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TOP 10 Best Dual Flush Toilet [Buyer’s Guide] Reviews 2024

Flushing units have no doubt revolutionized the way in which we dispose of wastes from our homes. Nonetheless, they are not without their own share of downsides. They tend to waste plenty of water, a fact that is strongly reflected in the higher utility bills. This trend should never go on unabated. No one wants to spend too much money just maintaining the flushing units in the home. That is why any alternative that can save water and by extension utility bills is by all means highly welcome. We introduce you to the best dual flush toilet.

These are toilets that have two flushing units in one comprehensive packaging. These units let you dispense the water in two varying speeds. You use the lower speeds to flush out liquid wastes and the higher speeds for tackling solid wastes. We dedicate the entire length and breadth of the article to this best dual flush toilet.

Check at a Glance 3 Cool & Best Dual Flush Toilet

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The 10 Best Dual Flush Toilet 2024 - Comparison Table


Product Name



Latest Price

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Chrome plating

29-3/4 inches x 15 inches x 29-1/2 inches

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28.5 x 14.5 x 27.5 inches

No products found.

High-quality Vitreous China

28.2 x 16 x 28.2 inches

No products found.

High-density clay

  27 x 15 x 36 inches

No products found.

High-quality Porcelain

27.5 x 18.8 x 31.8 inches

No products found.

Vitreous China

15 x 29.5 inches

No products found.

Vitreous China

15 x 27.8 x 30 inches

No products found.


28.5 x 14.5 x 27 inches

No products found.


39 x 34.5 x 24.5 inches

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30 x 17.2 x 29 inches

Top 10 Best Dual Flush Toilet in 2024 - Reviews

In this segment of our discussions, we highlight and review ten of the best dual flush toilets that are on the market today. These are the best ones that money can buy as we speak. At the same time, they have also been noted to do wonders when it comes to facilitating the disposal of wastes.

1.  American Standard 2887.216.020 H2 Option 2-Piece Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

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American Standard is a brand that is globally renowned for efficiency and longevity of service. You want to tap into this brand if you similarly want to leverage the two benefits of the best tankless toilet. Choosing to work with this flushing toilet is a sure way of doing just that. Our mini-review here below sheds more light on it.

PowerWash Rim

A pressurized PowerWash Rim ranks first among its most awesome features. Being pressurized, this rim is subsequently able to channel the water flow firmly and powerfully. In particular, it helps to eliminate the most stubborn wastes without expending too much water. That also leads to great savings in utility bills. You definitely want to enjoy and accrue the benefit of reduced operational expenses.

Jet-powered Siphon

Next comes the jet-powered siphon that expedites the drawing of water from the flushing unit to the toilet bowl. Being powered, this one has the uncanny ability to operate smoothly even in environments where the pressure is too low such as the top floors. It also ensures thoroughly clean outcomes overall. The use of the jet adds some strength and vitality to the stream of water to make it effective in riding the bowls of dirt.


Its installation is also a breeze, curtsey mainly of the peed connect. The system is indeed friendly for your use because it lacks the complicated parts and components that characterize such items. What’s more? It also comes pre-assembled and indeed truly ready for your use at any given time! Thus, it does not demand too much expertise on your part.


  • Treated inside out for your own safety
  • Requires limited effort to clean and maintain
  • Consumes a little amount of electrical power
  • Highly resistant to the various agents of deteriorations
  • Dispenses the water output in a manner that is truly convenient


  • Incompatible with certain installations


If you truly want to enjoy the very best that these wonderful pieces of equipment have to offer, you have no better bet than the American Standard. Do go for this specific item as a way forward. You will certainly get to accrue better returns on your investments.

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 2.  WoodBridge T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet with Soft Closing

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For your own safety and utmost peace of mind, you want a toilet unit that saves greatly on the consumption of water. We invite you to look to no other than this. It has the highest energy efficiency of all the ones that are under out consideration at the moment. With it, you also stand to cut greatly on your utility bills.

