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Top 10 Best Belt Grinder for 2024 – Genuine Reviews

Most people don't like the idea of making their knives. I mean, it seems impossible. If you are one of them, just imagine how amazing it can be having a unique knife model. You can achieve this not by rushing to the market every time to get a knife, but just getting to the market once and purchasing the best grinder. However, a best belt grinder is not only useful in metalwork but also woodwork projects.

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A belt grinder features a belt that incorporates fine-grits. When the belt is in motion, it is capable of performing miracles on woodworks. If you have been in a wood workshop, you probably have heard about shaping and finishing. What do you think they use to do these two tasks? Well, these tasks are possible through the use of a belt grinder. This machine amazing, It can perform not one, but a variety of functions.

There are a variety of belt grinders in different models and from different brands. If you are here it means that you have an interest in purchasing a belt grinder. Whether it's your first time or you just want to replace your old machine. You are in the right place buddy. We will give reviews of 10 best belt grinders that we believe are the best. We hope you will get what you are looking for.

Check at a Glance 3 Cool Best Belt Grinder

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The 10 Best Belt Grinder in 2024 - Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Belt Grinder in 2024 - Reviews

When it comes to picking products like Best Welding Machines and belt grinders, you need to be extra careful to end up with a quality product. We researched the market to provide you with top products that will serve you well. Check their reviews so that you can select the right one.

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Are you looking for an affordable and versatile belt grinder at the same time? Look no further for with Wen 6502 sander you got everything you need. Wen is one of the most reputable brands producing the best quality belt sanders. The features that a certain sander dictates its performance. This specific Wen's belt sander model is incredible. With its features, you will be sure that you are getting a quality product. Let's look at the details of some.

Wen 6502 incorporates a 4.3 AMP engine. Such a motor is perfect for the price. Some belt grinders have the same size motor but their price is very high. This makes it among the best. I mean, as much as we want a quality product, the price of the product must also be moderate. This machine’s heavy-duty motor is capable of managing a 4 x 36 inches belt of the sander. That belt size is enough to get the job done.

By just looking at this machine, you will realize that it is a 2-in-1 sander. What do we mean when we sat that? Well, apart from the belt, this machine features a 6 inches disc sander. Now you get what I was trying to say, right? Just a single motor controls these two; belt and disc. Both rotate at a different speed. The disc rotates at 3600Rpm while the belt at 1900Rpm with an adjustable tilt angle from 0-90 degrees.

Key  Features

  • The sander features a 4*36 inch belt with a speed up to 1900 RPM
  • Wen 6502 belt and disc sander features a powerful motor of 4.3 AMP
  • The tilt angle of this belt and disc sander is changeable from 0-90 degrees
  • The base of this machine incorporates the cast iron material for durability
  • Wen 6502 contains a 6-inch disc sander with a rotating speed of 3600 RPM

Lucrative Pros

  • You can get Wen 6502 belt and disc sander at an affordable price
  • You can easily reach the on and off switch. It has no complications
  • If you are a beginner, Wen 6502 belt and disc sander is perfect for you
  • With this machine’s versatility, you can operate it both horizontally and vertically
  • The cast iron material is a quality material for enhancing the durability of the machine

Conclusion: Powerful, check. Versatile, check. Durable, check. The wen 6502 belt and disc sander give you that and many more. You can straightforwardly operate this belt grinder. The incorporation of a disc and a belt makes it better. Hello there beginners in using belt sanders, this model is perfect for you. The Wen brand produces the best sander models to suit your needs. What are you waiting for then? Rush to the market when stock still lasts.

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Our second product is the versatile Grizzly industrial H6070. This product has a ton of feature that enhances its performance to the best. As it is with most sanders, this machine is also a 2-in-1. Incorporating a belt and a disc sander. The belt is of size 1x30 inches while the disc sander is 5 inches. These features help the Grizzly industrial H6070 sander perform different tasks like sharpening, sanding, contour sanding, and much other woodwork finishing and shaping. 

