water quickly
  • Is has a safety shut off timer
  • Easy to use its temperature controls
  • Uses a battery to ignite hence no need for electricity
  • It is portable hence you can easily carry it around


  • Does not work when temperatures drop below freezing

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How To Choose The Best Portable Water Heater in 2022

Before you buy a portable water heater, several things will help you pick the right product. We have compiled a list of essential things that you need to have in mind so that you can end up with the right product. This is to ensure that you get the right portable water heater to meet your water heating needs. They include the following:

Smart devices

There are also some hazards since there may be an undeliberate operation which will create an unintended problem. Therefore, a portable water heater harboring smart devices is safer to have. Most of the smart services equipped on the heater include thermostat, auto-cutoff and antifreeze devices and more.

Energy efficiency, fuel type, availability and cost

A portable hot water heater with high energy efficiency will help to save a huge amount of money on fuel costs as well as the water bills. For heaters that use gas as fuel, normal thermal efficiency is around 85%, and some high-efficiency models reach as high as 95%. Those using electricity have a much lower efficiency than the latter. The fuel type or you use for water heating will affect the water heater's annual operation costs and also its size and energy efficiency. For a gas portable water heater, the size will increase since a gas tank will be a component. But again, you can carry your gas into the forest, but you can't carry electricity unless it's a generator.


Another thing that you need to do is estimating the amount of hot water you need. Then decide what rate of flow and temperature rise ranges for your needs. Besides, the size of portable water heaters varies greatly. Some being too large that they have to be hooked on the wall, while others are so small that they can be installed even under the water sink. Your space will determine the size of the portable heater you buy.

Also, the purpose of the heater will determine the size. For instance, if it is needed for indoor use, any size will do but for a portable camping heater, size matters. You don't want to carry a huge, though portable machine. A small one is ideal for this. To provide your home with adequate hot water and to increase efficiency, you need a well-sized portable water heater. Consider the 2 when dealing with size. Lastly, on size, you need to know the number of outlets the heater will have. This is useful in case you want to save on time.

Backup option

If you purpose to purchase a portable water heater for camping or travel use, you'd better consider one with a backup option. This is just in case one fuel source is faulty. Even for a gas portable water heater, electric energy will still be needed to ignite.

Ease of installation

If you need to purchase a portable water heater, you might consider the ease of. Installation in case, you need it for outdoor activities where you don't want to keep calling your installation technician every time. This can be cost-inefficient. You need one you can hook anywhere and use at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

A: A tankless water heater provides you with many benefits. They are energy efficient, and they only work when you need hot water. As a result, they end up cutting energy cost by up to 35%. On top of that, they are safe to use and have an extended life span.

Q: Can I use an electric water heater outdoors?

A: Yes, you can. However, you need to put more protection if you are planning to install it outdoor. This will ensure that the harsh weather doesn't compromise the life of the unit. Additionally, you need to look for a durable model that can withstand outdoor conditions if you plan to use outdoors so that you can use it for many years.

Q: How much water pressure do tankless water heater need?

A: The water pressure in tankless water heaters vary from one model to the other. Tankless water heaters basically require low flow rate or pressure to work well. You can get a model that has a minimum flow rate of .5 GPM or less if you are using it for residential applications to heat water.

Q: What are some important tips for maintaining a portable water heater?

A: There are several things that you can do to maintain your portable water heater and boost its lifespan. First, ensure that you reduce the temperature setting. Another thing that you can do is to check the temperature and the pressure relief valve to ensure that the unit is functioning properly.

Q: What are the benefits of a portable water heater?

A: A portable water heater is an important item for outdoor lovers. First, it is portable, making it easy to carry, especially if you are an outdoor lover. These water heaters are also energy saving, space-saving and safe to use, and provide instant hot water when you need it among other benefits.

Watch The Video Review of Camp Chef HWD5 Triton Water Heater

Credit for this video - Greg Gardner

Final Thoughts

One of the major problems that many campers and outdoor lovers face is finding a good place to shower. It even gets worse if you are planning to take showers using cold water. Today, you can still enjoy hot showers even when you are far from your home. If you get the best portable water heater when going outdoors, then you can enjoy hot water anywhere you are. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful views without worrying about getting hot water to take showers. Therefore, if you are planning to visit the beach or snowy mountains, any of the above water heaters will be a great selection.

We selected quality portable water heaters that are space-saving, affordable, energy-saving and provide a high flow rate among others. In addition, these water heaters are durable and easy to install. You can heat water when outdoors without spending too much or consuming more RV energy. This is an assurance of hot water every time you need it when outdoors.

Since finding the right water heater for travel and outdoor use is not an easy task, we have done the hard work on your behalf. We have given you a comparison, detailed reviews, and a buying guide to ensure that you have the right information before you make your purchase a portable water heater. Read the reviews carefully and check the unique features of each model so that you can make the right choice. I believe you will have an easy time buying a portable water heater that suits your outdoor needs.

Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products are best portable tankless water heater, portable gas water heater shower, outdoor portable water heater, camp chef triton 5l portable water heater, portable water boiler for travel, portable propane water heater camping, portable propane water heaters, propane water heater portable, eccotemp fvi12, eccotemp l10 troubleshooting, portable water heater for travel, gasland water heater, portable water heater electric, portable gas hot water, outdoor gas hot water heater, portable water tank heater, etc. indeed !!

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