Skirted Trapway

Its drain path, otherwise called the trapway, is perhaps the most significant aspect of the toilet. This one is skirted to allow for appropriate protection from the external elements. Then again it contains grooves and corners that allow for simplified cleanliness thereafter. This structure channels out the wastewater conveniently. It also minimizes splatter and the unhygienic environments that are left out.

Super Quiet & Powerful Flushing

Generally speaking, the item is super quiet and powerful in equal stature. Thus, it handles the tasks of getting rid of the wastewater in a manner that is also quite reliable. This is not to mention that it does not leak out the water as is the norm with many other gadgets of its kind.

High-quality Soft Closing Seat

The seating chamber is made of high-quality and soft clothing. This mix of ingredients is definitely awesome in that it allows for proper support to your vital organs and parts of the body. Have we also added that it does not all loosen as is the case with the many kinds of toilets we have?


  • Relatively simple to keep clean and tidy up
  • Comes about in a luxurious modern design
  • Its soft closing seat is truly comfortable to sit on
  • Compliments the various styles in a typical home
  • Delivers super quiet and powerful flushing outcomes


  • Comes at too great a cost


Get hold of this seat and say goodbye to the perennial losses of water. It does have a mix of structures that all combine to make this possibility easily realizable. Stand to enjoy reduced dirtying of your toilet areas as well with it at your fingertips.

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 3.  Winzo WZ5028 Elongated One Piece Toilet, High Efficiency Dual Flush 0.8/1.6

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Want to enjoy some comfort while using these toilets? Choose to work with this one specifically. It does contain a host of comfort features that prop your feet and butt in a state of utmost comfort while in use. Aside from this, it is also truly efficient as is evidenced by its ability to furnish the water output faster.

360° Double Cyclone Flushing System

At its core is the double cyclone flushing system that swivels at an angle of 360°. This arrangement gives you the leeway to direct the flow of water to the required position of uses seamlessly. Being powerful, it sees to it the toilet works well even in areas that experience low pressure. That ensures that all the wastes are channeled out effectively.

Elongated Bowl

Complementing the flushing system above is the elongated bowl. The elongated nature of the bowl lets it accord extra space for you to rest well. In this manner, you also get to enjoy some added degree of comfort while in use. Even when you have to employ the item for quite some time, you won’t get bored.

Large Fully-glazed Trapway

A large fully-glazed trapway rounds up the list of the many benefits that the toilet has to offer. It being large has the ability to direct the flow of water to the municipal drainage in a manner that prevents leaks and other associated forms of damages. To do this, it works well with some powerful flushing unit.


  • Comes packed in exceptional dimensions
  • Consumes less amount of water when engaged
  • Ejects water at a pace that is exceedingly powerful
  • The versatile nature allows for seamless fitting and slotting
  • Installs faster and easier compared to the other flushing units


  • The repairs and maintenance take a toll on you


For all your maximum comfort when using the toilets, you can never place your bet on any other flushing unit than this one. As you may see, it is appropriately equipped with the necessary trappings for the job.

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 4.  20 inch Extra Tall Toilet. Convenient Height bowl taller than ADA Comfort

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Are you a tall person? This flushing unit is there for you! It is the one that is structured and optimized for the taller user. Apart from the tallness of height, this unit is also pretty comfortable and hence a breeze to sit on. This is not to mention that it also bears the appropriate approvals.

High Load-bearing Capacity Bowl Framework

A high load-bearing capacity bowl framework stands taller among all the vital traits of the equipment. The higher weight capacity sees it stand stronger and better protected from all forms of damages that may be meted against it. That also ensures that it provides stable support to persons of all calibers.

Stabilized and Structurally Reinforced Base

The base is stable and firm indeed. The stability and the firmness are jointly brought about by the use of only reinforced materials that are similarly stronger. Expect it hence to bear exceedingly higher levels of weight and perform much longer. This is besides taking less in repairs and maintenance.