Have you ever heard of mobile models? If you are wondering what that is, please keep on reading to know more. The grizzly H6070 weighs 0.16 ounces. That seems a little bit lightweight, right? Grizzly industrial H6070 sander is small in size and also lightweight. These two characteristic drives to the point of it being a mobile sander model.

The model also features a 110 volts motor. A speed of 3450 RPM is capable of powering up the grizzly H6070. Tilt angle in any sander is very essential. This model allows you to have a 45 degrees tilt for both the belt and the disc sander. It also accompanies a 1.75-inch dust port to help in collecting debris and also waste. If you think of making your knife today, the grizzly H6070 belt and disk sander are the best for you. 

Key Features

  • The grizzly H6070 features a 1*30 inch belt with a 45 degrees tilt
  • Grizzly belt and disc grinder features a 110v motor with 3450 RPM
  • The grizzly H6070 features belt platen and the idler roller are removable
  • This belt sander contains a 5 inches disc sander also with a 45 degrees tilt
  • It features an idler roller that ensures that shaping and sanding is a walkover

Lucrative Pros

  • The grizzly H6070 comes with a lot of accessories for no additional cost
  • You can use it for a long time without worrying about deterioration of its value
  • It has a compact size and at the same time doesn’t require much working space
  • This grizzly H6070 belt and disc sander produces minimal vibration during operation
  • In contrast with its competitor, this sander operates without producing a lot of noise

Conclusion: How is the idea of putting a sander anywhere you feel like? It is perfect, right? Grizzly H6070 belt and disc sander’s size make it possible for you to situate it anywhere without worrying about it taking too much space. I mean, who said that you can only use a sander in the garage. With Grizzly H6070 you will experience the best performance. In the long run, you will realize that it is worth the price.

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Are you yearning to get a sturdy belt blade grinder? Do you know what you should look into a grinder to get a sturdy one? Well, it is nothing difficult. You just have to look at the material that the grinder incorporates. For work sharp WSSAKO81112 blade grinder, the manufacturer use cast metal and polymer materials. With that, you have an assurance that this is a strong product. It will serve you for a long period without losing value.

Work sharp WSSAKO81112 blade grinder comes bearing all accessories you require to get a job well done. Some of these accessories include; five belts of size 1x18 inches (extra-fine, fine, medium, coarse, and extra course), reference plate, angle regulation lever, clamp, belt tensioner, and many others. To assist in easy installation and use, the work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder accompanies a user's manual in detail. From there you will know all sharpening and shaping methods.

In that case, you can easily set-up the machine straightforwardly and quickly. Unlike the above grinders, this specific Work sharp model only has a belt sander rather than both a disc and belt sander. It may not be very versatile, but with the accessories, it comes with, it can perform miracles on your knife or woodwork. All you need to do is install it in the right way, which you can do quickly, and you are set to start working.

Key Features

  • You can adjust its pulley attachment in a range of 10 – 35 degrees
  • You can change the motion of the belt from 1200 SFM- 2800 SFM
  • The blade grinder comes with five different texture abrasive belts of size 1x18 inches
  • The work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder comes with an attachment of 4 pulley
  • To operate, work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder need a ken onion edition sharpener

Lucrative Pros

  • You can sharpen at different angles ranging from 10-35 degrees
  • You can easily adjust the speed of the grinder depending on the task type
  • Installation and use of work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder is straightforward
  • The belt blade grinder accompanies five belts to suit users different coarseness needs
  • The manufacturer produces work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder using a strong material for durability

Conclusion: You will love using work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder attachment. The amount of control it offers you when shaping and sharpening are impeccable. You will realize that this grinder doesn't have a good performance but the best performance. Work sharp WSSAKO81112 belt blade grinder attachment is one of the most user-friendly and multi-functional sharpening tools. With this machine, your knives don't have to stay blunt at any time rather they will always be sharper than before..

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Do you know the trick that reputable brands use to gain customer's trust? Most of you can think that it’s because of discounts or lower prices. Well, that is not the case. For a brand to gain a customer's trust, it must develop high-quality products with high performance. Kalamazoo Company is one of the brands that use this trick. It doesn’t matter whether the price is high. Is the product of high quality? That’s all that matters.