Compact Elongated Overall Size

Generally, the size of the toilet flushing unit is compact and elongated. For this reason, the unit is able to fit just about every other storage space available. Then, it is comparatively able to handle higher levels of wastes when weighed against the capabilities of the competing units.


  • Adds some safety to your bathrooms
  • Minimizes falls and other forms of injuries
  • Leaves a comfortable clearance with the floors
  • Vouched for by the Registration of Plumbers GF
  • Avails a comfortable bowl height from top to bottom


  • Installation may take a toll on you


You have no better companion than this unit if you happen to be taller than average. Clearly, the makeup and resource base of the toilet is sufficient for a taller person of your caliber. Hardly will it discomfort or inconvenience you while in use.

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 5.  Deluxe Two Piece Elongated Toilet Push Button ADA WaterSense Porcelain

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Want to add some aesthetics to your toilet as well? Set your eyes on this specific toilet flushing unit. It is truly aesthetic to behold with the naked eyes. As such, you want to place it strategically in your rooms for the sake of adding some beauty to your interiors.

High-density Plastic

Throughout its structure, this toilet is manufactured by use of the high-density plastic materials. The use of this material gives the toilet some strength, support, and vitality that others lack. It this material that adds some sleekness to the interiors wherein the toilet is set. That yields some aesthetics as well.

Dual-flush Push-button Design Mechanism

To operationalize the toilet, you will engage the dual flush push button design mechanism. This is not only easier to engage but also prompt. It has the ability to gush out a whopping 0.8 gallons per flush. That is sufficiently large to clear out all the debris in a single flush. By reason of this arrangement, you also stand to enjoy limited wastage of time.

Slow-closing Elongated Toilet Seat

Unlike the case with the traditional toilet seats, the one for this unit closes rather slowly. In the course of doing that, it minimizes slamming that is responsible for the damages that come along with use. The slow closing nature also allows for smoother and easier installations if and when the need be.


  • Fits many kinds of installations
  • Brings about ultimate relief to your body
  • Closes slowly to avoid jams and banging
  • Manufactured by a truly reputable company
  • Imbues some luxury and royalty when engaged


  • Requires timely and delicate handling


Of all the flush units we have, it is this one that is optimized for the matters of beauty and aesthetics. You can never even afford to look elsewhere for your decorations and interior adornment. Place it strategically at a location where all might see easily.

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 6.  American Standard 2886.216.020 H2 Option Siphonic Dual Flush Right Height

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Searching for a toilet for use by many people at a time? This dual flush toilet American Standard will get the job done for you. It is larger, more spacious, and appropriately equipped for handling the needs of many people at a time. Why not attempt your hands on it for your schools and other facilities.

Patent-pending Siphonic Action Technology

Its technology of dispensing the water comes about in a patent-pending siphonic action technology. Unlike the conventional technologies that exist at the moment, this one uses less water. At the same time, it is also less bulky and quieter. Thus, it is pretty comfortable to use and engage for the purpose.

Dual-flush Actuator

To engage the tank, you will make do with the dual-flush actuator that rests at the top of the tank thereof. The actuator features a 1-gallon-per-flush “light” indicator for liquids and a further 1.6 -gallon-per-flush “heavy” flush for solids. Together, they see to it that you miss not the progress of the ongoing task.

Speed-Connect Installation

The task of installing the unit is pretty simple and hassle-free. The unit does manage the user-friendly speed connect installation mechanism to do this work. Further to this, the unit comprises a series of pre-assembled grommets and bolts that cut down the pace and mechanisms of installations.


  • Backed by a generous 5-year warranty
  • Releases the water after only one flush
  • Discharges varying amounts of water output
  • Uses 25% less water than the remaining flushing units
  • Uses the latest technology to dispense the water output


  • Quite bulky and inconvenient to handle
  • Only for the especially large installations


To spare yourself from the inconveniences of having to purchase many items at a time, place your bet on this one. It is large and comprehensive enough to handle all of your toilet-related undertakings.

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 7.  American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Normal Height

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Have some limited space at your disposal? We have a surprise here for you. This toilet is indeed small, compact and round. As such, it is well able to fit the least amount of storage and installation space available. Get hold of it for those purposes and installation undertakings.

H2Option Dual Flush

Standing taller among all its key features is the H2Option dual flush mechanism. This one plays a critical role in dispensing the water output pretty effectively. Though it consumes limited power, it does so at a rate that outpaces the gravity-flush toilets. That leads to better disposal of wastes from the unit.

Ultra-high Efficiency

On the whole, the unit is ultra-efficient in the way in which it saves the water used in the process. The efficiency is mainly manifested by the fact that the unit gives you the leeway to determine the amount of water you may use at a time. In this way, it also saves a great deal of time and energy for you.

16-1/2-inch Rim Height

The height of the rim is the comfortable 16-1/2 inches. This is truly sufficient as it gives a comfortable clearance from the floor through to the rim of the gadget. With this comfortable clearance comes the ease of cleanliness and maintenance of the floor area underneath the floor. It also expedites the dual processes of care and maintenance of the gadget overall.


  • Operable at the simple push of a button
  • Adds some color and pomp to your rooms
  • Comes along with accessories free-of-charge
  • The chrome plating adds some beauty to the item
  • Provides optimal performance when deployed for duty


  • Takes longer to install
  • Seats are sold separately


For your smaller installation spaces, you clearly have no worthier companion than this toilet flushing unit. As you may see from above, it does have the compactness that is needed under such circumstances.

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 8.  WOODBRIDGE B0960S White Elongated One Piece Toilet with Advance Bidet

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You can never hope to use these toilets for too long save for them being comfortable and aptly equipped for the job. We are glad to introduce to you this one. It is overall pretty comprehensive and comfortable for your long-term use. This is besides being truly efficient for your use all the time.

Siphon Flushing Design 

It does come about in a siphon flushing design. Thanks to this design, the unit is able to operate faster and quieter at a go. With this arrangement, you may be sure not to counter any clogs, leaks, or other problems that ordinarily come along. That translates to limited spates of repairs and maintenance as you move along.

Comfort Height Design

The comfort height design also complements the earlier one. This one boasts of a chair-height seating arrangement that puts your sitting posture in a comfortable manner. Particularly, it allows the adults to easily disembark the seats after they are through with their businesses. That cuts down any inconveniences at all.


In its entirety, the seat comes about in an all-in-one packaging. That sees it incorporate all the vital elements that may be needful for the tasks of seeping out the wastes. These include the floor bolts, high-quality wax ring, pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, and the installation instructions.


  • Lacks any hard-to-reach areas
  • Relatively simpler to keep clean
  • Available in a luxurious modern design
  • Generally expedient to handle and operate
  • Uses a whopping 20% less water when deployed for use


  • Takes up excess space to install for use
  • Calls for too much attention on your part


If all you care for is the longevity of service, you have no better companion than this toilet flushing unit. As you may already note, it is quite comprehensive in stature. Moreover, it is also comfortable enough for long-duration applications.

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 9.  KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet with

No products found.

Searching for a toilet that you may use for a longer duration of time? You have this Kohler Wellworth dual flush toilet for your taking and consideration. It is truly strong and long-lasting indeed. This is not to mention the existence of the many parts and components that expedite the use thereof.

Canister Flush Valve

A canister flush valve is perhaps the most notable aspect of the toilet unit. It is the one you use to let the water flow smoothly in the bowl. It does so from all sides, a fact that goes a long way in increasing the power and efficacy of the flushing unit. Its use is also a sure way of diminishing the possibilities of the loss of water while in transit.

Durable Canister Design

The design of the canister is pretty durable. As a matter of fact, it has the ability to provide a whopping 90% less exposure to the seal materials than your standard 3-inch flapper. This arrangement manages leak-free performance all the while. Being durable, it also stands taller to the risks of damages.

Universal Red Seal

It does bear a universal red seal that similarly lasts longer. This longevity mainly stems from the fact that a small portion of the seal is exposed to the exterior weather elements. By reason of this, the item does indeed serve you better and pretty reliable throughout use.