In the 1960s that is when there was an emergence of this company producing a variety of tools. Talk about customization of tools in the best way, it all through Kalamazoo. That is why someone can never go wrong using Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander. You can use this sander on plastic, wood, composite and other material types. This characteristic is unheard of some sanders. It makes Kalamazoo 1sm one of the most outstanding belt sanders you can access in the market.

Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander accompanies a 1 x 42 inches belt, 1 x 3 inches platen, and 4-inch contact wheels. All these and other accessories come inclusive with no additional cost. Isn’t that amazing? It also features a rest table that you can adjust its tilt angles. You can easily move this machine from one place to another and at the same time not affect its stability. Its motor has a voltage of 115 and a speed of 1725 RPM.

Key Features

  • The sander comes with a 1x42 inch belt inclusive in the price
  • It only requires you around 30 seconds to change or install the belt
  • With a weight of 32 pounds, Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander is portable
  • Its 115V and 1725 RPM motor is reversible hence making it versatile
  • Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander is useful on plastic, wood, composite and other material types

Lucrative Pros

  • You only need a few secs to change the Kalamazoo 1sm’s belt
  • The engine is incredible enough to deal with any task that you bring along
  • The Kalamazoo brand allows users to use this machine straight from the box
  • You can use this machine for cleaning, honing, sanding on different materials
  • The Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander doesn't prompt a lot of vibration during operation

Conclusion: Although Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander’s price is relatively high, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product. Its durability is at the peak, going hand in hand with an incredible performance. The items that this product comes with this belt sander, will make you realize that it is worth the cost. If you need a versatile belt sander that you can use on a variety of materials, Kalamazoo 1sm belt sander is the real deal.

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If you are looking for a versatile belt grinder, the XtremepowerUS belt grinder is the best option. With a wide variety of functions like grinding, polishing, finishing, and sanding you can rely on this machine for an excellent performance. Are you having doubts on this machine because you are not sure whether it can support different materials? Well, I should tell you to stop stressing too much. This belt grinder is ideal for different materials like plastic, metal and also wood.

For smooth and precise operation, you got to trust the XtremepowerUS belt grinder on that. I know you are already liking this machine but read on and like it more. Although you can't use it on all metal types, it is best when it comes to ease of use. Its 110 V motor makes it powerful and efficient. XtremepowerUS belt grinder has a 3450 RPM speed. That is a perfect speed to rely on when for any task.

It features a belt and a disc sander. Therefore you can refer it to a 2-in-1 grinder. What's the sound of that? Amazing, right? However, you must take into consideration it's durability before purchasing it. This machine will not serve you for a long time. It is better for occasional usage. In case you intend to use it for the long term, it might not be the best choice. Also, it does not come with a dust bag. 

Key Features

  • The belt and the disk can rotate at a speed of 3450 RPM
  • The belt and disk grinder has a maximum speed of 13.5 m/s
  • The machine has a 100V motor featuring a belt and disk sander
  • The design of this machine makes it ideal to sit on top of a bench/table
  • XtremepowerUS belt and disk grinder features a wide base that enhances its stability

Lucrative Pros

  • You can use this belt and disk sander on different material types
  • You can use XtremepowerUS belt and disk grinder with a lot of ease
  • Its light-weight design makes it ideal to carry from one place to another
  • XtremepowerUS belt and disk grinder stability is perfect due to its wide base
  • You can use this belt and disk sander for different wood and metalwork tasks

Conclusion: You can adjust the speed on both the disk and belt. That makes it even better. Considering its stability, you can never go wrong about that due to its wide base. You can place the XtremepowerUS belt grinder on top of a bench and its weight that maximize portability will amaze you. Are you a beginner in grinding and sanding? Perfect, the XtremepowerUS belt grinder will make you progress from being a beginner to being an expert user.