  • Releases the water output rapidly
  • Generates zero leaks in the course of the use
  • Tackles bulk-flushing performance extraordinarily
  • Performs the necessary tasks at a rate that is faster
  • Directs the flow of water to the desired point of use seamlessly


  • Quite bulky to move around with absolute ease


Alright! For your long-term use and applications, no other toilet is as suited for such kind of an application as this one. Why not place your bet on it for your successful flushing later?

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 10.  Troyt Corner 2-Piece Round Bathroom Toilet 0.8/1.6 GPF Hi Low Button Flush

No products found.

Could it be that the only storage or mounting space you have around is the corner? Well, you have no better toilet to look up to than this one. It is structured in a way that allows it to stick firmly in the corners for the sake of expedited installations and subsequent use.

Elegant White Corner Toilet

In its entirety, the toilet does come about in an elegant white corner stature. Thanks to this makeup, it fits snugly in the corners and also allows for smooth and expedited applications. Moreover, it also blends well with other fixtures in your rooms for effective décor.

Exceedingly Safe and Reliable

The structure is also exceedingly safe and reliable indeed. These two are vouched for by the fact that it meets and even exceeds the conservation guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency. You may be certain not to sustain any unnecessary losses while engaging its vital apparatus.

Push-button Dual-flush Mechanism

A push-button dual-flush mechanism exists to expedite the operations of the gadget. The button merely requires you to push the button and that is it. That way, you get to save a whopping 25,000 gallons of water in a typical year. The end result of this is a huge saving on your part and relative ease of use altogether.


  • Saves greatly on the space needs
  • Fits the corners exceptionally well
  • Resists scratches and stains when in use
  • Comes in a compact and manageable dimension
  • Has an awesome finish that adds some beauty and elegance


  • Meant only for the corners
  • Does not come with bolt covers or floor bolts


Even though this flushing unit has limited applicability, it is particularly awesome for your corners and other cramped up spaces. Why even entertain the thought of looking elsewhere for your toilet seats?

No products found.

Watch The Video Review of WoodBridge T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

Credit for this Video - A Sweet Home With David

How to Choose The Best Dual Flush Toilet in 2024

Finding the right dual flush toilet is no doubt a critical step towards leveraging the benefits that the best dual flush toilet potentially brings about. This requires that you care for some factors and steps. We devote this segment of our conversations to these factors. Find them discussed here below:

Type of Bowl

The bowls of the toilets come in various shapes and kinds. It is imperative that you figure out the one that would most likely suit your own desired ends and use. There are two main types. These are the one-piece and the two-piece respectively. The one-piece is better but it is quite expensive to come by.

Type of Toilet Seat

Just like the bowls come in diverse shades and forms, so do the seats too! There are two main kinds of seats to choose from. These are the elongated front bowl and the round bowl respectively. Though not comfortable, the round seats are cheaper to come by.

Rate of Water Consumption

You do not want to spend too much water to be able to eliminate the wastes from the toilet bowl. That is why you have to choose a flush unit that consumes negligible amounts of water possible. This is a piece of information you will find engraved on the toilet units.

The Nature of Bidets

Generally speaking, the bidet seats are better than your ordinary toilet seats. That is mainly because they are more hygienic to come by than their ordinary seat counterparts. Thus, you have them as a matter of priority if you want to accrue some hygienic use as well.

The Ability to Remove Water

You no doubt have to check the ability of the toilet to remove water. The reason behind this is that water is extensively used to eliminate wastes from the units. You might have to check out how responsive the units are when they are engaged for service as a way forward.

Shape or Configuration

The manner in which the units are shaped or configured also counts. You want a seat that bears the same shape as that of the amount of space you have in your possession. Closely related to this is the dimension of the toilet altogether. You may have to mark out these before proceeding to search for a suitable one.