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Many people like the ex Electronix express mini belt sander due to its portability characteristic. If you need to carry this machine from a place of storage to the place of operation and vice versa, you can do that without a struggle. You can mount this belt sander on a 5 x 5 inches table for easy operation. Just like most sanders, this ex Electronix express mini belt sander model is electrically powered. Use it near a power source. 

You can be sure that you won't spend too much on the replacement of batteries and chargers. With an active power source, you are all set for work. Unfortunately, this machine comes all by itself. It does not come with a belt. By this, you can choose a belt of your choice. If you look on a positive side it is more of an advantage for you. Although it may incur an additional cost, belts aren’t expensive.

When it comes to its performance, its price might not be worth its cost. For a belt sander with its price, it could perform better. In another case, it could be much affordable to rhyme with its performance. You can’t perform a tough and large task using this belt sander just because you can mount it on a table. For professional users, ex Electronix expresses mini belt sander might not be the best option rather best for newbies.

Key Features

  • The belt of this machine can rotate at a speed of 3400 RPM
  • Ex Electronix express mini belt sander uses a motor of 1/3 HP
  • This sander feature power characteristic of 360W, 3 amp, and 120 V
  • Mount Ex Electronix express mini belt sander on a 5 x 5 inches table
  • Ex Electronix express mini belt sander uses a belt of size 1 x 30 inches

Lucrative Pros

  • You can carry this machine from one place to another easily
  • You can mount the belt sander on a table for easy operation
  • Ex Electronix express mini belt sander comes with a long power cable
  • Ex Electronix express mini belt sander comes to users at an affordable price
  • This Ex Electronix express mini belt sander requires less storage and operation space

Conclusion: For, ex Electronix express mini belt sander we can say that it will meet your expectations. In case you need a portable electric belt sander, the machine can be the wisest choice. You will not require too much space to keep this belt sander. The fact that you can carry it around easily makes it a better option. Its power cable is big enough if you want to use it at a distance from the power source.

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Do you have curves, complex shapes, and uncommon angles woodwork project? Are you looking for a belt sander that can help you achieve sanding on these types of tasks? Well, look no further because Jet J-41002 belt and disc sander are here to solve all your problems. As a versatile disc and belt sander, this machine can perform grinding, sanding, finishing, and also shaping. Every woodwork project is possible with Jet J-41002 belt and disc sander.

You can tilt its miter gauge on the left and right at 45 degrees. The miter gauge is also lockable. This feature helps you perform sanding, polishing, shaping, and also finishing off odd angle projects easily. What do you think of a sturdy belt sander table? The sander’s table material is cast iron which is strong to provide stability when doing tough operations. You can also rotate the table at any angle depending on the task.

The features of this belt and disc sander are incredible. A steel base and rubberized feet ensure that this sander serves you for as long as you want. I mean no one wants to keep spending cash after short periods to purchase a sander. It is a 2-in-one sander with a 2 x 42 inches belt and a disc sander. This characteristic makes this sander powerful. Throw anything to it and it will perform the task easily.

Key Features

  • This machine contains a belt sander of size 2 x 42 inches
  • The machine features a 115 V motor with a speed of 3450 RPM
  • Jet J-41002 belt and disc sander van also operate with a disc sander
  • It comes with dust chute and dust reflectors to handle debris and dust
  • It features a miter gauge that is lockable and allows tilting at 45 degrees

Lucrative Pros

  • This belt and disc sander is perfect for a small woodwork shop
  • Jet 41002 belt and disc sander deals with the most complex task
  • The base and feet material ensure that the belt sander is durable
  • The belt and disc sander is powerful enough to handle tough tasks
  • It easily handles dust and debris using the duct chute and dust reflectors

Conclusion: With quality assurance, many people trust that Jet J-41002 belt and disc sander will perform an outstanding job. Fortunately, that is the fact. You don’t have to worry about dust and debris messing up your clothes. This machine contains dust chute and deflectors. You are going to use this machine for a long time and you will not notice a deterioration of its value. That is the best thing a sander would offer to the user.

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If you can invest in any amount to get a quality product, the Grizzly industrial G1015 belt sander is the best option for you. You will pour in a ton of money to purchase this product but when you experience its performance you will have no regrets. If you intend to grind and finish metal knives, this machine can do that job without a hitch. It is stable enough to handle any tough metalwork tasks without making any movements.

The durability of this machine is outstanding. You will realize that it is worth purchasing this single product at a higher price than purchasing a cheaper product that's not durable. Grizzly Industrial G1015 belt sander has an iron material frame to ensure durability. A trick of buying the best belt grinder is considering its durability. No matter the cost you must always go for a durable product as long as it has a high performance.

With a speed of 3600 RPM, the belt is capable of grinding even the hardest metal knife. Unlike a slow speed rotating belt, this belt sander’s speed will not annoy you. This machine is, therefore, suitable for an expert’s tasks. Unlike other sanders, this sander model incorporates many amazing features. It comes with a buffing wheel, sanding drums, flap wheels, and a direct power drive. With all these, you can do your grinding job without any trouble. 

Key Features

  • The belt size of this belt sander is 2 x 72 inches
  • It gives you the capacity of tilting the arm in any angle
  • It has a single-phase motor with a voltage of 110 V and 1 HP
  • This machine has a motor speed of 1725 RPM and belt speed of 3600 FPM
  • The machine body consists of cast iron material with a rubberized aluminum roller

Lucrative Pros

  • The material of its body is cast iron. It is a quality material
  • The durability of Grizzly industrial G1015 belt sander is among the best
  • Although this machine is known as a knife sander it can perform vast functions
  • Changing this machine's belt is straightforward and quick. Do it in a few seconds
  • This Grizzly industrial G1015 belt sander operates without producing annoying noise and vibrations

Conclusion: If you are an industrial worker, the Grizzly industrial G1015 belt sander is the best choice in that case. It may be among the most expensive belt grinder but its features and performance make up for all that price. For sanding, polishing, and grinding of the strongest metal material, use this machine. Purchase Grizzly industrial G1015 belt sander today and experience the world of tough metal grinding. Interestingly it has an additional characteristic of extensive durability.

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Whether you own a big or small workshop, you need a grinder that can do more than one task. A tool that is multi-functional and at the same time, performs the functions perfectly. Jet J-4002 is one such belt sander that you need. For sanding, polishing, finishing, grinding, name the all. You will be able to perform all these tasks with this single machine. Besides, you will perform all these tasks easily getting very perfect results.

The belt size of this machine is 1 * 42 inches. This belt size makes it almost similar to a tiny band saw. Therefore, it can perform the tasks of a band saw or a jigsaw. This machine can deal with both odd angles and shapes. It is a 2-in-1 sander consisting of a disc and belt sander. Both of these sanders can tilt at an angle of 45 degrees. What more could you ask for?

The jet J-4002 belt and disc sander have a ton of amazing features. It incorporates an idler wheel cover that is hinged. Its body also incorporates cast iron material. By now you know what that implies. Well, quality material such as cast iron means extended durability. To add on the durability, the base material is steel which additionally provides sturdiness. Rubber feet ensure that the machine is stable and produces no vibrations during operation. It also ensures a Dust-free environment.

Key Features

  • This machine has a motor of 115 V and 1/3 Horsepower
  • Jet J-4002 belt and disc sander has a belt of size 1 x 42 inches
  • Its belt size is capable of doing the tasks of a coping and jigsaw
  • The body is made of cast iron material and the base steel material
  • It has a miter gauge that has a lockable angle, 45 degrees both right and left

Lucrative Pros

  • In case you need to replace its belt, you can do so in minimal cost
  • It is a powerful machine that its belt size can perform a lot of tasks
  • You can change the belt and other accessories of this machine in seconds
  • Assembling jet J-4002 belt and disc sander is a straightforward and easy task
  • This belt and disc sander performs the task without producing any vibrations or noise

Conclusion: It is even not fit calling this machine a 2-in-1. What is the sound of 3-in-1? Perfect, right? Now that is the jet J-4002 belt sander ideal name. It can perform tasks that three different machines can do. Investing in this belt and disc sander can be a wise decision. Although it is not cheap, It is affordable bearing in mind it’s performance and quality. For all professionals, this machine is the best you can ever have.