Bowl Cleaning Techniques

How or what methods may be used to clean the toilet bowls? This consideration is important as it gives you the leeway to determine the kinds of hassles you might have to go through to be able to keep your toilet clean when in use. Choose a unit that is simpler to clean and demands limited input on your part.

Drain-line Clog

It is not uncommon for the drains to get clogged while in the course of use. In light of this, you have to consider the amount of power you may have to expend to push the water past this line. That may require you to carry out some tests prior to making a suitable purchase.

Amount of Space

How much space do you have in your possession? You definitely have to match the toilet you eventually settle on with the amount of space you have. That is to prevent any mishaps that may lead to unnecessary inconveniences in the course of utilizing your toilets.

Power Consumption

These flushing units definitely cost money. This notwithstanding, you do not have to spend too much of your money to maintain and operate them. That can only happen if you choose one that has a moderate and manageable power consumption rate. You have to check the ratings that exist on the seals of the toilets.


Many manufacturers are involved in the production of these flushing units. They vary in degrees of sophistication, structural makeup, and reliability. You have to carry out some product comparisons and reviews before finding the brand that may suit you uniquely. Do prioritize the Toto dual flush toilet as a starting point.


There are lots of controversies regarding these kinds of flush toilets. It is necessary to clear the air for the sake of obtaining proper guidance going forward. We do recognize that fact only too well. That is why we have devoted a segment of our discussions exclusively to that end.

We now examine some of the frequently asked questions with regards to the best dual flush toilet:

Q. Are dual flush toilets worth it?

A. YES, they are! They give you the power to determine the pace at which the flow of water is ejected. Then again, they save greatly in water, space, and other vital parameters that define use and applications.

With them at your fingertips, you may be certain to also confront limited hassles in the process of engaging the various aspects thereof. This is definitely good as you get to use the least amount of water possible.

Q. Do dual flush toilets work well?

A. YES, they do! They use very little water and at the same time manage pretty effective performances indeed. In fact, some studies have noted that the use of these toilet units has the ability to save a whopping 25,000 gallons of water per year.

With these savings come some financial relief as you won’t spend too much to maintain them all the while. In the long run, you also get to operate more sustainably when compared to the users of the normal toilets.

Q. Are dual flush toilets ADA compliant?

A. YES, they are! They meet and exceed the various standards. These include the American Standard H2Option Toilet, Americans with Disabilities and the general building codes that exist throughout the country.

Thanks to this compliance, the toilets are well able to serve the interests of the persons who live with many forms of disabilities. They are hence pretty reliable for your use. Chances of you ruffling feathers with your local authorities are hence heavily suppressed.

Q. Do dual flush toilets save money?

A. YES, they do! We have already explained that they save a whopping 25,000 gallons per year of water. Since water costs money, your use of the dual flush toilets is a sure way of saving the corresponding utility bill or expense.

One study, as a matter of fact, found out that the units save a whopping 67% of the water and the associated utility bills that come along. They may be costly to acquire no doubt but the long-term benefits they bring along are too huge to forfeit.

Q. Is a one-piece toilet better than a 2 piece?

A. All factors considered the best one-piece toilets are better than a 2-piece toilet. It is not only smaller but also takes up comparatively limited space. Then again it is easier to install as it does not require excessive input on your part.

Owing to their lack of the many sophisticated features, such a toilet is also easier to comprehend and make do with. Even those without the necessary expertise will find them easily comprehensible


We bring our in-depth look into the best dual flush toilet there. Having done our part, we now urge you to make every effort to implement the insight we have generously given you. That can only mean you rushing to purchase the right toilet from the list above.

If you have no immediate need for this gadget, the least you can do is spread the news asunder. Take time to share this piece of information with someone who might need it around you. That way, you will also go a long way in helping many people make good use of the item.

What more could you possibly demand from us? Have we not done just about everything you might ever want us to do? We always care for the precious readers of our posts like you. Kindly take your time to speak to us in the comment’s section hereunder.

Moreover, if you want to know about related product then you can check these products  woodbridge t-0001 review, indeed.

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