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Multi-functionality is one outstanding aspect that a belt sander can have. KKmoon multifunctional grinder mini electric belt sander ensures that it is not left behind on that. Talk about grinding, polishing, sanding, and finishing, all this is possible with this belt sander. We can call it a belt grinder or a belt sander. Belt grinder for the knife makers and belt sander for the woodworkers. Both of them can enjoy the versatility of this machine.

KKmoon multifunctional grinder mini electric belt sander is one of the quality products in the market today. You can have trust in it for the provision of service for the long term. Its body material is incredible. With a heavy-duty stainless steel material, the body of this machine is sturdy enough. Its body itself is very durable. Rubber feet enhance this machine’s non-slip characteristic. The stability of this belt sander is on another level. This ensures smooth operation.

You can mount the machine on a table whose angles are adjustable. This enhances ease of use. Some sanders make annoying noises and vibrations during operation. KKmoon multifunctional grinder mini electric belt sander is not one of them. Its footpad design ensures that operation is noise-free and vibration-free. You will work comfortably without any disturbance. For the motor, high speed is what characterizes it. This makes the machine powerful enough to deal with the toughest tasks.

Key Features

  • Its feet are adjustable and their design is in a way to prevent vibration
  • The body of this belt sander is made of stainless steel heavy-duty material
  • This belt sander machine is mountable on a table whose angle is adjustable
  • The motor has the characteristics of noise-free, high speed, and high torque
  • The sanding of this KKmoon multifunctional grinder mini electric belt sander is consistent.

Lucrative Pros

  • You can use this belt sander for a long time without depreciating its value
  • You can trust on this belt sander for a noise-free and vibration-free operation
  • It is straightforward to utilize the belt grinder and sander due to adjustable angles
  • KKmoon multifunctional grinder mini electric belt sander will not slide during operation
  • This belt sander can perform more than one function; sanding, grinding, polishing, and finishing

Conclusion: A belt grinder or sander is not complete without fully functional features. For KKmoon multifunctional grinder mini electric belt sander everything that it incorporates is operational. This makes it have the best performance. Its multi-functionality makes it ideal for a different types of users. It being a mini electric belt sander, it is much cheaper than other belt sander models. You can always choose this cheap, durable, multifunctional, and high-quality belt sander. You will experience the best results.

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Buying Guide : When Choosing The Best Belt Grinder

Just like when you are buying the Best Wire Stripping Machine, you have to consider top aspects to get the right product. The same case applies to belt grinders. Consider the following aspects to get the best belt grinder and this will help you make a personalized purchase. 

Belt size

Remember that different belt grinder models will have different sizes of the belt. Most manufacturers make sure to introduce the belt size on the name of the belt grinder. Therefore, looking for a belt size may not be a difficult task. However, determining which the best belt size is, maybe the tough decision here. Most people use a 2 x 72 inches belt size. However, a belt that its width is neither too big nor too small, can work perfectly for you. Just think of what you want to achieve to determine the belt size.

The sturdiness of the frame

A strong and stable frame is all you need for your belt grinder. The belt grinder frame will determine how well the other feature will perform. Do you know why? Well, the frame is what holds all the feature together to boost their performance. Therefore a very strong frame is the perfect option. To help determine whether the frame is sturdy or not, just look at its material. Frames with quality material are most likely to be strong. Now, this is what should be in your belt grinder. Quality material, strong frame!


A belt grinder’s motor powers the speed of the belt. A motor with very low power will minimize the speed of the belt. You already know what will happen will a lower speed. Well, it will lead to low performance. You should consider 1/3 to 1/2 Horsepower as low motor power. 1 to 1 ½ Horse Power is the higher motor power. Choose the range with the higher motor power to increase the power of the belt grinder in overall. When considering the motor power also incorporate other features.

Speed type

The speed type and limit also vary with different belt grinder models. Some belt grinders have fixed speed types while in others you can adjust the speed. The tasks that you are performing and the level you are in will always determine what speed type you require. For beginners, because you can't work with too high speed, you may need to adjust your belts speed. Therefore an adjustable speed is the best. For experts, they know how to operate with the highest speed that comes their way.

Ease of use

The ease of use might be a critical issue, especially for beginners. For experts, I mean that's why they are known as an expert, they can troubleshoot any belt grinder that you throw at them. In case you are a newbie, go for a straightforward to operate belt grinder. One of the main aspects that determine the ease of use is how fast you can change the belt. In some belt grinders, you have to follow complex procedures to change the belt and other accessories. For some, you just need to remove and insert.


Here is another critical issue which is a consideration to many. Expert or no expert! What is the price of the belt grinder? Does the price match its performance? These are the questions that you should always ask yourself. It doesn’t always mean that expensive belt grinders are of high quality. You can get a quality product, not necessarily at a cheap cost but at an affordable cost. Therefore if you are not willing to invest too much, go for an affordable one. In most cases always incorporate the feature and the price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Belt Grinder

Q: What is the best belt grinder for knife making? 

A: The motor and belt size is what you should consider if you want the best belt grinder for knife making. A belt size of 2 x 72 is the best with a motor of 1 horsepower. These two characteristics will help you achieve the highest performance in the most accurate way. This belt size should be the least you should have for knife making. You can opt for larger belt sizes. Let it not be too big.

Q: What is the difference between a belt sander and a belt grinder?

A: The two are more of the same. It depends on where and which tasks you are doing with this machine. For knife makers and metal grinder, they will refer to this machine as a belt grinder. Grinding is what they use this tool for. For woodworkers, this machine is a belt sander. Sanding, polishing, and finishing are the tasks it does for woodworkers. Most of them the features are the same. It’s just because they are versatile.

Q: Is a belt grinder difficult to use?

A: What do you think of the task of moving something through a surface? Easy, right? Using a belt grinder is more of the same in that scenario. Only that in this case, you want to achieve something in the end. If you are a beginner it will only take you a short time before you get fully used to it. From there you will know all techniques and safety measures of performing tasks with a belt grinder

Q: Is it possible to sand a concrete floor with a belt grinder?

A: This all depends on the coarseness of the belt. Sanding a concrete floor will require a very powerful belt grinder. I can say, the most powerful of all grinders in the market. A belt with a coarseness of about 400 grits can be a better option. There are always machines in the market specifically for sanding concrete floors in case the floor is very rough. Using these special machines will be easier than using a belt grinder.

Final Thoughts

Each belt grinder has its unique features that show the user how well it can perform. Therefore, as you continue using your belt grinder, you will continue knowing more about the machine’s capabilities. Most advanced belt grinder users view the machine as one of the most important tools in their daily tasks. As you advance using the machine you will know different ways of operating it.

Therefore, it is recommendable not to judge the machine by the first performance in case you are a newbie. As long as you did put some aspects into consideration when buying it, just give it time and you will experience the best performance.After purchasing a belt grinder, consider it as straightforward to use and of high speed. In this way, you will realize that it will perform tasks as you expect it to do. In other cases, you will find that it will even exceed your expectations. Again, think of whether it is advantageous having your belt grinder. 


Is it saving on cost? With this, you will know whether it was worth the purchase or you could just give the sanding, and grinding job to an expert. If you are a newbie looking for a stationary belt grinder, WEN 6502, is the best overall option. For experts who need a powerful beast machine, JET 41002 beats them all. Kalamazoo 1SM is the best in knife making while the most portable one is an ex Electronix express mini belt sander. 

All the product we reviewed today is among the best. Just plan your budget, determine what you want to achieve, and put into consideration the aspects you just read. From there head to the market confidently with no doubt about what you want. We just made choosing the best belt grinder easy for you. We care!

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